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    Virgin Mobile Freefest 2013: Five Artists You Must See

    On Saturday, September 21, Virgin Mobile is throwing its seventh-annual American Freefest in Animal Collective's favorite building, Merriweather Post Pavilion. The fest's two stages will host 20 artists — including Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Pretty Lights, and more. Here's our list of five stars who offer the biggest bang for no bucks at all.5. Madeon Reason to Run, Not Walk: At just age 19, sharply dressed French producer Madeon is lapping artists twice his age, thanks to hits like the Top 20 Dance single "The City," which savvily fuses contemporary house with a vocal line reminiscent of rock polyglots fun. His interest in pure, unadulterated hooks has led him to dabble outside of EDM, recently collaborating with the indie-rock group Two Door Cinema Club and a little-known vocalist named Lady Gaga. But, as he affirmed on his recent single "Technicolor," his heart remains in the DJ booth.

  • The Dirtbombs Ooey Gooey Chewie Kablooey Album Stream

    Album of the Week: Stream the Dirtbombs' Giddy Bubblegum-Pop Experiment 'Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey'

    "This album is sort of my tribute to Saturday-morning cartoons," Dirtbombs frontman Mick Collins says. "That was my scene as a kid. Every third show was about a band: the Archies, Josie and the Pussycats, the Hardy Boys. My childhood was watching bands on TV. And the music on Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey! is what those bands sounded like, or as close as I can get them to with the Dirtbombs."Much like the handful of sugary songs covered by Redd Kross and the Ramones — as well as the nostalgic numbers alternative-era bands relived on the Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks comp in the '90s — the latest Dirtbombs record finds the garage rockers paying homage to the saccharine pop sounds of bubblegum. "I had joked about making a bubblegum record for a bunch of years, but I didn't really take it seriously until maybe two years ago," Collins says.

  • The Stepkids

    Album of the Week: Stream the Stepkids' Vintage Yacht-Funk Jazz Odyssey 'Troubadour'

    "For a while we wanted to reinvent the wheel with music, but now we're in a different place," vocalist-guitarist Jeff Gitelman says about the state of his yacht-funk throwback band, the Stepkids. "We don't want to reinvent the wheel; we want to find our own place in the wheel, because a lot of times people aren't ready for the wheel to be reinvented. They need to digest it one spin at a time."On the group's easily digestible second spin, Troubadour, the trio — Gitelman, bassist-keyboardist-vocalist Dan Edinberg, and drummer-vocalist Tim Walsh — recorded 10 tracks that continue the vein of funky, jazz-inflected R&B they tapped on their self-titled debut, a record SPIN called one of the 20 Best R&B Albums of 2011 .

  • BL'AST! With Dave Grohl

    Stream BL'AST!'s 1987 Hardcore Thrash Lickshot 'BLOOD!' Mixed by Dave Grohl

    "Everyone used to have a BL'AST! sticker on the bottom of their fucking skateboard," says Dave Grohl, who first met the Santa Cruz hardcore act while touring with his '80s punks Scream. Despite a busy schedule that includes recording the eighth Foo Fighters LP on his Sound City console, Grohl recently found the time to tinker with the original, unmixed tapes of the 1987 BL'AST! album It's in My Blood."When I first met [BL'AST!], it was a huge deal for me. I was in awe," Grohl says. "Now, mixing the record here at my studio, 20-some-odd years later, I found myself back in that same place emotionally. I felt 18 again, like I was back in the room with some of my heroes, and they were the older, badass kids who let stupid grommets like me hang out."Although BL'AST!

  • Twelve Music-Related Movies to Catch This Fall

    Twelve Music-Related Movies to Catch This Fall

    Now that Hollywood's summer sequel scramble has subsided — and Iron Man 3 has vacated IMAX 3-D theaters for a different kind of mega-sized metal, Metallica Through the Never — a deluge of music movies and docs are slated for fall releases. Whether it's the Coen Brothers paying tribute to folk trailblazers like Dave Van Ronk, or artists like Jennifer Hudson and Nas refiguring a Langston Hughes Christmas musical for Generation Drake, filmmakers have prepared a bevy of merry melodies to serenade the silver screen in the last few months of 2013. Here, we've gathered together some of the most enticing.

  • Juliana Hatfield

    She's Such a Bitch: The Oral History of Juliana Hatfield Three's 'My Sister'

    In 1993 at the age of 26, Juliana Hatfield was in the eye of the alternative-rock storm. She'd made a name for herself as one third of sharply sweet alt-poppers Blake Babies, she'd played bass on the Lemonheads' cherished It's a Shame About Ray, and she'd released a solo debut, Hey Babe, which contained heart-on-wrist tracks like "Everybody Loves Me But You" and "Ugly" (with a capital 'U'). She'd even anticipated Nirvanamania with a 1991 song named for the band, which she wrote after becoming obsessed with the Bleach track "Negative Creep." She courted controversy by suggesting that women can't play guitar ("I was just being a brat," she says now, "because people were asking me, 'How does it feel to be a woman in rock?'") and entered the celebrity gossip mill, being paired Evan Dando and Johnny Depp.

  • Vista Chino

    Album of the Week: Stream Vista Chino's 'Peace,' From the Band Formerly Known as Kyuss Lives!

    "It's very simple to play Kyuss songs," says Vista Chino frontman John Garcia. "Anybody can do it, but you've got to have character."From 1991 to 1995, Garcia was the frontman for Kyuss, the band who helped pioneer stoner rock's husky dude-rock vocals and charging post-Sabbath melodies, fogging up the alterna-landscape like a smoking steamroller. Since their breakup, the band's guitarist, Josh Homme, has certainly stayed busy, yet Garcia and drummer Brant Bjork cycled through band after band with a fraction of the spotlight until reforming (with livewire bassist Nick Oliveri) as Kyuss Lives! in 2010Renamed Vista Chino in 2010, Garcia and Bjork still have that Kyuss character in spades on their debut, Peace, writing bulldozing stoner anthems that live up to the legend of their former band.

  • Dave Grohl at the Hammerstein Ballroom

    Foo Fighters Recording LP on Sound City Console, Dave Grohl Promises 'Little Secret'

    Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl isn't letting the Neve console featured in his Sound City documentary gather dust. "We run our own little hit factory at 606," he joked. "We've done a couple other projects since Sound City. We're recording Foo Fighters stuff as we speak."Although there's no release date at the moment, Grohl says the eighth Foo record — which is already written — is coming together pretty quickly. "We've gotten back into it in the last couple of weeks," he said. "Over the past year when I haven't been doing any Foo Fighters stuff, I've been loading up my cassette recorder at home with song ideas. Then I hit rewind, listened back and thought, Oh, my God, I have a record! Wow, that was easy. And it's just a matter of getting in the room and banging it out."Grohl is keeping mum on the contents but promises it will be unique.

  • Puscifer

    Puscifer Streams 'All Re-Mixed Up' LP, Maynard Spills Beans on Upcoming 'What Is...' DVD

    Every time Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan works on a new record with Puscifer, his avant-garde side hustle, he does it knowing that someone will ultimately fiddle with this work. The group's fourth remix record, All Re-Mixed Up, serves as a refigured version of their 2011 album Conditions of My Parole, enlisting co-conspirators from Sir Mix-a-Lot to Telefon Tel Aviv — not to mention This Mortal Coil cofounder John Fryer, Isis/Palms drummer Aaron Harris and singer-songwriter Carina Round.

  • Ty Segall, animal lover / Photo by Denee Petracek

    Garage-Rock Overachiever Ty Segall Takes a Breath and Bangs a Gong on 'Sleeper,' His Only LP for 2013

    On average, Ty Segall has graced three to 10 different noisy, lo-fi rock releases annually since 2006. Prolific isn't a strong enough word to describe the blonde late-twentysomething's unremitting output of staticky garage-gasms, and it says something that diluting the market so intensely hasn't gotten in the way of his burgeoning status as a critic's darling.It further speaks to a healthy confidence level that Sleeper is billed as the "only new Ty Segall album being released in 2013," even if that's just a pseudo-humblebrag. (There's already been two solo 7-inches this year, as well as joint releases with the band Fuzz.) But if the 10 songs here are to be considered definitive snapshots of his current mindstate, they depict our hero in a state of self-reflection. Droplets of the Classic Rock as Religion gospels he absorbed as a teen — from T.

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