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    The 50 Greatest Cover Songs: 20-11

    Our countdown of the 50 best covers continues! Check out entries No. 20-11 from our list -- and weigh in with your own favorites in the comments section below. To check out 50-41, 40-31, and 30-21, click here. 20. The Slits, "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"Originally By: Marvin GayeGaye's stands as the definitive version of this song, having earned a place in the Grammy Hall of Fame-and that's exactly the kind of institutional standing the Slits sought to deconstruct with their provocative '70s punk-dub take on the soul tune. 19. Pavement, "Killing Moon"Originally By: Echo and the BunnymenStephen Malkmus impressively tackled the theatrics of the 1984 cult hit that Courtney Love thought was romantic. 18.Lemonheads, "Mrs.

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    Tough Questions for Alex Turner

    In 2006, Arctic Monkeys sold more than 350,000 copies of their debut album, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, its first week out in the U.K., turning frontman Alex Turner, then just 20, into a tabloid stud overnight. Rabid success has so far eluded Arctic Monkeys on these shores, despite two solid collections of frenetic bloke rock, so they've changed things up with Humbug, the quartet's grungy third album, which was produced in part by Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme. Turner -- who recently relocated to Brooklyn -- spoke to us over glamorous glasses of tap water at La Bottega, a restaurant in Manhattan's trendy Maritime Hotel. Josh Homme's stink is all over this record. What does he smell like in person?He smells like...[Pauses to fiddle with his cellphone] Don't know, man. I just got a vibration in my pocket.

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    The 50 Greatest Cover Songs: 30-21

    Our countdown of the 50 best covers continues! Check out entries No. 30-21 from our list -- and weigh in with your own favorites in the comments section below. To check out 50-41, and 40-31 click here. 30. Johnny Cash, "Hurt"Originally By: Nine Inch NailsLess than a year before his death, Cash bade farewell with this melancholic, Rick Rubin–produced interpretation of the dark Nine Inch Nails fan favorite. 29.

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    Tough Questions for Maxwell

    While he may have parted ways with his signature 'fro since going into self-imposed exile eight years ago, Maxwell certainly hasn't lost the silky-smooth voice that earned him the title "the Marvin Gaye of the '90s." The neo-soul stud also never stopped working completely, as evidenced by BLACKsummers'night (Columbia) -- his first record since 2001's platinum-selling Now -- and two other albums he'll release over the next three years. "I'm putting the music out in increments," laughs Maxwell, 36, "because I don't want to overpower people's minds and ears with too much." So where has he been? Maxwell called us from his noisy Manhattan home to explain. How tired are you of journalists asking why there hasn't been arecord in eight years?On some level, I'm grateful that people are posing the question -- there's still interest.

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    The 50 Greatest Cover Songs: 40-31

    Our countdown of the 50 best covers continues! Check out entries No. 40-31 from our list -- and weigh in with your own favorites in the comments section below. To check out 50-41, click here.40. Dinosaur Jr., "Just Like Heaven"Originally By: The CureRobert Smith loved J. Mascis's blistering take on his signature modern-rock hit so much that the Cure began playing the song differently live. 39. William Shatner, "Common People"Originally By: PulpIn 2004, Shatner (with assistance from Ben Folds and Joe Jackson) flipped this Britpop anthem into a surprisingly emotive spoken-word rocker that improbably transcended the inherent cheese. 38.

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    The 50 Greatest Cover Songs

    What makes a good cover song? Is it clever re-imagining that spawns a completely newfangled expression of the original cut's core elements? Or is it heartfelt devotion to a songwriter's singular vision, honoring the artistic merit of a classic tune? Our countdown of the 50 best covers includes both varieties -- and everything in between. Check out the first 10 spots on our list -- and weigh in with your own favorites in the comments section below. 50. Fountains of Wayne, "...Baby One More Time" Originally By: Britney Spears Much like Stacy's mom, Fountains of Wayne's 2005 rock-ballad reimagining of Britney's debut hit has got it going on. 49.

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    15 Quick Questions for Tori Amos

    Seventeen years after achieving instant diva status with her landmark debut album, Little Earthquakes, Tori Amos still doesn't care if you like her. "Lionesses, we're not cuddly," she says. "You don't look at us and say, 'Oh, what a nice puddy tat.'" Born Myra Ellen Amos -- not coincidentally under a Leo sign -- the fiery 45-year-old pianist has nonetheless inspired a cult of rabidly devoted female fans with her haunting compositions and brazen confessional lyrics, which are further on display on her tenth studio album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin. On a recent morning, we spoke to Amos in her posh hotel suite in midtown Manhattan. Do you mind if I call you Myra? Not if you want to be friends. Tori's my legal name. My niece and nephews, they all call me Aunt Ellen, because I went by my middle name years ago, before I turned 18. I take it you don't like your given name? No.

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    Tough Questions for David Johansen

    David Johansen has found the most success as a solo artist, both as himself (for 1978's campy rocker "Funky but Chic") and as his louche lounge-singing alter ego Buster Poindexter (for the still-ubiquitous 1987 conga-line generator "Hot Hot Hot"). But that's not a knock on the New York Dolls, the revolutionary glam-punk outfit that launched Johansen's career in 1971. After a 29-year break, the Dolls reunited in 2004 at the behest of über-fan Morrissey. On the eve of releasing their second post-reunion album, 'Cause I Sez So (Atco), Johansen, 59, spoke to us by phone from his Staten Island home. Greetings. I apologize in advance for being a bit groggy today. Well, if you're tired, that's good, because that puts us on an even keel. Why are you tired? I've been tired since I was 15. You should use that as a song title.

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    The Inquisition: Tough Questions for Duff McKagan

    You famously met Slash for the first time in 1984 at Canter's Deli in Los Angeles. What did you order? You would think that somebody would have asked me that over all these years, but no one ever has. Sadly, I don't remember. Come on! Well, I don't think we had any money, so we probably didn't order anything. The owner was a childhood friend of Slash's, though, so he might have sent us over some soup. As guitarist nicknames go, does Slash come in below or above the Edge? Depends. I don't know how the Edge got his name, do you? It supposedly has something to do with his angular facial features. Wow. Then Slash is way cooler, if that's it. But I think the Edge is killer, man. The Joshua Tree was the soundtrack of my life when we were making Appetite. Seriously? Yeah. I listened to The Joshua Tree probably ten times a day. That was the record, man.

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    The Inquisition: Lionel Richie

    To a certain age group, Lionel Richie may have more cred for being the adoptive father of Nicole Richie than as a musician -- which, like many things related to Paris Hilton's BFF, makes no sense whatsoever. After all, the 59-year-old has sold more than 100 million albums and scored nine maddeningly infectious No. 1 songs as a Commodore and as a solo artist. On his tenth solo album, Just Go, Richie attempts to woo his daughter's generation by teaming with hip-hop hook masters Akon and Ne-Yo. We called him recently to say, well, you know. Hello. Do you even bother to answer the phone that way anymore? Yeah. I do. And, guaranteed, it creates a conversation no matter what the person is calling me for. We have to take about three minutes to go, "Man, that's the weirdest thing I've ever heard in my life. Lionel Richie just said hello to me!" How many times has thathappened?

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