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  • 2NE1, missing you, music video

    See 2NE1 Strip Down for Tender 'Missing You' Video

    Back in July, 2NE1 promised that they'd share a new single and music video every month until the October release of their new album. But after the dubby "Falling in Love" and thumping "Do You Love Me?", the K-Pop starlets failed to deliver a third song-and-video combo. While a fresh full-length still hasn't materialized, 2NE1 have finally dropped another clip: a striking visual for new break-up ballad "Missing You." Already seen by more than two million people, the video shows off a gentler, more vulnerable side to the girl group, especially lead siren CL, who appears in two very carefully composed nude scenes.

  • beck, morning phase, new album

    Beck Carries on 'California Tradition' With New 'Morning Phase' Album

    In February, Beck will issue Morning Phase, his 12th studio album and first proper full-length in six years. Little is known about the upcoming effort, except that it's on the way via Capitol Records and has been described as a "companion piece of sorts" to Beck's 2002 masterpiece, Sea Change. Now the "Defriended" songsmith has shed some light on his Modern Guilt follow-up in an interview with Rolling Stone.The 43-year-old alt-icon is branding Morning Phase as "California music," saying, "the songs are coming out of a California tradition. I'm hearing the Byrds, Crosby Stills and Nash, Gram Parsons, Neil Young — the bigger idea of what that sound is to me." According to RS, the 2014 LP features a total of 12 tracks.

  • broken bells, after the disco, holding on for life

    Broken Bells Are 'Holding on for Life' With Kate Mara and Anton Yelchin

    In October, Broken Bells announced that their After the Disco album would come paired with a sci-fi short film directed by Jacob Gentry and starring Anton Yelchin (Star Trek Into Darkness, Terminator Salvation) and Kate Mara (House of Cards, American Horror Story). James Mercer and Danger Mouse shared the first part of said project (subtitled "Angel and the Fool") a few weeks ago, and now they've revealed the second segment, produced in collaboration with The Creators Project. Premiered on, the clip shares its title with After the Disco's shiny lead single, "Holding on for Life," which features prominently in the video.Describing the plot would ruin the fun, but just know that the seven-minute short picks up right where the previous piece left off — with Yelchin and Mara boarding a spaceship dance-party hosted by Broken Bells.

  • those darlins, blur the line, in the wilderness, video

    Watch Those Darlins' Sinister, Sexy 'In the Wilderness' Video

    A few months back, Those Darlins saluted the female form with their "Optimist" music video, directed by Veta&Theo of Ovvio Arte. Now, the Nashville garage-rock crew have reteamed with the directorial duo for another NSFW-ish clip, a short set to lusty Blur the Line track "In the Wilderness." The black-and-white video plays like a fever dream fueled by sexual fantasies and fine art. There's a visual shout-out to Man Ray's famous "Le Violon d'Ingres" photograph, a keyhole view of a steamy swingers' party, and when singer-guitarist Nikki Kvarnes snarls, "Show your teeth / Let 'em beg," the camera catches her bandmate Jessi Zazu spitting out her pearly whites.Watch the video for "In the Wilderness" above, and then check out Those Darlins' recent performance at SPIN's Soundwave Tent, filmed at this year's Voodoo Music + Arts Experience.

  • quilt, tired & buttered, held in splendor

    Hear Quilt's Thrillingly Restless 'Tired & Buttered'

    Quilt's second album has an ETA of January 28, courtesy of Mexican Summer. The psych-pop trio of Anna Rochinski, John Andrews, and Shane Butler has already shared one sample from its upcoming Held in Splendor LP, the sweetly sleepy first single "Arctic Shark." Now, the Boston daydreamers have unveiled a second. New track "Tired & Buttered" turns away from the mystic sighs and laidback pace of its predecessor, opting instead for a frantic sputter powered by tightly coiled guitar spirals. Stream it below, and pre-order Held in Splendor through Mexican Summer.

  • kanye west, zappos, shit product

    Zappos Trolls Kanye West By Selling $100K 'Shit Product' Plunger

    Kanye West recently sat down with his friend and increasingly frequent collaborator Bret Easton Ellis for an interview on the writer's new podcast. The hour-long Q&A unearthed the usual load of Kanye-isms — he considers himself a "Creative Genius," even if he can't always spell the word "genius" correctly — but also revealed that 'Ye has some hate in his heart for online clothing and shoe retailer Zappos."I got into this giant argument with the head of that he's trying to tell me what I need to focus on," West told Ellis. "Meanwhile, he sells all this shit product to everybody, his whole thing is based off of selling shit product."Now, Zappos has responded by listing a new item for sale: the shit product plunger. "Interested in buying sh-t product? You've come to the right place!" the Sh-t Product page reads.

  • m.i.a., matangi, stephen colbert

    Watch M.I.A. Almost Make Stephen Colbert Cry on Camera

    An unstoppable force met an immovable object on The Colbert Report last night (November 20), when M.I.A. squared off against Stephen Colbert for an interview. The late-night host quizzed the Matangi mastermind about her opinions on America — uh, she's pro-Bob Dylan and Public Enemy — and demanded to know why the Sri Lankan firebrand mixes music with politics. "It's dance music," Colbert accurately pointed out. "Just let me get up there and shake it. Do I have to dance and think about the Kumudini boat massacre of 1985?"When the faux-pundit wondered why Maya Arulpragasam also dabbles in the visual arts, the SPIN profile subject shrugged and responded, "That's what refugees do, we're multi-faceted." She was less composed when Colbert asked her thoughts on his persona. "I don't know," M.I.A. said, looking legitimately speechless for a moment.

  • eating out, burn, come around

    Stream Eating Out's Triumphant 'Come Around'

    When Daniel Pitout isn't drumming for Vancouver punks Nü Sensae, he's fronting his hook-savvy Eating Out project, with Sensae guitarist Brody McKnight, White Lung vocalist Mish Way on bass, and Peace's Geoff Dembicki on drums. The supergroup will drop a new 7-inch, dubbed Burn, on December 3 via Suicide Squeeze. Collecting a total of three songs, the upcoming set revives material that originally appeared on a limited run of cassettes released in 2012. Now, weeks before the vinyl arrives, SPIN is streaming "Come Around," a just-grungy-enough anthem that appears on Burn's B-side. Hear it below, then pre-order the platter through Suicide Squeeze.

  • Sarah Silverman, listening in

    Sarah Silverman Spreads Her Love Between Elvis Costello and Miley Cyrus

    On November 23, Sarah Silverman will star in her first-ever HBO comedy special, Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles. Filmed in front of an audience of 39 people at the Largo in Los Angeles, the hour-long set finds the comedian/actress under the spotlight in an incredibly intimate setting. She got on the phone with SPIN recently for a one-on-one chat to reminisce about some of her most memorable concert experiences and gush about her favorite artists.What was the last concert you went to?Let me think. I just missed a concert I was supposed to go to and then couldn't at the last minute. It was the National at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. But the last show I saw was probably Jenny Lewis at Largo six months ago, maybe. She blows my mind. I love seeing her live. Another show I missed that I was dying to go to was one of my all-time favorites, Patty Griffin.

  • britney spears, britney jean, leaks

    Preview Britney Spears' Leaky 'Britney Jean' Album

    Britney Spears' eighth album doesn't hit shelves until December 3, but fans have already gotten a lengthy look at Britney Jean thanks to a steady stream of leaks. The Las Vegas-bound pop star shared two tracks officially — "Work Bitch," which was quickly remixed by Azealia Banks, and the refreshing "Perfume" — and we've also heard a host of unofficial offerings: the "Dreaming Mix" of "Perfume," a demo take on "Passenger," a supposedly incorrect version of the William Orbit-produced "Alien," and bonus track "Brightest Morning Star." Now, Idolator points to a SoundCloud sampler that collects 30-second snippets of every single track featured on Britney Jean's deluxe edition. We'll reserve judgement until we hear the full LP, but the seven-minute preview found below doesn't bode well for the Femme Fatale follow-up.

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