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  • Out of the 'Woods', Shipwreck Set Sail

    Bust out the bubbly because it's a celebration with Champaign,Illinois' finest.

  • Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Summon 'Sam'

    Hollywood's celebrity starlet tabloid fodder -- who use rehab likethe Ramada -- could learn an important lesson from the Jon SpencerBlues Explosion: just push through it. Sounding unhinged,self-destructive and most importantly, booze-soaked for the better partof 20 years, the Blues Explosion is nothing if not resolute. And intheir mania they excel, stampeding through gritty garage punk with rawthroats and bloody knuckles. On Jukebox Explosion the groupconveniently presents a decade's worth of singles originally releasedin a series of seven-inch singles including A-sides, B-sides andouttakes, like a gift-wrapped stick of dynamite. "Son of Sam,"originally released in 1992 as the second record in the jukebox series,is a burst nearly as brutal as its subject -- the 1977 serial killerwho terrorized New York City at the behest of a demon dog.

  • Ian Ball's Big 'Breakfast'

    "Take a look at my girlfriend," Supertramp's Roger Hodgsonfirst implored in 1979 -- and Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump reprised ona guest spot with Gym Class Heroes this year. Those lyrics, featured inthe song "Breakfast in America," pulled from Supertramp's crowningachievement and legacy cementing album of the same name, told of unsureyoung love and innocent longing from across the pond as the Britishgroup fantasized about California girls and Texas millionaires. In histrip back to the time of bell-bottoms, Ian Ball conveys a deep understanding for the track's pining. Enjoying steady European success as a member of the English band Gomez, Ball and his boys never quite broke out in the ol' U.S.

  • What's in the 'Box'? A New Tokyo Police Club Track!

    On their debut, the Lesson In Crime EP, Canadian young'ns Tokyo Police Clubproved their knack for quick and crowded numbers, punchy like a spikeddrink or an adrenaline shot, with a biting wit. "Box" finds Police Clubbassist and vocalist Dave Monks at the top of his game, slightinghimself for dubious means and hissing sprays of venom, interestinglyenough all pointed directly in the mirror. Over rattlinghigh-hats the track's tension boils between rapid distorted rhythms anda bright lead while Monks is brimming with self-hate. "I'm a fake whosticks to his guns," he admits, "...but it comes easy for a scumbag likeme." And like his gnawing conscience, buried back-ups shouts from thedistance, warning that when a box is wet, it bottoms out. But thatwon't stop Monks, who confesses that he's far more interested in gettingdown than hearing that his baby might feel down.

  • House & Parish

    Who? An all-star collection of elder statesmen from the early '90s hardcore revival that spawned a thousand watered-down copycats are back to reclaim the crowded throne, but with a gentler touch. Lead by Jason Gnewikow, the former Promise Ring guitarist still packs a hardy punch for anyone who dare claim that this is a young man's game. Also along for the putsch are vigilant members of the post-'core infantry including bassist Scott Winegard (ex-Texas is the Reason), drummer Brian Malone (ex-The Gloria Record) and guitarist John Herguth (ex-The Love Scene). Their debut EP One, One-Thousand is due in stores on Nov. 13 via Arrco/Belle City Pop with a full-length to follow. What's the Deal? Expanding their palate since the days of dingy basements, the boys are now men and dispense with the brooding of Braid in favor of a broader atmospheric scope.

  • Jonah Matranga Kills for a 'Girl'

    After over 15 years making underappreciated music with quietlyinfluential acts like Far, Gratitude and onelinedrawing, we knew JonahMatranga was inexhaustible, but who would've thought that not evenmurderous zombies could tear him down? In this exclusive unveiling ofhis new video for "Not About a Girl or a Place," Matranga revealshimself as a bona fide horror hero, but also as a bit of a fibber.

  • The Octopus Project Bring All-American Fun in 'Truck' Loads

    There's something counterintuitive about an insanely catchyinstrumental jam, but as the Octopus Project demonstrates with "Truck,"maybe that's just how they do it under the sea. Blipping with blazingspeed, the group's signature warbling Theremin, conducive to dramaticnumbers, takes the track off letting an unswerving synth pierce withsharp high-end, displaying the Project's more lively side. Soundingsuper-charged, "Truck" receives a clip faithful to the song's fury withthese accompanying visuals directed by the Zellner Bros. Inconstant fast-forward, the video joins the aural and the aerial in apatriotic afternoon of military vehicles, an air show, and a corn dog(with mustard). Also present are some perfectly synched bombdetonations coordinated expertly with exploding cymbals at the song'spinnacle.

  • Saves the Day 'Stay' Sorry

    "Could you tell me the next time that you're choking?" Saves the Day's Chris Conley sang on "My Sweet Fracture" from 1999's Through Being Cool."'Cause I'll rush right over to shove some dirt right down yourthroat." It has been the better part of a decade and the boys in Savesthe Day still rip through breakneck pop-punk with youthful levels ofabandon, but Conley's ire may have finally caught up to him. "Can'tStay the Same," from the band's new album, Under the Boards, voices his misgivings and repentance replaces acidic slurs. Thereis a certain wisdom present in shouldering blame instead of casting itoff, and when Conley sings lines like "I wish I said I'm sorrysweetheart I can't be/The man I lead you to believe that I would be,"he sounds not only solemn, but grown.

  • Travels Orbit the 'Golden Sun'

    As their former bands slowly crumbled around them, Anar Badalov(ex-Metal Hearts) and Mona Elliott (ex-Victory at Sea) found solace inone another. The fruit of their relationship is Travels, a new projectwhere programmed beats steer distortion-disguised homemade pop numbers.What Badalov calls a "more intimate" project, Travels will self-releasetheir debut self-titled album later this month for digital download andin a limited edition run of 500 copies, each with its own handmadecover, which can be seen and ordered via the band's MySpace page. "GoldenSun" finds the pair riding an eerie, stammering beat and fighting amurky haze of noise to transmit positivity between blurred waves. Aslow whoosh of crackling distortion fizzes over circular harmonies asthe duo's iridescent voices twirl upward into a gleaming helix --"pretty noise" according to Badalov.

  • Punk 'City': Home of the Matches

    Storming out of the gates with wartime tom-drum rolls, The Matchesinitiate a musical call-to-arms for their contemporaries on thisexclusive track. "Their City" is the first blazing anthem on the altrock/pop punk collection Punk the Clock Volume Three: Property of a Gentlemanand The Matches' couldn't sound more fired up to lead the charge. Withrasping screams raging and guitars speed picking at a blistering pace,this "City" sounds like it could burst into flames at any second --amped up like an "Eye of the Tiger" for the emo set. But cooled by icyecho effects, piles of vocal tracks culminate in a chilling falsetto. Onthe 21-track comp, established stars mingle with imminent ones,providing a veritable who's who of the young rock scene.

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