• Neil Young / Photo by Getty Images

    Voodoo Festival 2012 Adds Jack White, Skrillex, Neil Young

    Believe it or not, Green Day is not the only band playing New Orleans' Voodoo Music Experience in October: the fest organizers have announced the rest of its lineup, which will now include Neil Young and Crazy Horse and the ubiquitous Jack White, as well as Silversun Pickups, Skrillex, and the Avett Brothers — and not, despite his seemingly best efforts, Frank Ocean. Voodoo began in 1999 and has nearly always been held at New Orleans City Park, except in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck two months before the fest's start date, forcing organizers to split the shows between New Orleans and Memphis.

  • Maxwell

    Maxwell Cancels Discography Tour Due to Vocal Hemorrhage

    The latest larynxial victim to join the seemingly unending list of artists recently sidelined with throat problems is Maxwell, who cancelled his brief U.S. tour on Friday, citing vocal swelling and hemorrhaging. The AP reports that the singer's six-date run, which was to comprise three two-night "residencies" in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Newark, New Jersey, from July 20 through August 4, will be refunded and that Maxwell will be resting and "undergoing treatment," per a statement from his representative.

  • Lady Gaga / Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty

    Lady Gaga, Middle East Victims of Unfortunate Musical Metaphors

    Why did so many musical figures use dubious metaphors this week? We cannot answer that question. But we can compile them into a list for you. Disclaimer: Technically, several of these are not literal metaphors (some are similes! some are straight-up comparisons!), but for the sake of rhetoric, we hope you'll forgive us like the Vatican forgave John Lennon. 5. T.I. and His Ammunition: We already brought you this one, but the recently incarcerated-for-arsenal-possession rapper selected a poor choice of words earlier this week when explaining his upcoming follow-up to 2008's Paper Trail to MTV, explaining that he's "got a lot of ammunition; I'm about to start shootin'." What, like how you told all those kids not to? 4.

  • The Black Keys / Photo by Danny Clinch

    Black Keys Sue Home Depot, Pizza Hut for Using Songs in Ads

    The Black Keys owe a lot of their recent explosion into superstardom to the omnipresence of their music in commercials like this one for this beer brand and this one for this cell phone, and this one for this car. How much do they love selling out? Just ask them! However, as fellow duo Beach House well know, that delicate balance can swiftly flip from a band-and-brand partnership to a band-versus-brand showdown, and now two companies have allegedly crossed the one contemporary rock band you seriously don't want to cross. The duo, in tandem with El Camino producer Danger Mouse, are suing Home Depot Inc.

  • Skrillex Approves This Dutch Choir's A Cappella 'Bangarang'

    Skrillex Approves This Dutch Choir's A Cappella 'Bangarang'

    Remember that one time at the Grammys this year when analog king Dave Grohl made a backhanded comment about electronic music not being as important as rock'n'roll because it wasn't human-made? Well, it's a good thing he subsequently clarified those comments as referring to the human aspect in all music, because the video our dear SPIN cover star Skrillex shared on his Facebook page (via Daily What) yesterday may have officially put the kibosh on any criticism that EDM is too robotic — it's a Dutch choir performing his Hook-a-licious single "Bangarang." Completely a cappella. As Gawker points out, the arrangement was commissioned by 3FM DJ Roosmarijn, who hosts a three-hour dubstep block cleverly called "Wob Wob Wednesday" on her show 3VOOR12RADIO.

  • Lil Wayne / Photo by Getty Images

    Lil Wayne Promises Delayed 'Human Being II' Will Be Far Better Than Original

    Lil Wayne had no trouble making the split-second decision that resulted in a ridiculous Summer Jam beef, but he's also learned the value of exercising a little patience. Which is why his upcoming I Am Not a Human Being II has been, you guess it, delayed! In a clip pulled from the same interview with MTV in which Weezy correctly identified Nicki Minaj's gender last weekend at Atlanta's Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash, the perpetually shirtless one explained that the difference between the first installment of I Am Not a Human Being — which made him the first artist since Tupac to hold a No.

  • Watch David Letterman Mess With Justin Bieber (Again)

    Watch David Letterman Mess With Justin Bieber (Again)

    David Letterman's assault on the supposed bromance he and Justin Bieber may have shared at one point soldiered on last night when the prince of pop took on double duty as guest and performer on the Late Show. In the past, he's forced the kid to recite cringe-tastic "little known facts" about himself, but on last night's sow, the host apparently abandoned all pretense and went right for the jugular, via the crotchety "respect your elders" routine, calling him out on his new "BELIEVE" tattoo, trying to convince him to go to college (as if the 18-year-old riot-inciter needs the "chicks ahoy" Letterman uses as bait), and subjecting him to opera music. Letterman did apologize later on, though, likely to ensure Biebs millionth "Boyfriend" performance since its arrival in March would go off unmarred by awkwardness — and of course, Bieber being the pro that he is, it did.

  • Tony Parker somewhere safer than the club / Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty

    NBA's Tony Parker Sues NYC Club for Letting Chris Brown and Drake Mingle

    In an apparent attempt to render the Dreezygate fiasco even more ridiculous, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker is actually suing the club where Drake and Chris Brown's crews incited one of the most frivolously dramatic hip-hop beefs in recent memory by starting a bottle fight that injured a handful of bystanders — for $20 million. According to TMZ, the suit alleges negligence on behalf of the W.i.P.'s security and claims that Parker, as previously reported, suffered lacerations to his cornea as a result of getting hit with shards of glass in the kerfuffle. When he reported the injuries (again to TMZ), he was said to have been benched for a week by the injury (but, as he said at the time, it luckily "won't prevent [him] from competing in the Olympics in any way" — he went to begin practicing with France's team earlier this week).

  • David Byrne on 'ACL' / Photo by Scott Newton

    'Austin City Limits' Archives Relocate to Rock Hall Museum

    Austin City Limits is moving to Cleveland — well, at least part of its history is. Thirty-six years' worth of material, including documents, video, audio, and photo content, from the live music PBS television series will make its way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, where it will be archived and displayed for fans and scholars to peruse. Yesterday afternoon, the two organizations, both coincidentally captained by guys named Terry — Rock Hall Museum president and CEO Terry Stewart and ACL executive producer Terry Lickona — announced the partnership with parallel statements, indicating that the partnership is a win-win (nearly 40 years' worth of audio and video material is a lot to handle!).

  • Shia LaBeouf, Mischa Barton, and Daniel Radcliffe get their Indie on

    See Shia LaBeouf, Mischa Barton, and Daniel Radcliffe Slumming it in Indie Rock Videos

    Perhaps it was the specter of Johnny Depp continuously hanging with Marilyn Manson lately, but actors are clambering to appear in indie-rock videos at an unsettlling pace. The most gasp-worthy star-sighting in videos this week came Monday with Shia LaBeouf's appearance in the (La)buff in Sigur Rós' video for "Fjögur Píanó." Obviously the Internet had a field day trying to decide whether the very-NSFW nature of the clip, in which Shia and actress Denna Thomsen perform a heartbreaking (and naked) interpretive dance, was gratuitous or not. The director, Israeli filmmaker Alma Mar'el, says the nude scenes weren't pre-planned. But in light of LaBeouf's past video work with Marilyn Manson — for the record, LaBeouf has also directed videos for Cage and Kid Cudi — we're going to venture to call this one definitively (click-baiting) art.

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