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    David Byrne Covered 'Just a Friend' So Biz Markie Can Get Paid

    Arguments about copyright law don't get much more life-affirming than this. Earlier this week, David Byrne announced in his email newsletter that he'd be performing Biz Markie's enduring, endearing novelty hit "Just a Friend" in an event at New York's Le Poisson Rouge on February 25. And that's exactly what he did at the rally for the Content Creators Coalition, a new advocacy group. And, as you can see from the fan video above, it was oddly sublime, an overalls-wearing Byrne reading the 1989 song's rap verses from a sheet, replacing Markie's affectingly plainspoken warble with his own tremulous sing-speak.The Talking Heads leader's jubilant cover came at a show called Artists' Pay for Radio Play, where the Content Creators Coalition was calling attention to the fact that the United States is a rare place where performers don't get royalties for radio airplay. "Mr.

  • Oasis, reissues, cassette, 'Definitely Maybe,' '(What's the Story) Morning Glory,' 'Be Here Now,'

    Oasis Sweeten Album Reissues With 'Original 1993 Demos' Tape

    It's now Oasis' turn on the reissue merry-go-round, but the iconic Britpop band is throwing in an intriguing cassette. The Gallagher brothers and company announced today they'll be putting out remastered, expanded editions of their first three studio albums. Plus, a new version of their original demo tape.The first entry in the reissue series dubbed Chasing the Sun will be 1994 debut Definitely Maybe, arriving on May 20 via Big Brother Recordings. That'll be preceded by a 12-inch vinyl edition of the album's first single, "Supersonic," on April 19 for Record Store Day. As for the gin and tonic, well, how much do you want it?Most intriguing for longtime Oasis fans might be Original 1993 Demos, billed as a "replica" of the tape the band handed out before signing to a label. Only eight copies of the original tape existed, according to the announcement.

  • St. Vincent, Annie Clark, Stephen Colbert, 'Colbert Report,' video,

    Watch St. Vincent Almost Force Stephen Colbert Out of Character

    Annie Clark's interview on The Colbert Report last night, which you can watch above, starts with Stephen asking whether to call her St. Vincent or Annie. Or "Vinnie" — it turns out all are fine. The chat ends with Clark raising the mind-expanding possibility that Colbert himself might, get this, not be presenting his true self on TV (!!!). In between, the two race to name their many siblings while Colbert helps cut through the intellectual framework of Essential new album St. Vincent by comparing her hair to Albert Einstein's and asking questions like, "You're something of an art rocker — can I enjoy your music or do I have to get it?" When she talks about trying to "live at the intersection between accessibility and lunatic fringe," he says, "That's the corner of Paxil and Prozac." At her use of the phrase "techno shamanism," he expresses incomprehension.

  • Kanye West, 'Late Night With Seth Meyers,' video, medley

    Watch Kanye West's Greatest Hits Medley for Seth Meyers

    Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show got Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, and Arcade Fire, but Late Night With Seth Meyers got Yeezy. When Kanye West was announced as the booking for the Saturday Night Live alum's second Late Night episode, it was easy to guess he'd be there for more than just an umpeenth "Bound 2" TV performance. And so it was. Above, see the Yeezus rapper perform songs from throughout his career: "Jesus Walks," "Touch the Sky," "Stronger," "Heartless," "All of the Lights," "Mercy," and "Black Skinhead." Below, watch him chat with Meyers about being a "punk, forward artist." As on West's last appearance on TV, there weren't exactly any difficult questions (Meyers: "How do you feel the tour went?"), but unlike Jimmy Kimmel, Meyers didn't let himself get filibustered, either.

  • The Echo Nest, state, map, distinctive, famous

    This Map Shows Each State's Most Popular Music Not Popular Anywhere Else

    UPDATE: Here's a new map of each state's "favorite" artist. And here's a map of each state's most ignored artist. And finally, Spotify has bought The Echo Nest, the company behind these maps.The Echo Nest is one of the myriad behind-the-scenes technology companies that power the operations we know by more familiar names such as Spotify, Beats Music, or Pandora. According to the Massachusetts-based group's blog, it has data on more than 35 million songs by roughly 2.7 million artists, which it uses to help drive 432 apps and services. You may have seen a map from The Echo Nest going around that breaks down music fans' preferences for each of the 50-nifty United States. For the record, it doesn't show each state's "favorite" artist, no matter what you might've read (hat-tip to Tom Ewing for the statsplaining — more here).

  • The National, 'Saturday Night Live,' Lena Dunham, HBO's 'Girls'

    The National to Play 'Saturday Night Live' With Host Lena Dunham

    Saturday Night Live has been off the air in recent weeks thanks to the Pussy Riot Olympics — shame on you if you spent your weekend evenings mistakenly laughing at figure skaters' missed salchows — but its alumni have been moving on up. Jimmy Fallon's turn on The Tonight Show has impressed so far, and Seth Meyers made his Fred Armisen-backed Late Night debut just last night. SNL already confirmed Beck as the musical guest for its March 1 episode, with host Jim Parsons, and now we know the Morning Phase mellow gold miner will be followed by another highly estimable act.Not-your-dad's-dad-rockers the National will perform as the musical guest on the March 8 episode of SNL, the venerable NBC institution announced today.

  • Oscars 2014, Academy Awards, guide

    Oscars 2014 FAQ: There's Music at the Academy Awards This Year!

    The 86th Academy Awards are Sunday, March 2, and this year there's a bunch for music fans to sort through ahead of the big night. Let SPIN guide you through the 2014 Oscars to those glinting moments of sound and fury:When and where does the show actually happen?The Oscars will broadcast live from the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on ABC on Sunday, March 2, at 8:30 p.m. ET. The red carpet coverage starts at 7 p.m. ET on ABC. For the first time, you can also stream the programming live online via,,, or the WATCH ABC app (available via Google Play, the Amazon Appstore, and the iTunes App Store).Who's hosting the awards show?Ellen DeGeneres, back for the second time after a 2007 hosting stint that won her (awards show synergy!) an Emmy.

  • Jimmy Fallon, Beatles, Fred Armisen, social media, 'The Tonight Show,' Rick Ross, the Roots,

    Jimmy Fallon and Fred Armisen's Beatles Post Selfie From 'Ed Sullivan'

    In week two as new host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon continues to hold social media under his benevolent reign. Last night, he strengthened that grip — how else? — by combining a social media-themed sketch with trending topics like the Beatles and Fred Armisen. Fab Fallon, as John Lennon, leads the silly but amusing alternate-history clip above, with similarly mop-topped Armisen as a brunch-savoring Ringo Starr.Everybody knows the Beatles didn't use social media; what this skit presupposes is, maybe they did? And they talked about it right after their iconic 1964 The Ed Sullivan Show performance of "I Want to Hold Your Hand"? And they promoted Red Bull via silly Twitter pranks? Armisen, of course, is the bandleader on the new Late Night With Seth Meyers, and he'll return on Portlandia on February 27.

  • Justin Timberlake, middle finger, bird

    Watch Justin Timberlake Charmingly Disarm Bird-Flipping Fan

    Justin Timberlake gets away with a lot. A national love affair with the Tennessee-born former 'N Sync singer has withstood the boy-band era, the acting career, the unnecessary album sequel. The 10th anniversary of him destroying Janet Jackson's career passed earlier this month with only the occasional critique, for instance this one by Rich Juzwiak at Gawker. How does the man do it? Partly thanks to enduring hits, from "Like I Love You" to "SexyBack" to "Suit & Tie." But also, surely, by being impossibly smooth at all times — and there's probably no better case in point than what happened during a February 23 performance in Philadelphia.As PopCrush notes, the recent Tonight Show guest called out a crowd member for giving him the finger. "You got second row to flip me the bird?" he said.

  • Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber's 'Broken' Record: Pleas, Petitions, and R&B, Oh My

    On Friday, we wrote, "Justin Bieber's Penis Is the Endpoint of All Journalism."& Well, the AP, CNN, and other news organizations have yet to succeed in their courtroom quest for video of Bieber's post-DUI urine test. So journalism's demise is apparently still to come. Nevertheless, here we are. Let's do this quickly.The Believe singer, an actual music-making person who put out a pretty great R&B album last year, has released a defiant new track called "Broken." Taken from Bieber DJ Tay James' We Know The DJ Radio 4 mixtape, it's not substantial enough to sway minds either way, but it's a bit of decent, R&B-informed crooning against haters, with a wah wah-heavy groove and a relatively nimble guest verse from rapper Blake Kelly.

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