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  • The Remixes, Vol. 1

    AraabMuzik Unfolds Two Gnarly Songs From Upcoming Remix Compilation

    AraabMuzik has found a home in the EDM scene, where his MPC gymnastics, thundering bass drops, and squiggly noodling are among friends. On July 9 he'll dive headfirst into the scene, releasing a remix compilation of the Ultra Records roster. The track list has not yet been released, but Ultra is home to Bassnectar, Benny Benassi, Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, and Kaskade. He has released two songs off the album, which you can hear below. "Keep It in Motion," a collaboration with producer Chase N. Cashe (Drake's "Doin' it Right"), is an intense drum workout. The second is a bleepy, operatic remix of Mt. Eden's "Sierra Leone."The New York City producer is still recovering after being shot in a robbery attempt early last month.

  • Please Send Miley Cyrus Your Best Twerk Video

    Please Send Miley Cyrus Your Best Twerk Video

    Miley Cyrus is an avowed twerker — earlier this year she put a video of herself twerking to J. Dash's "Wop" on Facebook, and it immediately sent the five-year-old song rocketing up the Billboard chart. Her new single "We Can't Stop" — produced by Atlanta maven Mike Will Made It — begins to nudge her own music into twerk territory, if only in subject matter, not sound. And now she wants you (yes, you!) to record a video of yourself twerking for the song's upcoming music video, a compilation of Miley fans twerking, and submit it via her Facebook page. Never mind, of course, that "We Can't Stop" isn't exactly at a twerking tempo.Cyrus' new album doesn't yet have a release date, but it does feature contributions from Pharrell and Future.

  • Hear Rihanna Add Sultry Star Power to Wale's Smash Single 'Bad'

    Hear Rihanna Add Sultry Star Power to Wale's Smash Single 'Bad'

    Wale's "Bad" has been the biggest song on rap and R&B radio this year, but it was originally an obscure song by a singer named Tiara Thomas. But, as these things tend to go, there's nothing obscure about its remix, which features a fantastically sultry vocal turn from Rihanna. The song is a particularly good fit for her, as she continues to cultivate a rebellious persona — look, it's right there in her Instagram handle.The D.C. rapper's new album The Gifted is out June 25. It sports features from Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Juicy J, Meek Mill, and Ne-Yo. Oh, and Jerry Seinfeld.

  • Hear Hot Chip's Distorted New Single 'Dark & Stormy'

    Hear Hot Chip's Distorted New Single 'Dark & Stormy'

    Hot Chip will release a new single in July: It's called "Dark & Stormy" and you can hear it below. The track lives up to its name — unstoppably propulsive, glitchy and distorted, with an almost krautrock bent — and marks a sidestep away from their fluttering last album In Our Heads. What does hold over are its themes of salvation: "When you're feeling dark and stormy / let me sing a song for you." The single is due out in the U.S. on July 23 as a 12-inch pressed with two previously released B-sides and remixes of In Our Head tracks. The same package will be released a day earlier in the U.K. as a 10-inch. Stream and track list below.Hot Chip's Dark & Stormy 12-inch track list:1. "Dark & Stormy"2. "Jelly Babies"3. "Doctor"4. "Flutes" (LP Version)5. "Flutes" (Sasha Remix)6. "How Do You Do" (Todd Terje remix)7. "Look at Where We Are" (Major Lazer remix)8.

  • J. Cole

    J. Cole Revives TLC on Breezy New Single 'Crooked Smile'

    A few months after ressurecting neo-soul with his Lauryn Hill-sampling "Cole Summer," J. Cole has reached even farther back into the R&B of his childhood by calling in TLC for a hook on new single "Crooked Smile." The song — about slight physical imperfections, including Cole's — recalls TLC's FanMail mega single "Unpretty" in both sentiment and its breezy, acoustic guitar-driven sound.Cole's new album Born Sinner will be released on June 18. Last month, he released a holdover EP.

  • Can't Be Tamed: Miley Sings About Molly on 'We Can't Stop'

    Can't Be Tamed: Miley Sings About Molly on 'We Can't Stop'

    It's been an open secret that Miley Cyrus' new music would be veering away from teen-pop toward rap and R&B. She set the Internet on fire earlier this year with a twerk video for the obscure song "Wop" by the Florida rapper J. Dash and is slated to appear on "23," the upcoming single by producer Mike Will Made It featuring Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. But today she released "We Can't Stop," the Mike Will-helmed first single from her forthcoming album. Once you get past the opening screwed vocals, the beat is aimed at a pop crossover, resembling brooding tracks produced by Alex Da Kid (as on Dr. Dre's "I Need a Doctor"). Then comes the new Miley: "To my homegirls here with the big butts / shaking it like we at a strip club."Miley's new album, according to RCA, will also feature work with Pharrell, Future,, and Dr. Luke.

  • Hear Angel Haze's Slick Studio Version of Boisterous 'No Bueno'

    Hear Angel Haze's Slick Studio Version of Boisterous 'No Bueno'

    With tracks like "Werkin' Girls" and "New York," Angel Haze has shown a proclivity for fiery, aggressive singles wherein she takes aim at unnamed competitors. Her new single "No Bueno" — which she debuted in London last week — continues the trend. More interesting, though, is the production — she ditches the clattering template used for those previous tracks and here goes for something decidedly more epic. The producer of the track is not yet known, but the beat does scrape great heights while also retaining the narcotic haze of someone like the Weeknd.The song is reportedly the first single off Haze's upcoming major label album, which is tentatively titled Dirty Gold. The video for "No Bueno" arrives on June 11.

  • Kanye West's 'Yeezus' Album Cover Is Way More Boring Than We'd Hoped

    Kanye West's 'Yeezus' Album Cover Is Way More Boring Than We'd Hoped

    So, it turns out that the cover of Kanye West's new album Yeezus isn't the melted gold piece of art that we thought it was. Instead, according to BBC's DJ Semtex, it's what you see above: a blank CD inside a clear plastic jewel case with a red sticker holding it together that says YEEZUS. The track list will also be shown on the back. Kanye's statement is a plain one, though that makes it no less of a left turn for a guy who has come to be defined by his excess and his regality. It also dovetails with the stripped-down aesthetic he displayed on Saturday Night Live and on the sides of buildings around the world, as well as at a New York concert earlier this month. Here's the other question: Is it something Pink Floyd would do?

  • Saaab Stories

    Action Bronson's 'Saaab Stories' Misogyny Problem

    Action Bronson is an awesome rapper who has created for himself an identifiable on-mike character — a guy who is both seedy and high-class, who eats lamb seasoned with fennell as much as he frequents prostitutes. Finding his way to this absurdist character is the main reason why his remarkably illustrative lyrics no longer get tagged as being elaborate homages to Ghostface Killah. But he has a bit of a misogyny problem — though he raps from the perspective of a prostitute on "Hookers at the Point," the women in his songs very rarely have agency of any sort. That alone doesn't make him unique in rap, but women aren't fringe subjects in his music; they play a frequent and important role in his stories, and they're almost always being used. Which brings us to the cover of Saaab Stories, his new collaborative album with producer Harry Fraud (HipHopDX).

  • Donald Trump Mac Miller Twitter Dis Little Beef

    Rich Idiot Donald Trump Still Taking Credit for Mac Miller's Success

    Above you'll find the video for Mac Miller's 2011 single "Donald Trump" — it currently has 81 million YouTube views. Earlier this year, roughly 18 months after its release, the song's titular inspiration got wind of its existence and fired off a series of tweets at Miller (via HipHopDX), wherein he referred to him exclusively as "Little @MacMiller" and demanded a slice of the song's profits. Then Donald Trump went off to do whatever it is Donald Trump does — like give away money, for whatever reason — until yesterday, when someone reminded him about Little @MacMiller's existence.Little Mac Miller’s next album may bomb.He can’t use my name again for sales.— Donald J.

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