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  • Young Jeezy

    Ne-Yo Can't Save Young Jeezy's Love Life or 7-Minute 'Leave You Alone' Clip

    That Usher plays a spurned lover in his brand-new "Climax" video indicates there are apparently some people for whom airy slow jams like "Nice & Slow," "Burn," and "Throwback" just aren't enough. For those people we have another just-posted video, a seven-minute clip for Young Jeezy's Thug Motivation 103 cut "Leave You Alone" featuring Ne-Yo. It's another slow jam, but Jeezy keeps it gritty, as is his wont, by wearing a censored baseball cap, quoting Biggie's macho tough talk, and prominently featuring multiple liquor brands. He's the philandering, insensitive, and ostensibly "real" Mr. Wrong to Usher's too-sweet-to-be-true Mr. Right. Unfortunately, Jeezy/Ne-Yo's woman friend evidently has "crazy brothers" (you can tell how crazy they are because of all of their tattoos).

  • Escort / Photo by Jody Kivort

    Video Premiere: See Escort's Disco-licious 'Why Oh Why'

    Escort, like most of its '70s forebears aside from exceptions like Chic and Philly soul, began as a geeky studio creation. But Brooklyn's premier 21st-century disco orchestra now also routinely wows audiences as a holy-crap 17-piece live band. That's the Escort we see in the new video for "Why Oh Why," from the Adeline Michèle-fronted group's wonderful self-titled LP (a SPIN Essentials selection, one of our 25 Winter Albums That You Gotta Hear, and, just for good measure, one of 2011's Best Dance Albums).Despite Escort co-founders Dan Balis and Eugene Cho's painstaking retro-accuracy, this lusty romantic entreaty functions seamlessly as big-hearted 21st-century dance-pop, somewhere within smoke-machine distance of Robyn, Annie, or, given Top 40's ongoing club tilt, even today's gossip-friendly chart divas.

  • Usher

    See Usher Get His Gun in Tortured 'Climax' Video

    "Climax," it's been observed since Usher celebrated Valentine's Day with a Diplo-produced new song of that title, isn't a particularly sexy word. Then again, neither is "promiscuous," though Nelly Furtado's Timbaland-produced song of that title happened to be one of the most aggressively lustful hits of 2006 (does that help our case or hurt it? We say helps!). Probably among the least sexy things in the world, for women and the men who love them, are the inevitable attempts by recent ex-boyfriends to reestablish contact. And yet here we are. This exquisite electro-soul ballad, as we've discussed at considerable length, puts Usher's gorgeous falsetto over pillowy, dubstep-kissed backing that expertly achieves a feeling of a relationship in limbo.

  • Bono Walkmen

    The Walkmen Finish New Album, Cover U2 Horribly

    The Walkmen have been getting compared to U2 for so long it has probably replaced questions about precursor band Jonathan Fire*eater's sad major-label flop on the New York rockers' list of pet peeves. Hell, SPIN compared them to "U2 meets Neil Diamond" in one of their very first mentions in this magazine. Good news: The Walkmen have announced the completion of the follow-up to their older, wiser 2010 album Lisbon.

  • See Big K.R.I.T.'s Sporty, Black-and-White 'Boobie Miles'

    See Big K.R.I.T.'s Sporty, Black-and-White 'Boobie Miles'

    Now that Big K.R.I.T.'s self-produced 4Eva N A Day mixtape has arrived in full, the smooth, sports-themed advance MP3 "Boobie Miles" sounds like a motivational speech to himself. Next to fellow mixtape cuts like Ann Peebles-sampling "Handwriting", the football, basketball, and baseball imagery on this track, titled in connection with Friday Night Lights, scans as another way for the Mississippi rapper to address his own struggle to succeed, in hip-hop's highly materialistic terms, without compromising what he values. A new black-and-white video gracefully underscores that interpretation. Directed by Va$htie (Justin Bieber, Yung LA, Jadakiss), the clip moves between shots of K.R.I.T. in the studio and footage of a guy shooting hoops in the park, another dude practicing his soccer footwork, and a kid trying out some tricky bicycle moves.

  • Bobby Womack

    Soul Survivor: Hear Bobby Womack's Spare, Confessional 'Please Forgive My Heart'

    "He ain't what you call one of the silken voices of soul," SPIN wrote of Bobby Womack in 1985. "More like sandpaper. Or true grit, with the grease still sizzling on top." Having survived the mysterious shooting death of his mentor Sam Cooke, the death of brother Harry in a domestic dispute, and the deaths of two sons, Womack has lived a life that more than matches the weariness and pain in his inimitable, gravelly croon. That voice hasn't exactly been absent in recent years — he appeared on Gorillaz' masterful 2010 Plastic Beach and its free follow-up The Fall, and 50 Cent sampled him recently on his own "Wait Until Tonight" — but his last full-length was 2000's Christmas Album.

  • Lil B

    Grab Lil B's Sprawling, Spacey 'God's Father' Mixtape

    A busy couple of weeks for notable rap mixtapes now features a contribution from the busiest man in hip-hop. Big K.R.I.T. just dropped his third album-quality mixtape in as many years, SPIN's No Trivia blog has named T.I. associate Big Kuntry Kane's 100% Kane as our inaugural Rap Release of the Week, and Stereogum alerts us to the moodily produced, hard-edged gangsta reveries of Detroit rapper Boldy James' Consignment. The ever-prolific Based God adds 34 tracks worth of spacey flows to this week's abundance with the Bay Area utopian's new God's Father mixtape. It's easy to sense a whiff of condescension when highbrow critics laud the I'm Gay (I'm Happy) rapper for the "complexity" of his views on sexuality and race, but it's undeniable that no one else has thrown themselves into hip-hop improvisation as deeply as the former Pack member born as Brandon McCartney.

  • Marilyn Manson

    Hear Marilyn Manson's Suitably Creepy 'No Reflection'

    The march toward Marilyn Manson's upcoming eighth album, the shock rocker's first since leaving Interscope (like Limp Bizkit!) continues to be heavily booted and vaguely sadistic. Ahead of the self-proclaimed Antichrist Superstar's upcoming spring tour, we've already seen the S&M-themed, Shia LaBeouf-directed video for "Born Villain," in which the former music scribe born Brian Warner murderously reminds us why people ridiculously consider him scarier than, y'know, actual murderers. Now KROQ has premiered the metallic rocker "No Reflection," which continues the sexually violent theme in a more streamlined, radio-friendly package. "You don't know what I'm gonna do to you," Manson groans a whole bunch of times. And we really don't! Long gone are those innocent, pre-millennial days when an artist could offend merely by desiring to "fuck you like an animal." Shock'n y'all:

  • Sleigh Bells Cover Beyonce, Queen B Is Still 'Irreplaceable'

    Sleigh Bells Cover Beyonce, Queen B Is Still 'Irreplaceable'

    Beyoncé's "Irreplaceable" is one of Those Songs. Like Aretha Franklin's "Respect" (with all due respect!), it's a classic tune originally written from the perspective of a man — in this case, co-songwriter Ne-Yo — but turned into something transcendent when sung by a woman. It piles winning idea on winning idea, from the "to the left, to the left" opening, which doubles as a dance-floor instruction and a mundane command, on to the "you was untrue" twist, right through to the soaring bridge, where the former Destiny's Child diva crows, "Replacing you is so easy." The end result is one of the 21st century's greatest breakup ballads, universal without resorting to the generic, and utterly unmistakable. Sleigh Bells' decision to cover "Irreplaceable," then, is totally welcome.

  • Adele

    Who Charted? Adele Slays WZRD, fun. Take Over Hot 100

    First! Adele's 21 is, once again, the No. 1 album on Billboard's Top 200, selling another 247,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Adele's album has now spent 23 non-consecutive weeks at No. 1, outlasting all albums from the SoundScan era. If 21 holds on for another week, it will tie Prince & the Revolution's 24 weeks at the top for 1984's Purple Rain soundtrack. So this is what it feels like when Adele comes close to breaking a record held by the album that includes "When Doves Cry." 2 Through 10: Adele triumphed in what, to be fair, was a pretty slow week. Whitney Houston's Whitney: The Greatest Hits clung to the No. 2 spot with 112,000, making it the highest-charting Houston's nine albums on the Billboard Top 200. Kid Cudi's rock-oriented WZRD project's self-titled debut was the only new entrant to the top 10, bowing at No.

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