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  • Karen O

    See Karen O Sing 'Stop the Virgens' Ballad 'Duet' Live

    "Psycho" must be in the eye of the beholder. Karen O recently appeared on Australia's Triple J Radio (via TwentyFourBit) in advance of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman's new "psycho opera," which opened at the Sydney Opera House last week after debuting in Brooklyn this past October. "It is a bit psycho," she told the radio DJ, joined in near-silence by YYYs guitarist Nick Zinner, with whom she co-wrote the work's 10 songs. After a brief interview, Karen O gave a performance of "Duet," which she described as a "love song." The rendition is on YouTube now, and you don't need to be Norman Bates to get caught up in it. Featuring acoustic guitar and backing vocals by Jason Grisell of New York synth-pop duo Bubbles, this austere, melancholy ballad is much folksier than typical YYYs fare, but no less achingly beautiful.

  • Fiona Apple

    Fiona Apple Unleashes Cathartic Breakup Song 'Werewolf'

    Fiona Apple is not a shapeshifter. In contributor Zach Baron's revelatory SPIN profile of the 34-year-old singer and songwriter, what stands out is just how much she remains the same arrestingly enigmatic emotional maelstrom she ever was, except now she appears to be more comfortable with that than ever. As she sings on the lycanthropically titled "Werewolf," which surfaced this morning via Pitchfork, "Nothing wrong when a song ends in a minor key." The person who does change forms is the subject of the song, the second track to emerge from Apple's June 19 album, The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do. Like the previously released "Every Single Night," "Werewolf" is at once unsparing and yet cryptic, a combination that feels wonderfully true to life.

  • Drake

    Drake Gets 'Punk'd,' Doesn't Get to Meet the Vice President

    The trappings of fame. Wrenchingly sincere displays of vulnerability. A guy tasering his pregnant wife. Drake's appearance on MTV's Punk'd, hosted in a return performance by co-creator Ashton Kutcher ahead of the cable network's movie awards last night, had all of the makings of a song worthy of the rapper-singer's albums Thank Me Later and Take Care. Or, OK, at least two out of three. The Two and a Half Men star convinced the YMCMB star he was going to be meeting Vice President Joe Biden, then staged an earthquake in a parking garage. "We're gonna shake things up for Drake a bit," Kutcher says at the outset.

  • Coldplay and Rihanna

    Coldplay and Rihanna Make Second Culturally Confused 'Princess of China' Video

    Can we agree now that the existence of a collaboration between Coldplay and Rihanna is more interesting than the song itself? The Barbados-born pop singer's presence on the Mylo Xyloto track list helped set the tone for the British arena-rockers' latest album, which has enough day-glo synths and crushing R&B beats to find a home on circa-2012 Top 40 radio, where Adele and Gotye are the recent exceptions that prove the club-friendly rule.

  • Drake

    How Drake Got Twitter Shamed by Billionaire T. Boone Pickens

    No, T. Boone Pickens probably wasn't blasting "Crew Love" as he handed out bonuses last holiday season. The Daily got the story on the billionaire's hilarious Twitter dust-up with Drake from earlier this week.

  • Hot Chip

    Hear Hot Chip's Tender Prince Cover: 'If I Was Your Girlfriend'

    Earlier this week, London electro-poppers Hot Chip sat down on BBC Radio 1 with host Zane Lowe and chatted about their love for the Beastie Boys and classic hip-hop. Then they burst into a stirring rendition of "Look at Where We Are," an emotional ballad from the group's June 12 album In Our Heads. That song is already an impressive ace in the hole for the upcoming record, but the big surprise came at the end, when Hot Chip briefly segued into a wistful, calypso-splashed interpolation of Prince's Sign "O" the Times landmark "If I Was Your Girlfriend." "Look at Where We Are" and the Prince cover can be heard here by fast-forwarding to the 1:19:50 mark.

  • The Black Keys

    Black Keys' Harmony Korine-Directed 'Ceiling' Is Extra Creepy

    It used to be enough to put out a music video, but given the rapid turnover of content these days, it might just be reasonable for a major group to follow up with a self-described "film" as well. That's what Ohio blues rockers the Black Keys have done in their latest clip for El Camino highlight "Gold on the Ceiling." After releasing a relatively low-budget live clip for the glammy fist-pumper way back in February, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have now unveiled a "film" for the same song, directed by Harmony Korine, who came to fame for writing the 1995 movie Kids. In keeping with Korine's bizarre film-making style, these new visuals are a nonsensical mishmash, with Auerbach and Carney being carried like babies by giant versions of themselves — or Auerbach and Carney carrying baby-sized versions of themselves, or both (as you can tell, it's complicated).

  • Dirty Paraffin / Photo by Paul Shiakallis

    Stream Dirty Paraffin's Swagged-Out 'DP' EP

    On Wednesday, Dirty Paraffin unveiled "Download This," a brash, beautifully spacey track from the Johannesburg electro-rap duo's upcoming DP EP. On June 2, Durban-born mischief-makers Okmalumkoolkat and Dokta Spizee are set to release their entire six-song effort, but you can stream it right now below. From the ass- (and electro-) crazed "Big Bootyholic" to the stomping, abstract "Primusstof," the record more than justifies why, in a review of DPs friend Spoek Mathambo's SPIN Essential Father Creeper, contributor Richard Gehr compared these guys to Das Racist, "only Zulu." Another difference: Where the New York rap crew enthused about "a million dollars" on debut album Relax's "Michael Jackson," their South African peers' wry "Big Bucks Bonanza" only counts up to a grand. Come west, young men.

  • Dan Deacon / Photo by Wendy Redfern/Redferns via Getty

    Dan Deacon Previews 'America' with Exuberant 'Lots'

    The animated image that plays behind Dan Deacon's new song "Lots" is of a flag rippling in the wind, set against a summery blue sky. What's on the flag is hard to make out, but it appears to be a landscape of sorts — purple mountains majesty, amber waves of grain, maybe? As the first song from the Baltimore mad scientist's just announced Domino Records debut America, which arrives on August 28, "Lots" captures a similarly cryptic spirit of celebration. On excellent previous albums Spiderman of the Rings and Bromst, Deacon has skillfully combined weirdo electro-punk spazz with highbrow modern-classical minimalism. The distance between Wham City and Carnegie Hall becomes more blurred than ever on "Lots," which combines screeching distortion and krautrock pummel with pointillist backing vocals.

  • Watch Purity Ring's Shadowy 'Belispeak' Video

    Watch Purity Ring's Shadowy 'Belispeak' Video

    For those who have been burned before, Purity Ring offer hopeful evidence that the blogosphere can still rave about a budding new act without killing it before it comes into full bloom. Along with "Odebear," "Ungirthed," and "Lofticries," the eerily pulsating "Belispeak" is one of only four tracks the dark electro-pop duo has officially made available so far in advance of debut album Shrines (due out on July 24 via 4AD and Last Gang). The song's new video underscores why that small handful of tracks has been enough to gin up unreasonable levels of cautious optimism about the Canadian group's upcoming record. Directed by Brewer (whose previous work includes videos for the War on Drugs and Steve Aoki), the visuals masterfully complement and expand upon the song's wraithlike spell.

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