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  • r.e.m.

    See R.E.M. Play a Spine-Tingling 40-Minute Set Way Back in 1981

    R.E.M. have been split up for more than a year, but fascinating documents of the band's early years keep surfacing. Last year, the band's original 1981 cassette demo emerged online. Now, as Slicing Up Eyeballs reports, Athens, Georgia's Wuxtry Records has made available a 40-minute concert video shot a whopping 18 months before R.E.M.'s classic debut EP Chronic Town.The video begins with R.E.M. in the midst of covering the late-'50s rock'n'roll classic "Rave On!" (most famously performed by Buddy Holly), and it ends with the band's eventual hit single "Radio Free Europe," passing "Gardening at Night" along the way. The 13-song set was recorded on videotape in February 1981, though the exact date is unclear. The young Stipe's frenetic stage presence is a wonderful sight to behold, and the whole video should be a real treat for any R.E.M. fan.More could be on the way.

  • 'Django Unchained' Jamie Foxx Quentin Tarantino

    Hear Rick Ross' Menacing Song for Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained' Soundtrack

    In the newly released final trailer for Quentin Tarantino's upcoming film Django Unchained, between gunshot after gunshot, there's the unmistakable roar of Rick Ross. The song is titled "100 Black Coffins," and its chanted title hook definitely suits the ultraviolent visuals, with Jamie Foxx playing a bounty hunter. The full track, which Foxx produced, is online now and you can hear it below.Film-score icon Ennio Morricone's spaghetti Western influence meets the trap here, as crunching feet, ghostly whistles, and martial chants put the percolating snare hits and zooming synths in an appropriately wide-screen context. Rozay's brusque verses don't rejoice in death so much as grimly acknowledge its realness, just an inevitable cost of Foxx's character doing business. "Money on his head, bitch / I'm trying to make a fortune," the Maybach boss rasps between whooping ad libs.

  • Vista Chino

    Kyuss Lives! Will Live on With New Name: Vista Chino

    Kyuss Lives! soon won't be worthy of its name anymore, no need for a funeral. The semi-reunited early-'90s California stoner-rock band will be reincarnated. Kyuss Lives! members Brant Bjork, John Garcia, and Nick Oliveri have announced a new project called Vista Chino. Joined by guitarist Bruno Fevery, the band says it's recording new songs for a planned 2013 release and tour. The Kyuss Lives! name will be retired after Australia's Soundwave Festival early next year.The official statement doesn't give any reason for the name change, but it appears to have been effectively a legal requirement. As Rolling Stone reported, in August a federal judge in California ruled the band could use the Kyuss Lives! name in concert but not for recordings, and that even then the members might be at risk of additional litigation.

  • bill o'reilly psy gangnam style

    Bill O'Reilly Fails to Understand 'Gangnam Style' or His Own Era's Silly Dance Crazes

    The official spokesman for grumpy, willfully ignorant old white people across America has finally learned about PSY's "Gangnam Style." As EW points out, Fox News pundit Bill O'Reilly hipped The O'Reilly Factor viewers to the galloping K-Pop sensation's inescapable clip, in honor of its having become the most-watched video in YouTube history, with more than 846 million views as of this posting. Because when news breaks, O'Reilly will tell you about it after the rest of the world is already questioning its recent Halloween costume choices.Papa Bear's take on the PSY phenomenon might not surprise you. Basically, O'Reilly finds "Gangnam Style" meaningless and representative of how debased we all are as a contemporary culture.

  • Sia Rihanna

    Watch Sia Polish Rihanna's 'Diamonds,' Which She Co-Wrote

    SPIN's review of Rihanna's Unapologetic, her first No. 1 full-length, contends that almost all you'd want to know about the singer's emotional state we can learn from her album titles. SPIN's indefatigable correspondent on Rihanna's 777 Tour, Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, concludes that "even seven days breathing the same cabin air she did could not illuminate any truths about her, and never would." So we're left with the songs. Which, catchy and sometimes great as they are, don't always reveal much more.At an event yesterday, Sia explained she co-wrote elegant Unapologetic single "Diamonds" in 22 minutes with Benny Blanco, and recorded the demo with production team StarGate in only 26 minutes, according to a YouTube description tweeted by the singer-songwriter herself.

  • radiohead, roseland ballroom

    Watch Radiohead's Entire Fan-Made Concert Movie

    The guy who traveled 1,376 miles to see Radiohead at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City last fall and didn't have a ticket is in luck (see 10 Thoughts on Radiohead Live in NYC). As Gothamist reports, the Radiohead fan community on AtEaseWeb has put together a two-hour, multi-camera concert video of the art-rockers' entire September 29, 2011, gig. The band has blessed the project by providing its own soundboard audio. The effort is dedicated to the late Radiohead drum tech Scott Johnson, who died during an awful stage collapse in Toronto this year.

  • metallica, quebec magnetic

    Preview Metallica's Fan-Picked 'Quebec Magnetic' Concert DVD

    Metallica have offered up the first glimpse of their new live concert movie (via Antiquiet). The two-minute trailer for what the band is calling Quebec Magnetic features plenty of muscular riffage and familiar hits, plus frontman James Hetfield firing up the crowd by shouting things like, "Do you want heavy?!" The concert movie will be out on DVD, Blu-ray, and via digital providers on December 10. It's the metal giants' first release on their own currently unnamed record label.To recap: Metallica's longtime cohort Wayne Isham shot the double-DVD and single-disc Blu-ray set, which contains footage from two fall 2009 shows in Quebec City, Canada, during the band's tour in support of 2008's Death Magnetic. The track list, which you can see below, was voted by fans via Metallica's website.

  • Frank Ocean

    Frank Ocean 'channel ORANGE' Vinyl Bootlegs Emerge as Official Release Stalls

    It happened again this month. sent out an e-mail saying it doesn't know when the vinyl edition of Frank Ocean's SPIN Essential album channel ORANGE will be ready. But we should be used it by now. E-mails like that one have been coming every month since August. That's even though the original ORANGE vinyl release date posted by Amazon and other online retailers was July 31.Now, enterprising bootleggers have manufactured their own double-LP vinyl copies of channel ORANGE, and we've managed to acquire a copy. Fittingly, given the record's gray-market status, the shade of orange on the cover is a bit, well, shadier than in the actual cover, and of course, there's no lyric sheet or other artwork. The words "LIMITED EDITION" are printed in white block letters on the back cover.

  • The Beastie Boys

    Beastie Boys Fight Baffling 'Licensed to Ill' Sampling Lawsuit

    On May 3, a company called Tuf America sued the Beastie Boys for alleged copyright infringement involving decades-old music. On May 4, Adam "MCA" Yauch died after a long struggle with cancer.Now, the Beastie Boys have asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which shouldn't come as a surprise. What's shocking to a non-lawyer is the seeming obviousness of their argument.First, the Beasties say that if the alleged samples from go-go band Trouble Funk on 1986's Licensed to Ill and 1989's Paul's Boutique really couldn't be heard except "after conducting a careful audio analysis," then "there can be no substantial similarity" between the Beasties' tracks and their alleged unauthorized sources.

  • charli xcx brooke candy cloud aura video

    Charli XCX and Brooke Candy Let Big Girls Cry in Collage-Like 'Cloud Aura' Video

    Charli XCX's fascination with mixtapes, that hip-hop staple, steers her toward actual rapping on her messy but intriguing Super Ultra mixtape. The rapping is the worst part of new Super Ultra video subject "Cloud Aura," in the form of Internet via Los Angeles scenester Brooke Candy's bratty, nakedly trolling verse. Overall, though, Charli's swirling electro-pop is alluringly off-kilter here, with a lovelorn hook that lodges itself in the brain cells you just wasted hearing Candy spit, "You were my Chris Brown / I was your only girl." Which reminds us once again that "Nobody's Business" is, infuriatingly, one of the best songs on Unapologetic.The just-posted "Cloud Aura" video (via PopJustice) is a similarly postmodern affair, a pastiche of borrowed tears that will test your pop-cultural IQ and, at times, your patience.

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