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    Varg Vikernes' Lawyer Needs More Time to Defend Neo-Nazi in 'Racial Hatred' Trial

    Norwegian musician and neo-Nazi Kristian "Varg" Vikernes will have his day in court, but not until 2014. As the BBC reports, the man behind black-metal unit Burzum is currently facing charges of inciting racial hatred and glorifying war crimes, but a French court has postponed the trial to next June after Vikernes' lawyer requested more time to read documents and prepare his defense.Back in July, the 40-year-old singer was arrested in France on suspicion that he was planning a terrorist attack. Authorities took Vikernes and his wife, Marie Cachet, into custody on July 16 after she began buying shotguns. The two were released shortly thereafter, once officials were "unable to identify specific terrorist plans or terrorist target" (via Metal Injection) and discovered that Cachet had a valid firearms permit.

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    Yeasayer Play Dutch Doctor in 'Glass of the Microscope' Video

    Yeasayer don lab coats in their latest music video, the official clip for Fragrant World closer "Glass of the Microscope." The psych-rock quartet peer through (duh) microscopes, looking to cure some mysterious epidemic that's afflicting the entire planet. For added authenticity, director Ruben van Leer filmed in molecular biologist Hans Tanke's lab at Leiden University, located in the Netherlands. As Wired points out, Leiden is one of the oldest research universities in Europe and the place where 17th century scientist Antoine van Leeuwenhoek developed an early prototype of the microscope.Another location used in the shoot: the tower of Naturalis, which contains the largest collection of natural history objects in Holland.

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    See Sleigh Bells Obliterate 'Bitter Rivals' With a Horn Section on 'Kimmel'

    If you're headed into battle, you're going to want reinforcements. Sleigh Bells employed that strategy on October 17, when they invaded Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a live drummer, a troop of back-up singers, and a horn section. The former SPIN cover stars demolished "Bitter Rivals" — the bulldoze-and-weave title track from the duo's recently released third album — and then launched into the fanged "Tiger Kit." Alexis Krauss and Derek E. Miller did what they do best: She swaggered across the stage, talking trash in her sugary va-va-voom, and he shredded his guitar, wielding arena-sized riffs in an ABC studio. The extra support lent the head-banging heartbreakers some extra oomph and bounce, while the zippy camerawork kept the performance feeling kinetic.

  • Western Addiction 'God Says No' Stream

    Stream Western Addiction's Barbed-Wire Battle Cry 'God Says No'

    After years of silence, California punks Western Addiction are returning with Pines, their first release since their lone full-length album, 2005's Cognicide. Recorded at Oakland's Sharkbite Studios and produced by American Steel's Ryan Massey, the upcoming 7-inch contains three songs, including the razor-sharp "God Says No." Singer-guitarist Jason Hall shared a cryptic statement about the track: "I have bursts of intense interest in a particular subject and this song is about one of my odd obsessions that will be around for life. I won't reveal the subject matter because I like when people interpret a song for themselves. For example, we have a song about cats and blood poisoning and people think it's about being attacked by a person. Here's a hint though, George Harrison used to do this at night, and it's weird, powerful, beautiful and awesome.

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    Thom Yorke Turns Into Sand 'Before Your Very Eyes' in Atoms for Peace Video

    Atoms for Peace have shared the official music video for wubby Amok opener "Before Your Very Eyes..." and it's a bizarre sight to behold. The nearly six-minute clip uses stop-motion animation and stunning visual effects to drop Thom Yorke in the middle of a desert wasteland. But the Radiohead leader isn't just wandering and twirling up and down sand dunes — no, dude is actually one with the desert, like a sort of Sandman creature (the Spider-Man villain, not the sleep-sprinkler). As the short wears on, skyscrapers and highways rise from the Earth, but quickly fall around Yorke, who's tossing, turning, and crumbling himself. Guess sometimes he gets knocked down but doesn't get up again. AFP originally premiered the video during their October 16 concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles (via Pitchfork).

  • notorious b.i.g., brooklyn, street corner

    Notorious B.I.G.'s Criminal Past Glock-Blocks Street Naming Honor

    The effort to name a Brooklyn street corner after the Notorious B.I.G. has met opposition from local residents who feel Biggie's criminal past and, um, sizable stature make him unsuitable for the honor. As DNAinfo New York reports, Brooklyn Community Board 2 met on Tuesday night and discussed the proposal to co-name the intersection of Saint James Place and Fulton Street "Christopher Wallace Way," after the late MC's birth name.

  • arcade fire, reflektor, brooklyn shows, scalpers

    Arcade Fire's 'Reflektor' Ticket Prices Hit $5,000 a Pop

    Arcade Fire are playing a pair of not-so-secret shows in Brooklyn this weekend, and as expected tickets sold out immediately after going on sale. Passes became available to the general public at noon on Thursday (via Ticketmaster), and disappeared quicker than the time it takes to watch any one of the band's superfluous Reflektor teasers. Now, tickets are popping up online, listed at completely absurd prices that are reaching into the thousands of dollars.As of time of writing, StubHub is offering entry to the Friday, October 18 gig for $220 — and that's at the low end of the spectrum.

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    No New Friends: Invite-Only Music Festivals On Upswing

    Music festival fans had it good in 2013. As proven by SPIN's lengthy Festlove master list, there's no shortage of concert showcases. Miss Paul McCartney at Bonnaroo this year? Just catch him at Outside Lands. Couldn't see Nine Inch Nails at Lollapalooza? Well, maybe you spotted Trent Reznor at Made in America, or have a ticket for the Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit happening later this month. But despite this glut of multi-day music events, there's an entire culture of festivities happening that are off limits to the public.As Wall Street Journal reports, invite-only festivals are gaining in popularity. The newspaper points to one recent gig called "Robaroo," which was actually a 50th birthday party for Robert Soros, a son of billionaire George Soros.

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    Watch the Head and the Heart 'Shake' Powerfully for 'Letterman'

    The Head and the Heart sat down with SPIN recently to talk about some of their favorite things and discuss their newly released second album, Let's Be Still. "We're more confident and trust ourselves more now," singer Jon Russell said, comparing the fresh effort to the Seattle group's self-titled 2011 debut. "The headspace for this record was, 'Let's not figure out what this sounds like — let's just write the best songs we possibly can.'"The folk-rock six-piece showed off one of those polished gems to a national audience on October 16, thanks to a tender performance on the Late Show With David Letterman. After tumbling and hollering through "Shake," a keyboard-sprinkled yarn off of Let's Be Still, the Sub Pop signees earned high-marks from Letterman, who cracked wise about joining the band on tour.

  • Ravenna Woods 'Border Animals' Video Stream

    Watch Ravenna Woods Star in a Slo-Mo Suspense Flick for 'Border Animals'

    Ravenna Woods are a self-described crew of "gloomy darkhorse indie folk-punkers" who will unleash their second album, The Jackals, on November 12 via RavWoo Records. First, though, comes a suspenseful music video for "Border Animals," a cavernous epic slated for the upcoming LP. Directed by Blaine Ludy and produced by Super Frog Saves Tokyo, the clip finds the Seattle foursome seated in the middle of a room filled with taxidermied animals. Surrounded by stuffed bears and various horned forest-dwellers, Ravenna Woods keep still as the furry decor slowly comes to life. Watch what happens by pressing play above.

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