• Sofrito, 'International Soundclash' (Strut)

    Seamless, never slick mix of Afro-Carib crate-digs and trad revivals, from soca to soukous to salsa.

  • Kasey Chambers, 'Storybook' (Sugar Hill)

    Her hearty twang rises to the challenge of Hank, Lucinda, and Gram, stoops to conquer "Luka," "True Colors."

  • The Gaslight Anthem, 'Handwritten' (Mercury)

    "I used to write letters / I used to sign my name," the Arcade Fire's Win Butler wistfully lamented a few years ago, his fit of sullen e-phobia both understandable in this era of dizzying cultural hyperdrive and prematurely codgerish coming from a mere '80s baby. But on the title track to Handwritten, the Gaslight Anthem's fourth full-length, fellow 32-year-old Springsteen fan Brian Fallon one-ups his future-shocked Canuck contemporary. Not only do Fallon and his gang of Jersey greaser-punks still write letters, consarnit, but they "only write by the moon" — guess electric light's for pussies. That sound you hear is punk rock's work-with-what-you-got DIY ethos devolving into Etsy's cloying fetishism of the homemade.

  • Soul Asylum, 'Delayed Reaction' (429)

    Heartfelt heartland alt-pros cut through corn so briskly that they don't get lost until halfway through.

  • Guns N' Roses' 'Appetite For Destruction' Turns 25! Hear the Album Through Its Worst Covers

    Guns N' Roses' 'Appetite For Destruction' Turns 25! Hear the Album Through Its Worst Covers

    This week, Guns N' Roses' landmark debut, Appetite for Destruction turns 25, which means Slash's top hat alone is older than Emma Stone. There's not much left to be said about how Appetite helped heavy metal emerge from an Aqua-Net fog, helped a generation of rock bands curse more and shower less, and even gave Kurt Cobain a worthy adversary. But they definitely spawned a lot of garbage too, from Buckcherry's career on down to Slash crewing with Fergie Ferg. To celebrate the inglorious history of a notorius album, here's SPIN's playlist of the worst covers of Appetite's 12 tracks. It's so fuckin' easy. Big Daddy - "Welcome to the Jungle" From Cutting Their Own Groove (1992) The eternal teenagers behind the Dr.

  • Matisyahu, 'Spark Seeker' (SPUNK/Fallen Sparks)

    Brazilian Dr Luke protégé fails to make "inspirational," "eclectic" novelty act into the Hasidic Katy Perry.

  • Hank Williams, Jr., 'Old School, New Rules' (Bocephus/Blaster)

    Warns the EPA, ESPN, and eHarmony not to tread on him — don't they know who his daddy was?

  • Flo Rida, 'Wild Ones' (Poe Boy/Atlantic)

    Genial cipher behind inescapable unhip-house rave-ups makes up for his lack of personality by not being Pitbull.

  • Maroon 5 , 'Overexposed' (A&M Octane)

    No hard stuff, no sleepy elevator music, just plaintive vulnerability stripped of potential turn-offs...and -ons.

  • Rhett Miller, 'The Dreamer' (Maximum Sunshine)

    Ten years married, still dreaming of intriguing, unstable beauties dumping him — guess we all have our kinks.

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