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  • Scott Weiland, Scott Weiland, Scott Weiland

    Scott Weiland's Drummer Quits, Calling It 'a Matter of Self-Worth'

    Scott Weiland has extended his "Purple at the Core" tour with a string of West Coast dates, but the Stone Temple Pilots frontman's longtime drummer won't be coming with him.Drummer Danny Thompson announced his exit via Facebook post, saying the reason involved "self worth" but declining to specify further. "I have just officially QUIT The Scott Weiland Solo Band," Thompson wrote. "Loved playing with the guys for 7 yrs but It's a matter of self worth. Not going to elaborate.."Pressed in the comments about his departure, Thompson wrote, "You know better then most.

  • Macklemore, Ryan Lewis,

    Without Music, Macklemore's 'Thrift Shop' Video Is Just Some Dork Terrorizing a Store

    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' video for omnipresent hit "Thrift Shop" was always pretty goofy. Hell, it starts with a fur-wearing Macklemore riding a scooter toward a DeLorean. Now, the folks at CollegeHumor and Music Videos Without Music have made the original clip even goofier, taking away the music and adding an alternate soundtrack based solely on what's happening on the screen. Fair warning: That does mean that when people on the screen are rapping and singing, you hear it, so you could still find yourself humming the hook an hour later. But the honking instrumental is gone, replaced by the sound of Slurpees being slurped, shopping carts carting, jewelery jangling, clubbers clubbing, and a Kurt Cobain T-shirt erupting in a gunshot noise. The question remains: What's the sound of one tag popping?

  • Moon King / Photo by Jesse Crowe

    Hear Moon King's Shimmering, Sharp-Edged 'Obsession II' Record Store Day EP

    Moon King's Obsession II EP comes out on Record Store Day, April 20, via Fucked Up guitarist Mike Haliechuk's One Big Silence label. The Toronto band's six songs here are dream-pop with fangs, packing their reverb-layered surfaces with punchy playing and swooning melodies. The band consists of Daniel Woodhead (whose brother is Airick of Doldrums) and his longtime friend Maddie Wilde, and they're touring now.

  • Cassie, 'RockaByeBaby,' mixtape

    Download Cassie's Raw, Rapper-Loaded 'RockaByeBaby' Mixtape

    Cassie makes another welcome return, this time with a murder's row of popular rappers (and a couple of her fellow R&B singers).Last year, Cassie — who'd gone on to a string of disappointments following 2006's chilly club-R&B gem "Me & U" — returned with "King of Hearts," an intoxicating post-Robyn dance-pop stomper in a 2012 comeback class that also included great records from Solange and Sky Ferreira. But Cassie's latest round of successes also included hip-hop collaborations, such as Young Jeezy-assisted slow burner "Balcony" and hypercolor Nicki Minaj team-up "The Boys."Cassie's newly released RockaByeBaby mixtape offers more of both worlds — Cassie's icy digital soul and her no-holds-barred vision of hip-hop — and on early listens it's thrillingly audacious.

  • Margaret Thatcher

    Sales of 'Ding Dong! the Witch Is Dead' Put BBC Between a Chart and an Iron Lady

    UPDATE (4:38 p.m. EST): In a "difficult compromise," the BBC announced it will air a five-second clip of "Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead" on its weekly Radio 1 Official Chart Show Sunday (April 14), instead of the 51-song in its entirety.BBC Radio 1's official chart show airs on Sunday. This week, after the passing of former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the venerable British broadcaster faces an unusual conundrum. It could choose not to play one of the likely top five songs, misrepresenting the facts and making itself look cowardly. Or it could acknowledge the sudden chart rise of The Wizard of Oz song "Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead," infuriate conservatives on both sides of the pond, and violate the ancient taboo against dishonoring the deceased. This would all happen three days before Thatcher's funeral.BBC News itself reports no decision has been made yet.

  • Paramore,

    Watch Paramore Tear Through 'Still Into You' and 'Now' on 'Kimmel'

    An image has been circulating recently on Tumblr of the waveform for "Now," the first single from Paramore's just-released, positively reviewed self-titled album. It looks like one barely differentiated block, constantly pushed to maximum volume, a bellicose song fallen victim to the "loudness war." Live performance need not be compressed for radio, however, and the Tennessee band hints at its emotional range in a pair of newly posted performances for Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Latest single "Still Into You" becomes slightly saucier, the glockenspiel-disco breakdown standing out a bit more. "Now" (below) starts out a bit enervated, drained perhaps by a TV-studio crowd holding cameras aloft rather than interacting, but before the end frontwoman Hayley Williams is pleading on her knees. Then she rises again, yelling like hell to the heavens.

  • Beastie Boys, art show, tribute, video

    Beastie Boys' MCA Honored in Art: Watch the Animated Video

    As the anniversary of MCA's passing approaches next month, tributes to the late Beastie Boys member will probably be everywhere. Ego Trip points to an animated tribute to Adam Yauch by artist James Curran. The video coincides with an art show at a yet-to-be-announced London venue that will take place May 4 and 5. According to the artist, 35 prints will be shown (and offered for sale) at the event, each representing a different Beastie Boys song. Curran says the money will go to benefit cancer patients. More information and images are on a Tumblr for the project, fittingly called "One Year and a Day." See how many track references you can spot above.

  • Psy

    Hear PSY's 'Gangnam'-Like, EDM-Rap Galloper 'Gentleman'

    PSY, the international pop mainstream's toast of 2012, got off to a rough start in 2013. A Diplo remix featuring 2 Chainz couldn't help but underline how PSY's hit "Gangnam Style" was now yesterday's style. And then came reports PSY was forced to change the title of his planned "Gangnam Style" follow-up from a South Korean term for "oh yeah" because in English it sounds like "Assarabia." (PSY reportedly said it should be spelled with a "v," not a "b," and "that's not gonna be a single anyway.)Now the actual follow-up is here, and it sounds... a lot like "Gangnam Style," pretty much.

  • Owen / Photo by Shervin Lainez

    Hear Owen Swim Against Family History on Climactic 'Bad Blood'

    Mike Kinsella's musical pedigree is daunting enough. The Owen singer-songwriter belongs to an Illinois indie-rock family tree that includes his roles in Cap'n Jazz, American Football, and Owls; other related bands include Joan of Arc, Make Believe, Ghosts and Vodka, and the Love of Everything. On "Bad Blood," which appears in the middle of upcoming Owen album L'Ami du Peuple (due out July 2 via Polyvinyl Records), he's more concerned with his actual family lineage.

  • The National, 'Trouble Will Find Me,' cover art

    Hear the National's Gently Pulsing 'Don't Swallow the Cap'

    The National continue to combine their familiar seriousness of purpose with a welcome wryness. The Brooklyn band's drummer, Bryan Devendorf, had said precisely that quality would be there on Trouble Will Find Me, out May 21 via 4AD, and sure enough it glinted through on first studio track "Demons." The latest Trouble cut to surface, "Don't Swallow the Cap," again mixes a dour backdrop — downcast keys, fluttering strings, krautrock pulse — with grimly intoned lyrics that are more fun than you might expect: "There's a time to think about what I wanna say to the girls at the door / I need somewhere to be when I can't get around the river in front of me," Matthew Berninger deadpans, in what sure sounds like a description of a rock singer trying to elude overly adoring fans. The track also features female backing vocals — Devendorf also said Sharon Van Etten, St.

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