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  • The Strokes' 'Comedown Machine'

    The Strokes, in Rare Interview, Won't Rule Out 'Comedown Machine' Tour

    The Strokes will release Comedown Machine, the follow-up to 2011's Angles, on March 26 via RCA Records, and now we know a tour supporting the album isn't out of the question.The New York band has been media-shy in the run-up to the album, which has been preceded by the falsetto-led left turn "One Way Trigger" and gritty old-Strokes consolidation "All the Time." But bassist Nikolai Fraiture took some time yesterday to chat with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe from Bob Dylan's old stoop in New York's West Village. Asked flat-out if the Strokes will tour, Fraiture answered, "I don't know." Much awkward laughter ensued, after which Lowe asked if Fraiture, personally, would like tour. "I would love to, yes," he replied.The rest of the interview was fairly light on revelations. Fraiture said the band recorded 10 or 11 songs at New York's famed Electric Lady studios.

  • Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace

    Atoms for Peace Playing a Festival Near You (if You Live in Eastern Europe)

    Thom Yorke still isn't making this one easy for you. As Atoms for Peace continue their mystery-shrouded runup to February 26 album Amok, which you can stream below, the Radiohead frontman's other band has revealed its first festival dates surrounding the release, as Consequence of Sound points out. The good news: There's three of them! The bad news, if you live in the U.S.: They're in Germany, Serbia, and Slovakia. Start saving your airfare now.Atoms will drop on the July 10-14 EXIT festival, in Novi Sad, Serbia; the July 11-13 Bažant Pohoda festival, in Trenčín, Slovakia; and the July 19-21 MELT! Festival, in the former East Germany's Ferropolis. Yorke and Peace member/Radiohead producer Nigel Godich also have a handful of live DJ sets coming up, starting tonight in London.

  • Jerry Seinfeld, Wale

    No, Jerry Seinfeld, Rap and Standup Aren't the Same Thing

    What makes Seinfeld such an utterly '90s show is its very nothing-ness. An era of economic boom and post-Cold War pax Americana made humor that was about something feel gauche. This was the decade that gave rise to the term "politically correct," where actually being right about something was somehow mockable; even Jerry and his pals had their hopelessly outdated "not that there's anything wrong with that!" episode. After 9/11, the self-defeating wars, self-defeating economics, and self-defeating social polices of the Bush years briefly made brainy earnestness cool again. How else can we explain the Decemberists? Memories fade fast, capitalism is inherently amoral, and reviving the '90s is the Internet's lifeblood now. Way back in 2008, on R&B-steeped Mary J.

  • Screaming Females, Poison Arrow, video

    Screaming Females Rig an Art Fair in Gender-Bending 'Poison Arrow' Video

    When not cranking out shred-happy Garden State punk, Screaming Females are equally adept at low-budget, storytelling-based music videos. Last year's gnarled yet regal Ugly birthed one of SPIN Director of the Year Tom Scharpling's favorite 2012 clips (the kitty-avenging "It All Means Nothing") and its sequel (cat-killer zombie resurrection "Leave It All Up to Me"). The Marissa Paternoster-led trio recently released a limited-edition, cassette-only EP titled Chalk Tape, and now Stereogum has posted a video for the tape's lethally vamping "Poison Arrow" that carries on the band's august visual tradition.Directed by Kate Sweeney, who recently oversaw a wonderfully self-described "Spinal Tap-meets-DIY mockumentary" titled Bananazzz, the grainy clip involves cross-dressing, a hotly contested New Jersey community art fair, and the forces of evil.

  • Disclosure, AlunaGeorge, White Noise

    Disclosure and AlunaGeorge's Detroit-Honoring 'White Noise' Video May Cause Solo Dancing

    Disclosure and AlunaGeorge come to America in the new video for their limber, buoyant house anthem "White Noise," and they thoroughly conquer. Already a U.K. Top 10 hit, the song puts together a bevy of sometimes contrasting parts: the thudding beats and the vulnerable, R&B-inflected vocals; the jittery, "play rough" verses and the soaring, heartsick verses. The video manages to span a similar array of modes while also paying homage to the birthplace of techno — Detroit. The dilapidated post-industrial setting feints toward gritty seriousness, but then the security guard's solitary dance moves turn this into one of the best videos so far this year. By the end, he isn't alone anymore. Disclosure and AlunaGeorge shoud have plenty of followers, too: "White Noise" brings to mind a 2013-sleek update of Paleface and Kyla's the xx-covered 2008 U.K.

  • Prince, Boyfriend Demo, Live Out Loud

    Prince Dodges Love Triangle on Sultry 'Boyfriend (Demo),' Yours for Just $0.88

    Prince's recent onslaught of new music continues, but his latest song strikes a passive tone. On "Boyfriend (Demo)," which can be yours if you pay 88 cents and wait a little while and check your spam folder and put Prince's name on the wav file yourself, the Purple One disavows all liability for "where you sleep tonight." From the sounds of this taut, steamy funk track, the "If I Was Your Girlfriend" singer believes he would be a better boyfriend than your current beau, but Prince is a lover, not a fighter, and he's not going to push the issue — except through song. "If I were you I'd hold me," he sings. It's convincing.Also newly surfaced is a video, below, that asks the name of Prince's leak-happy "3rd Eye Girl" alter ego and then says, "Live Out Loud Coming in February 2013." So there you have it: Something called Live Out Loud is coming sometime in the next week or so.

  • Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga Tweets Blandly About Recovering From Hip Surgery

    Lady Gaga underwent surgery yesterday for the hip injury that derailed her Born This Way Ball tour. In keeping with the times, she tweeted about the event before and afterward. In keeping with the fact that Gaga is a platinum-selling pop singer, she kept her tweets to assuredly sincere but still totally unrevealing bromides. Mostly, she thanked her legions of Little Monsters."Going in for surgery now," the ARTPOP pop artiste wrote Wednesday morning, earning more than 18,000 retweets. "Thank you so much for sending me love and support. I will be dreaming of you."Later in the day, Gaga tweeted a link to a longer thank-you note. "You have completely blown my mind," she wrote.

  • Jack White on VH1's 'For What It's Worth'

    Jack White Details Sadistic Vinyl Trickery in Awkward VH1 Show Trailer

    In 2010, Jack White's Third Man Records introduced the "Triple Decker" record. This trademarked approach, which is typical Third Man mind-fuckery, involves hiding a 7-inch vinyl single within two separate 12-inch vinyl singles. Would you like to see White explain this bizarre form of record-collector torture with Howard Stern sidekick BaBa Booey (Gary Dell’Abate) and the guy who founded (Jon Hein)? Wait, you actually would? Well, as Antiquiet points out, VH1 Classic is set to premiere a new show tonight at 10 p.m. EST called For What It's Worth, and you can see the Record Store Day ambassador and soon to be indie-film king himself showing off his trick vinyl in the trailer video above.

  • Justin Timberlake, Mirrors, Brit Awards

    Justin Timberlake's Brit Awards 'Mirrors' Is Marginally Better Than Grammys Set

    The continued dominance of Mumford and Sons wasn't the only injustice at last night's 2013 Brit Awards: Justin Timberlake, who could've walked on water around the time of 2006's FutureSex/LoveSounds (in the "SexyBack" video, he leaped onto a balcony), looked alarmingly human. Of course, in 2013 that wasn't really a surprise: The 20/20 Experience on March 19, his '40s retro first single "Suit & Tie" lacks his usual oomph, and a stuffy black-and-white performance at the Grammy Awards was redeemed only thanks to a David Fincher-directed music video. At the Brits, JT performed the soppy power ballad "Mirrors," which he first posted online Grammy night as an eight-minute epic with once-futuristic Timbaland production.The black-and-white, the beatboxing, and the track's unnecessary last three minutes were all blessedly gone at the Brits.

  • EULA's

    Watch Brooklyn Post-Punk Band EULA's Thrillingly Psychotic 'I Collapse' Video

    On last year's Maurice Narcisse, Brooklyn three-piece EULA stood out for their mix of peak-Deerhoof hyper-prog and raw PJ Harvey power. "I Collapse," a new single backed with "Little Hearts" and out now via Godmode, is all power, but not for lack of precision: It's a steadily throbbing, tension-and-release garage-rocker with the alluring dangerousness of early Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The song's menacing hook — "Can you handle nasty weather?" howls singer Alyse Lamb — finds appropriately intense expression in the manic video, as Lamb stabs, bleeds, bathes, and comes very close to breaking down before our eyes. EULA play their single release party Thursday night at Brooklyn's Death by Audio.

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