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  • Savages,

    Watch Savages Make Intense U.S. Network TV Debut on 'Fallon'

    There's an out-of-time quality to Savages' wiry post-punk, which recalls styles developed in the late '70s and made fashionable again in the early-to-mid '00s, but the London quartet stand out through their fervent live performances and laser-guided songwriting. That onstage urgency was clearly on display last night as the band performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, marking their first time on U.S. network television. For the broadcast, they played "She Will" (above), and for online viewers, they did "City's Full." Both are from Essential abum Silence Yourself, and both were as galvanizingly dynamic as they are austerity-era dour.

  • Miley Cyrus,

    Miley Cyrus' Molly Song 'We Can't Stop' Isn't About Molly

    Kendrick Lamar wants to kill so-called molly rap. Miley Cyrus may just give him his wish. But she's throwing the ecstasy-themed hip-hop fad a next-level wake.The "Party in the U.S.A." singer's new track with Southern rap producer Mike Will Made It, "We Can't Stop," takes the trend to new levels of winking "If You Seek Amy" ambiguity — and, one assumes, well-deserved pop ubiquity. But this ecstatic (get it?!) party-swayer, with glossy Rihanna keys, pitched-down hedonist mantras, and yawpy indie-pop crowd shouts, has drawn fire from predictably outraged types who complain about its apparent reference to the drug known as MDMA (FOX News'  hilariously overheated essay didn't even comment on the line about "doing lines in the bathroom").Don't worry, Bill O'Reilly!

  • Camera Obscura, 'Desire Lines' (4AD)

    The song that might tell you the most about Camera Obscura isn't a Camera Obscura song at all: Tracyanne Campbell, the Glasgow band's frontwoman, wrote "Lost and Found," which wound up on Swedish contemporary Victoria Bergsman's 2007 debut as Taken by Trees. Understated, ambivalent, and naggingly familiar, it's kitchen-sink folk-pop that illuminates how at ease Campbell is with heartache, and how identifiable her sound can be regardless of who's singing.Belle and Sebastian comparisons are so common for Camera Obscura that they're almost a meme: Both are Scottish indie bands featuring wry storytelling, an intuitive grasp of '60s AM-radio tropes, and a career arc that's gone from shambling to crowd-pleasing. But Bergsman, formerly of the Concretes, is a more instructive parallel. Taken by Trees succeeds by spiriting her unmistakable coo to far-flung settings, geographically and musically.

  • Kanye West,

    Kanye West's Studio-Quality 'New Slaves' Snippet Is Surprisingly Glitchy

    Might God be a computer? Kanye West's recently unveiled Yeezus album cover non-art harks back to the years just before The College Dropout broke, when pirated MP3s were plentiful but iPods didn't exist, so those who wanted to own a CD sometimes made their own gold version at home. West has already performed Yeezus seether "New Slaves" on Saturday Night Live and has projected it around the world. Still, a studio-quality snippet of the song surfacing over at fan forum Kanye to the The reveals new intricacies in the thick, bass-buzzing production — specifically, glitchy clicks that recall the unwanted sounds left in by much Napster-era cheapo sound-editing software. For all the quasi-political aggrieved-celebrity fury here, it's these unlikely technological resonances that most pique our curiosity about what else Mr.

  • Lamb of God, Randy Blythe, Prague

    Lamb of God's Randy Blythe Cleared Forever in Czech Manslaughter Case

    Randy Blythe doesn't have to worry about losing his freedom again anytime soon. A Czech court acquitted the Lamb of God singer of manslaughter charges in March, and now a Prague appeals court has upheld that verdict, according to the AP. The word of Prague's High Court is said to be final.Blythe was arrested in summer 2012 after 19-year-old fan Daniel Nosek died of head injuries sustained during Lamb of God's earlier Prague show. Blythe was detained for 38 days while maintaning his innocence. The Richmond, Virginia-based band managed to play a few U.S. shows later last year, but Blythe went back to Prague several months ago for his trial.

  • Beyonce

    Beyonce Ladles Chicken Soup for the Pop Soul on 'Epic' Anthem 'Rise Up'

    Another new Beyoncé song has entered the world, and this one is the stuff of Olympic montages, inspirational school assemblies, and, well, Super Bowl halftime shows, at least the way they were in the '90s. Co-written with Rihanna's "Diamonds" consigliere Sia, and produced by Hit-Boy with Chase N Cashe, "Rise Up" appears on the soundtrack to the animated fantasy Epic, which stars Mrs. Knowles-Carter as Queen Tara. The song is all highly competent and catchy, if slightly generic uplift, a choir of Beys boldly belting out trite slogans ("Be who you are") amid strummy arena rock that befits a movie packed with Snow Patrol songs.

  • Mick Jagger, Taylor Swift, Keith Richards, Rolling Stones, Chicago, United Center,

    Taylor Swift Is No Marianne Faithfull, Lackluster Rolling Stones Live Duet Proves

    Taylor Swift is a gifted songwriter, and she has improved by leaps and bounds as a vocalist. Mick Jagger is, of course, one of rock's defining singers, with charisma to spare. But surely he and Keith Richards had a reason for giving early song "As Tears Go By" first to the great Marianne Faithfull. Almost 50 years later, Swift joined the Rolling Stones to perform the song last night at Chicago's United Center. Vulture correctly notes the similarities between Swift's current look and the young Faithfull's, as well as Swift's recent gossip-pages relationship with a certain British pop invader. And there's only so much you can take from a fan's nose-bleed live footage. Still, starting with the burst of what sounds like unplanned feedback as Swift strolls toward the mic, this halting version of "As Tears Go By" definitely does not come across as one for the ages.

  • Divine Fits,

    Divine Fits Release Blazing Double A-Sided Digital Single, With Vinyl to Follow

    Earlier this year during South by Southwest, Divine Fits debuted an impressive, hard-charging new song. Spoon's Britt Daniel, who shares lead vocal duties in the group with Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs), then told SPIN the song, a Boeckner-led number titled "Chained to Love," would be part of a single with Daniel-sung "Ain't That the Way." Daniel said the single would be out digitally first and then on vinyl. (See Britt Daniel on Divine Fits, Spoon's Next LP, and Hating Axl Rose.)Well, "Chained to Love" and "Ain't That the Way" are available now via iTunes and Amazon. The double A-sided single is due out in 12-inch vinyl form on July 23 via Merge.

  • Wu-Tang Clan,

    Stream Wu-Tang Clan's Barbecue-Worthy 'Family Reunion'

    Nostalgia gets a bad rap, but Wu-Tang Clan are celebrating the 20th anniversary of debut album Enter the Wu-Tang Clan in a style that should warm even young heads' hearts. Last month, the hip-hop group shared the blistering single "Execution in Autumn," billed as an online-only "customer appreciation" release that might eventually "be made available for sale in record shops."Now, after performing at New York radio station Hot 97's annual Summer Jam over the weekend, Wu mastermind the RZA shared another new track, "Family Reunion." It doesn't take Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg's unapologetically local and classicist taste in rap to appreciate this one's vibrant soul sample, from the O-Jays' track of the same title, and casually dense lyrical reminiscences.

  • Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails

    Nine Inch Nails to Debut New Single 'Came Back Haunted' on Thursday

    Music from Nine Inch Nails' first studio album since 2008's The Slip will hit the airwaves on Thursday. A new single titled "Came Back Haunted" will hit radio at 2:30 p.m. EST on June 6, confirms.Lisa Worden, music director for Los Angeles alternative station KROQ, told the song recalls early NIN. “I think it’s in line with the first two albums,” Worden said. “It's got a great beat. It's not the experimental material Trent's done in the last five years.” She added, “I wouldn’t say that it’s dance-y, but it does have a great beat, a groove."The report confirms earlier hints. As Consequence of Sound pointed out, Las Vegas radio station X1075 retweeted a message from one of its DJs saying he will premiere a new NIN single on the station on Thursday.Last week, Reznor revealed Nine Inch Nails have signed with Columbia Records and will release an album in 2013.

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