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  • The-Dream's Porn-y 'Pussy' Video Instantly Pulled From YouTube

    The-Dream's Porn-y 'Pussy' Video Instantly Pulled From YouTube

    The possibilities are endless for any music video, though maybe less so when your song is titled "Pussy." So it went with The-Dream, who yesterday released a video for his song of that name, a clip that is essentially softcore porn. Directed by someone named LatinLegend, the video is four minutes of a woman caressing herself and nearly masturbating. If that's your kind thing, then have a ball. The song's starring team — which includes The-Dream, Pusha T, and Big Sean — never appear, making the video slightly less creepy. But it's still really creepy.Of course, when it was uploaded to The-Dream's official YouTube, flagrantly breaking the site's nudity rules, the video was pulled down immediately.

  • Spanish House Star John Talabot on Rediscovering Destiny's Child

    Spanish House Star John Talabot on Rediscovering Destiny's Child

    The music of Barcelona producer John Talabot is what you imagine Spain sounds like. His beats roll along on a sloshing midtempo, the easy deep house grooves glimmering with the laidback vibes of Balearic disco. He lovingly embraces his on-the-nose aesthetic — one of his earliest standouts was the aptly named "Sunshine" — but also snips at your heartstrings with moments as simple as a sweeping key change or a pulsating hi-hat.His 2012 album fin was a breakout statement, but after recording both it and an accompanying remix EP, Talabot was ready to take some time away from his solo music. Speaking on the phone from Barcelona, he explained that he plans to collaborate with a number of producers on 12-inch singles as a refueling method.

  • Watch Katy B's Fast and Furious 'What Love Is Made of' Video

    Watch Katy B's Fast and Furious 'What Love Is Made of' Video

    Let's just assume that British singer Katy B isn't trying to capitalize on the success of the recently released Fast & Furious 6 with the clip for her new single "What Love is Made of," which depicts her hanging around drag races. The video, though, does unavoidably dovetail with the film — there are some very beautifully shot clips of cars doing donuts in abandoned parking lots, for instance. The video is reminiscent of her first — "Katy on a Mission" — if not in subject matter than at least in cinematography; Katy seems to have a proclivity for shadows.The single is the first off of her forthcoming second album, which follows her fantastic Danger EP from late last year.

  • Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus' 'Ashtrays & Heartbreaks': For Stoners' Eyes Only

    Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus' 'Ashtrays & Heartbreaks': For Stoners' Eyes Only

    The stoner sentimentality of Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus' "Ashtrays & Heartbreaks" has gotten what it deserves: a video only two stoners could think is poignant. "So, what if the entire video is just Snoop and Miley as reflections in car windows and storefronts?" is how the pitch meeting for this video went, and then a bunch of people said yes. The track is the latest album off Snoop's terrible reggae album Reincarnated, which SPIN recently tagged Worst New Music. A better look for Miley — theoretically, at least — is Mike Will Made It's upcoming single "23," which features vocals from Cyrus plus verses from Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa. That's a real reincarnation. 

  • Nick Cannon Trolls the Internet With EDM Album 'White People Party Music'

    Nick Cannon Trolls the Internet With EDM Album 'White People Party Music'

    Nick Cannon is making an EDM album. It seems like a pretty cut-and-dried story: The guy who hosts America's Got Talent attempts to extend his career by shamelessly jumping on America's hottest music trend. But there may be more to Cannon's EDM album than meets the eye. Specifically: Is Nick Cannon making a satirical EDM album in order to troll fans?The album, for one thing, is called White People Party Music. That is a satirical title that you would almost certainly not choose for your serious dance music album. In announcing the existence of White People Party Music, Cannon told The Today Show the following: “I DJ a lot. I’ve been Djing all over the world. In my DJ crates, I label them different things. When it’s time to turn the party up, you put on the white people party music.

  • De La Soul Get Away Spirit of the Wu video

    Watch De La Soul Rap on a Rubik's Cube in 'Get Away' Video

    De La Soul turn a Rubik's Cube into a video screen in the gritty new video for their rap-reclaiming single "Get Away." As the '90s-checking groove sidles forth, we see Posdnuos, Dave and Maseo rapping on the ever-shifting sides of the beguiling toy while their old album covers come to life and splash color into the intentionally drab scene. The result is a minimal but inventive — a captivating clip that utilizes the concept in more complicated ways as it progresses. The song samples the intro to Disc Two of Wu-Tang Forever, incorporating both the eerie sounds of the original and the accompanying chatter from RZA and GZA (tagged as "the Spirit of the Wu"), all of which fits the moody atmosphere of the Lenny Bass and Kris Merc-directed video. De La's eighth album You're Welcome is currently slated to be released this fall, but it does not yet have a release date. 

  • Justin Bieber, imaging if that was pot smoke.

    Justin Bieber Is a Rich, Reckless Teen and His Neighbors Hate Him

    You would think that there's basically nothing bad about living in a gated community in Calabasas, an insanely affluent city in the hills northwest of Los Angeles. Unless you live next door to Justin Bieber, in which case your life is apparently hell. After his whirlwind nightmare in Europe, Bieber has been back in L.A., where he's allegedly staging a live action reboot of Richie Rich behind the gates of his Calabasas neighborhood. Over the weekend, Bieber was confronted by ex-NFL star wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson over his habit of speeding around in his white Ferrari (via E!).According to reports, Johnson followed a speeding Bieber to his home and verbally confronted him about his driving habits.

  • The-Dream / Mike Coppola/WireImage

    The-Dream, 'IV Play'

    The-Dream's fourth record — handily titled IV Play — is one of impatience. "I can give a fuck about the foreplay / I want it now," he demands on the slithering title track. "Fuck a love song / I wanna fuck you," he purrs on "Michael." "Where have you been? / I needed you then," he pleads on "Where Have You Been." This is R&B music, of course, so there's nothing unusual about moving straight to the sex. But it's nonetheless a faint signal that the most idiosyncratic songwriter in the genre has put out an album that gives off a whiff of — ugh — normality.But let's not bury the lead: IV Play is a very good album. Though prone to repetition in the past 18 months, the man otherwise known as Terius Nash bends his sound in new ways, and still writes melodic and instrumental hooks that sprout up and wrap around songs in unexpected ways.

  • Emeli Sandé

    Hear Emeli Sandé Accent Kendrick Lamar's 'Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe'

    The latest artist to get a crack at Kendrick Lamar's "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" is the English singer Emeli Sandé, who emotes over the song's intro and outro in a version of the track that will be pushed in international markets. This version (via Rap Radar) certainly doesn't have the same star power as the first remix featuring Jay-Z or the original track featuring Lady Gaga, but it does sound the most organic of the three. Of course, no re-imagining can hold a candle to Kendrick's raw track, one of the truest standouts of Lamar's instant classic debut album.Speaking of good kid, m.A.A.d city, the release will likely soon be in Lamar's rear view once the promotional cycle for "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" — its fifth single — comes to a close.

  • Major Lazer Blow Up Butts in Absurdist 'Bubble Butt' Video

    Major Lazer Blow Up Butts in Absurdist 'Bubble Butt' Video

    "Bubble Butt" (SPIN's 40th Best Song of the Year so far) is the secret gem of Major Lazer's Free the Universe — a flagrantly fun and ridiculous track with the year's catchiest chorus you don't want to be caught singing in public. It won't be a secret much longer: Diplo commissioned frequent collaborator Eric Wareheim, of cult comedy duo Tim & Eric, to direct the song's video, and it's the type of absurdist and self-consciously provocative video that helped create Major Lazer's mythology. None of the song's stars — Diplo, Bruno Mars, Tyga — appear in the video, but considering it depicts women getting their butts literally inflated, that probably makes sense.More importantly, the video features a short eight-bar verse from 2 Chainz, who was all but born to rap over a beat this springy with a conceit this specific. Sometimes, the planets align.

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