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  • M.I.A.

    M.I.A. Mocks Critics of 'The Message' After NSA Leaks

    There's a certain irony in taking to social media to bemoan the loss of privacy. Exploding that paradox, though, is a big part of what M.I.A. has signaled through her music in recent years. As SPIN's Charles Aaron wrote in a rave review of 2010's Internet-obsessed MAYA, "Despite M.I.A.'s fervor to engage the world's battles, even she can feel overly connected."That review didn't specifically address "The Message," a jarring electro clash that basically insists everything is connected to the Internet and therefore "to the government." But plenty of other critics savaged the song's political content as politically jejune, and M.I.A. has now posted a collage of those pans on her Tumblr.

  • Macklemore

    Kidz Bop's Sanitized 'Thrift Shop' Is Not 'Really Awesome'

    Kidz Bop, the series of "kid-friendly" pop covers compilations, is due to release Kidz Bop 24 on July 16. The opening track, a rendition of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' inescapable "Thrift Shop," is on sale now over at iTunes, and man. The Kidz Bop Kids have reworked the lyrics in ways both obvious ("This is fucking awesome" becomes "This is really awesome"; "What up?! I got a big cock!" becomes "What up?! I got a hit song!") and jarring ("Smells like R. Kelly's sheets" becomes "Smells like my baseball cleats"). At the end, a girlish voice giggles, "Is that your grandma's coat?" Children who dress like indie rappers will relate. So will Karmin.So, let's see: The TLC "Thrift Shop" mashup offers a perhaps unintentionally pro-consumerism critique of Macklemore by suggesting his taste in clothes makes him a scrub who can't get with the fly girls.

  • METZ, 'Get Off,' video

    METZ Detail Alien Junkyard Origins of a Flying Dog in Animated 'Get Off' Video

    And now for a METZ video as bugged-out as the Toronto band's brand of noise-rock. These SPIN Best New Artists alums' previous clips from last year's self-titled album have resembled animated GIFs ("Wet Blanket") and called to mind failed glamour shots ("Wasted"). Now Stereogum has posted their latest, for the characteristically sludgy "Get Off," and the animated clip directed by fellow  Sub Pop racketmaker Chad VanGaalen is as head-knocking as you'd want. Mind-bending, too: Vaguely reminiscent of that South Park episode where Kenny gets high on cat pee, the thoroughly rock'n'roll video follows a shape-shifting alien to the town dump as part of a storyline involving a canine superhero named Smahmpy. "There are no bells and whistles," singer-guitarist Alex Edkins told SPIN of the album. Notice he didn't say anything about flying hounds.

  • James Murphy

    James Murphy to Compose for Broadway Play That Inspired 'Seinfeld' Episode

    James Murphy will be playing on Broadway. The former LCD Soundsystem leader is writing original music for the revival of Betrayal, according to Playbill. There's literally no other detail about Murphy's involvement just yet.EGOT winner Mike Nichols is directing a new stage adaptation of Harold Pinter's 1978 drama. Daniel Craig, Rachel Qeisz, and Rafe Spall will star in the three-person show. Tickets go on sale June 26 to American Express cardholders and July 12 to the general public. Previews start October 1, and the show officially opens October 27.Murphy's recent activities have included answering questions for Red Bull, designing a soundsystem, and producing the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pulp, and Arcade Fire. Also coming to Broadway is a musical based on the Beatles' songbook. That rumored Nirvana musical?

  • Kanye West

    Kanye West Will Tour Behind 'Yeezus,' as Parkinson's Line Draws Backlash

    Kanye West will tour in support of Yeezus, one of the album's producers has confirmed. Asked in a Reddit AMA whether there will be a tour behind the rapper's provocative new LP, longtime collaborator Mike Dean answered with a simple "yes." Dean also confirmed he would be part of the touring band.Other details about the purported tour remain unclear. Whether West would hit the road behind Yeezus at all was an open question. He didn't tour after 2010's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, though he did trek across the country a year later with Jay-Z supporting Watch the Throne.

  • No Age

    No Age Stay True to Their Off-Kilter Punk Muse on Defiant 'No Ground'

    No Age wanna know: "Who do you think you are?!" That question is the first lyric from the Los Angeles duo's August 20 Sub Pop album An Object, bellowed over hard-charging shimmer on just-unveiled "No Ground." Singer-drummer Dean Spunt recently invoked 2007 singles compilation (and de facto debut LP) Weirdo Rippers in an interview with SPIN about the new record, and sure enough, "No Ground" recalls the mix of ethereal texture and ramshackle propulsion that led to No Age's frequent, seemingly contradictory description as "ambient punk." Still, for as much as the latest track maintains the group's elliptical, enigmatic nature, there's no mistaking the direct, unbowed ethos in the lyrics.

  • Arctic Monkeys,

    Arctic Monkeys Seal Fuzz-Rock Come-On 'Do I Wanna Know?' With a Cartoon Kiss

    "Are You That Somebody?" "How Soon Is Now?" Hell: "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" There are too many examples in the ol' iTunes library to generalize too much, but songs with question marks in the title often tend to have a seductive quality. The open-endedness creates the possibility of intimacy. Arctic Monkeys toyed with the format on the cheeky title track of 2006's Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? EP, but they first fully embraced the allure of question-love on last year's Record Store Day single "R U Mine?," a muscular fuzz-rocker with falsetto backing vocals that wouldn't be out of place on a mix balanced out by, say, Miguel's "How Many Drinks?"The U.K.

  • Eminem

    Eminem Rages Again (and Compares Himself to Beethoven) on Fiery 'Symphony in H'

    Eminem won an Oscar way back in 2003, but he's here to show he's "still a grouch." Slim Shady bares his cranky side on "Symphony in H," a 90-second track from early Em champion DJ Tony Touch's upcoming mixtape, Piecemaker 3: The Return of the 50 MCs. That long-ago Academy Awards win isn't the only reference here that feels dated: "Hell yeah I'd nail J. Lo / To a railroad," the rapper fumes at one point, and June 8, a specific date actually mentioned here, has already passed. Still, it's a treat to hear Eminem angry again — comparing himself to Beethoven, he calls the track "a sympony of hate" — and the stomping, martial backing stays out of Marshall Mathers' way. As for hopes the song might appear on an upcoming album, previously promised for sometime after Memorial Day (June 8 would've been nice!), Eminem's manager, Paul Rosenberg, tweeted last night: "You guys are terrible.

  • Local Natives,

    Local Natives' Puppy-Starring 'You & I' Video Will Break Your Heart (and the Internet)

    Local Natives' Hummingbird opener "You & I" bears no obvious relationship to man's best friend. But the song's newly posted video tells the story of "the last dog on Earth," and wouldn't you know it's an emotionally appropriate context for this majestic yet plaintive bit of lightly psyched pop. As the mustachioed Los Angelenos harmonize sweetly about love gone cold, somber-faced characters gather in a hospital room to hold vigil for the world's final living canine — poor pup's on his or her last legs, so to speak. Still, as the wonderfully intense video's directors (Daniel Portrait with Kamp Grizzly) and writers (Local Natives) tell it, one passionate human being refuses to give up hope. The line about going "to places we don't know" never sounded so optimistic. 

  • Fuck Buttons,

    Fuck Buttons Turn Dancer Into Human Lava Lamp in Eerie 'The Red Wing' Video

    Fuck Buttons are going their own way and it's taking the British digi-gaze roarers to a dark, heady place. Unlike their last two albums, the duo's upcoming Slow Focus is self-produced — 2009's Tarot Sport was helmed by techno innovotor Andrew Weatherall, and 2008's Street Horrrsing was overseen by Mogwai guitarist John Cummings. Even in edited form, the new long-player's first taste, "The Red Wing," is a violent shift, mixing threatening textures with block-rockin' beats and unidentifiable skronk, though the group's distorted-goblin vocals are notably absent. The video too was done in-house, by Fuck Buttons half Andrew Huang, and shows a woman dancing in slow-motion as she's put through dizzyingly refracting visual effects.

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