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  • Daz Dillinger at KDAY's Krush Groove Concert in April

    L.A. Rapper Daz Dillinger Threatens to Destroy 'Grand Theft Auto V'

    Grand Theft Auto is great for many reasons, but chief among them are the expertly curated playlists. The series' fifth incarnation commissioned in-game radio stations from Flying Lotus, Twin Shadow, Bootsy Collins, Lee "Scratch" Perry, and Kenny Loggins, as well as exclusive new tracks by Future ("How It Was"), A$AP Rocky ("R. Cali"), Tyler, the Creator, and recent Best New Artist 100s. GTAV also sports two tracks by Daz Dillinger, a confidant of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, who claims the title's maker, Rockstar Games, used his work without permission. Per TMZ, Dillinger has issued a cease-and-desist letter to Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive over the use of a few of his most classic beats: "C-Walk" and "Nothin' but the Cavi Hit," two songs Dillinger produced and features on, the first by Kurupt and the second by Mack 10.

  • Pusha T in the video for

    Pusha T Juxtaposes Drug Game and Civil Rights in Future-istic 'Pain' Video

    In his second visual of the week, Pusha T pulls far back from the strippers and sandy beaches of "Sweet Serenade." The clip for "Pain" features him rapping in front of projected footage of civil rights protests, while the song itself is about a drug dealer whose numbness to society has left him enjoying his riches without remorse. "I don't ever feel pain, cuz I done felt too much pain," sings Future on the hook, and the song's video — along with a key lyric — argues that America's long history of racism is what turns young men into cynics and, eventually, criminals."In the kitchen with a cape on / Apron / Trey-eight on, could've been Trayvon / But instead I chose Avon," Pusha raps, referring in the latter line to both the seminal character in The Wire and the compact powder of the make-up brand.

  • The cover of Azealia Banks'

    Azealia Banks Spears Britney on Fire-Spitting 'Work Bitch' Remix

    In another life, Britney Spears' new single "Work Bitch" could have been an Azealia Banks song. There's the dive into house music and the affected British accent, plus of course the open courting of a gay male fanbase. So it's not exactly a surprise that Banks has jumped on a remix of Brit's militant thumper, molding it more toward her own sound with the pointed, classically New York flow that has come to define her work (via newbie "Count Contessa"). Banks also bookends her verse with a soccer chant of a hook aimed at the European audiences that have embraced her.She's is also apparently taking Spears' words to heart — the Harlem MC has two albums slated for release in 2014, including her nominal debut Broke With Expensive Taste, which at least now has a track list.

  • Travis Morrison

    D-Day: Travis Morrison Dissects the Dismemberment Plan's Return

    Though Washington, D.C. stalwarts the Dismemberment Plan are returning this month with Uncanney Valley, their first album in 12 years, the march of time means that no subsequent D-Plan album could feel as epochal as the turn-of-the-millennium one-two punch of 1999's Emergency & I and 2001's Change. Still, their nervy, tightly coiled splatter-rock feels acutely fitting for a time when young urbanites are being pushed up against the wall by soaring debt, rising rents, and crashing job numbers. The album's best song ("Invisible") is about the anxiety of moving to New York City ("I'm biting my nails and calling it dinner"), while others delve further into the psyche of the working class ("White Collar, White Trash," and "Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer").

  • Big Sean... more like big fucking douche

    'Kimmel' Makes Jared Leto and Lil Wayne Read Their Own 'Mean Tweets'

    Kanye West doesn't find Jimmy Kimmel Live all that funny, but his recent flap with the late night host has inspired a truly hilarious bit. Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" series typically finds celebrities reading the most insulting and often vulgar Twitter comments lobbed their way. In honor of West's appearance on the show Wednesday night, the latest installment featured an all-musician cast.Ever want to hear Big Sean call himself "a big fucking douche"? Or see John Legend confronted with the theory that he cries after sex? Or witness Hootie (of the Blowfish) read the phrase "I'd rather hear Morgan Freeman talk me through masturbation than hear Darius Rucker sing a power ballad"? Do you, once and for all, wish someone would tell Jared Leto to go suck a — well, you know.

  • Skrillex kisses a lion in the video for

    Skrillex Travels the World in Video for Screech-Rap Single 'Try It Out'

    So, it turns out that being Skrillex is exactly what you thought it was like. The video for Sonny Moore's new single "Try it Out (Neon Mix)" features footage of the producer traveling the world and wilding out at parties. There's Skrillex jumping around his hotel room! There's Skrillex on a safari! There's Skrillex at the beach! (In black pants!) There's Skrillex doing a DJ thing as flames and smoke shoot many stories in the sky! Let this serve as the final exhibit in Your Life vs. Skrillex's Life. The defense rests."Try it Out" is a collaboration with OWSLA signee Alvin Risk. The track packs in the shrieking tones and scraping bass you've come to love from Skrillex, with screwed vocals on top that are the product of rap and EDM growing ever closer. (Thanks, A$AP Rocky collaboration.) Moore has new material on the way, with "Try it Out" billed as a hint of what's to come.

  • Brandon Urie of Panic! At the Disco in the

    Panic! at the Disco's 'Girls/Girls/Boys' Video Spoofs D'Angelo's Nudity

    D'Angelo's "Untitled (How Does it Feel?)" video is one of the most iconic music visuals of a generation, a clip that redefined and eventually derailed the career of a soul prodigy. Considering its singularity — one take of a naked, sweating D'Angelo singing directly into the camera — it's bound to inspire parodies and homages, like, well, this one from Panic! at the Disco and lead singer Brandon Urie for the band's single "Girls/Girls/Boys."Panic's version is nearly an exact replica — Urie standing on a pedestal in an all-black room, the camera lingering down his torso until the exact point when it must go back up — minus the undeniable frisson that made the original D'Angelo video so monumental. Also, Brandon Urie is no D'Angelo — no offense to Brandon Urie.

  • Miley Cyrus performing on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

    Dr. Luke Lost a Bet to Miley Cyrus and Bought Her a $10,000 Toilet

    Do you ever make silly bets with your friends? If you do, you might wager $10 or $20 or lunch or something like that, and you probably forget to pay the bet off anyway. What you almost certainly don't do is wager a $10,000 toilet, because you are almost certainly not either Miley Cyrus or super-producer Dr. Luke. Although if you are Dr. Luke, then you soon will be dropping ten racks on a hunk of metal and plastic where Billy Ray's daughter will drop her shit (you know, aside from on the stage at the MTV VMA show).This fantastic little tidbit comes from a New Yorker profile (via Complex) of Łukasz Sebastian Gottwald, the mastermind behind god knows how many hits from the likes of Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Avril Lavigne amongst multiple dozens of others.

  • Flatbush Zombies in the video for

    Watch Flatbush Zombies Commit Zombie-on-Zombie Crime in 'Death' Video

    In the new video for "Death", the New York rap group Flatbush Zombies ride through some woods and up to a mobile home to commit a rarely seen act: zombie-on-zombie crime. But at least we saw it coming vis-à-vis the chorus: "What you gonna do when the zombies come for you?" In this clip — directed by TONE and Vinny Picone — the answer is aggressive, leading to a close-quarters clash that reminds Kill Bill Vol. 2's epic trailer-park battle between Beatrix Kiddo and Elle Driver."Death" is the latest single off the acid rappers' September mixtape Better Off Dead.

  • Phoenix rock Austin's Anderson High

    Phoenix Surprises Austin High School With Concert in Gym

    Sometimes, perfect attendance in high school gets you a pizza party. Other times it gets you a secret concert from Phoenix in the gymnasium. The breezy French poppers performed an unannounced show at Anderson High in Austin, Texas, this past Monday night as part of the PBS series Live From the Artists Den, with the audience composed entirely of students who managed to eschew absences and tardies so far this year. Principal Donna Houser told Austin's KUTV that PBS reached out over the summer because they wanted to shoot Phoenix in a vintage gymnasium. Unlike many athletic complexes in a state where high school sports is a sensation, Anderson's hasn't been renovated since it was built in 1973.

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