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    Timewarp! See an Awesomely Awkward 1994 Thurston Moore and Beck MTV Interview

    Buzzfeed recently dug up a grainy 1994 segment ofMTV's 120 Minutes featuring guest host Thurston Moore interviewing an extremely awkward and baby-faced Beck back when the latter was on the cusp of "Loser" stardom. The slackadaisacal vocal tones! The ironic enthusiasm! The '90s were a magical time. Highlights: Moore mentions the "Loser" video: "You must be really happy that people are watching it and getting the Beck vibe," he says. In response, Beck pulls out a cassette player and plays a bunch of squeaky noises. Moore asks Beck if that's his real name.

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    In Honor of the 700 New Thin Lizzy Songs: The 10 Best Old Ones

    Looks like 2012 kicked off with a little luck of the Irish. The Belfast Telegraph reported the recent discovery "treasure trove" of up to 700 unreleased recordings by the massively underappreciated Dublin hard-rockers Thin Lizzy, whose flashy and poetic sound has won fans ranging from Smashing Pumpkins and Metallica to Mastodon and the Hold Steady. I've been waiting on a Lizzy revival for a while, so maybe this cache will finally make it happen. I sure hope so. Believe me when I say there's more to Thin Lizzy than the deathless "The Boys Are Back in Town." Frontman Phil Lynott, who died at age 36 in 1986, is one of the great pure rock stars (and a hilarious lyricist), and his band's catalog is full of uniquely gritty and soulful songs. Seven-hundred songs is a lot to dig through, though. So below are my picks for Thin Lizzy's ten best.

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    Sleigh Bells Make It 'Reign': Exclusive In the Studio

    With their needles-in-the-red 2010 debut, Treats, Sleigh Bells proved themselves capable of making a terrific noise. On their upcoming new album, Reign of Terror, due February 14 on Mom + Pop, the crunchingly melodic duo wanted to show they were capable of more. "[Reign of Terror] is me growing as a songwriter," says guitarist-producer Derek Miller, a few days after the album was finished being mixed. "With Treats it was less clear to me whether Sleigh Bells was going to be a guitar band or if we were going to do more sample-heavy stuff. With this record I had to pick sides. The beats are still important to me, but the guitar won." So did collaboration. The bulk of Treats was written by Miller before he began working with singer Alexis Krauss. This time around, she was able to help shape the songs. The result is the catchier, more melody-driven Reign.

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    Sleigh Bells Debut Trailer for New Album 'Reign of Terror'

    Sleigh Bells are back! The metal-guitar-meets-dance-pop Brooklyn duo announced the existence of their sophomore effort, Reign of Terror, in a trailer posted online early this morning at a new website, ReignOfTerror.tv. The clip is pretty oblique — it gives no release date yet for the album — but it does suggest that singer Alexis Krauss could have a fallback career as a Bond-film villainess. The main images are of Krauss looking icy cool as she slowly combs her hair in front of retro-Hollywood, lightbulb-framed vanity mirror while wearing an epaulet-adorned military jacket.

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    Hear 5 Songs From the Black Keys' Awesome New 'El Camino'

    We've already weighed in with our verdict about the Black Keys' new El Camino (we loved it!). Now, in advance of the album's December 6 release, you can hear a bunch more of the butt-kicking album's tracks for yourself. Enter your email address, country, and postal code at the El Camino website and you'll gain streaming access to five of the album's 11 tracks, including propulsive lead single "Lonely Boy" (of dancing dude video fame). Other tracks offered up include the crunching, slyly funky "Gold on the Ceiling," "Little Black Submarines," which moves from plaintive acoustic ditty to Sabbath-style stomp, the sinister "Sister," and slide-guitar driven "Run Right Back." Like the rest of El Camino, the teaser tracks are all supremely strong, immediately catchy stuff — the most straightforwardly satisfying music of the duo's career. Buckle up.

  • The Black Keys, 'El Camino' (Nonesuch)

    The Black Keys, 'El Camino' (Nonesuch)

    The same thing keeps happening when I listen to the new Black Keys album. I press play on the first track — lead single "Lonely Boy" — and after a few seconds of Dan Auerbach leaning into his glam-slam guitar and Patrick Carney smacking his snare as if it's the rump of a redheaded stepchild in need of some learnin', I start to imagine I'm a take-no-mess private dick named Sal St. Monica. Auerbach howls like he's used to getting what he wants, and in my mind, I'm hauling heavy ass in a '74 El Camino, burning after my crooked ex-partner, ?NuNu Rodriguez, fishtailing into trash ?cans and shit. NuNu owes me money. A ?lot of money. There's also the small matter of him and Darla. Damn, Darla.

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    Hear Leonard Cohen's Lovely New Single 'Show Me the Place'

    Forget turkey and a short workweek, here's something to be thankful for: a new Leonard Cohen song! In advance of Old Ideas, the gravel-voiced singer-songwriter's first album of all-new material since 2004's Dear Heather, comes the starkly lovely new single "Show Me the Place." Over bittersweet violin, stately piano, and back-up-singer coos, Cohen, 77, asks in a beautifully grave vocal performance, to be shown "the place where you want your slave to go." A ghostly organ enters for a brief bridge, and the whole placid drama wraps up with the singer wanting to see "the place where the suffering began." It's not "Hallelujah," but it's not far off, and bodes well for the new disc, out January 31.

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    Dressed to Kill: A Day in the Life of Rising Comedienne Natasha Leggero

    Why funny is deadly serious: Read guest editor Patton Oswalt's introduction to SPIN's first ever "Funny" Issue, plus the full Das Racist cover story and our feature on the kings of (very, very, very short) comedy. An average day in the life of rising comedienne Natasha Leggero is every bit as glamorous as you'd imagine. Which is to say: sorta Scalable, non-watermarked brightcove.createExperiences(); 1. Holy waterYeah, I got a Bible lying around. It's actually an illustrated version. I was raised Catholic in Rockford, Illinois. But I'm not a practicing Catholic anymore. Oh God, no. 2. Taking out the trashIn L.A. you tend to see a lot of people do very bizarre things. I love it. I was in New York City for five years before moving here — every two blocks someone's having the worst day of their life. Everyone's so mad. L.A. people are more relaxed.

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    'Portlandia' Stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein Toast Rock's Great Cliches

    Why funny is deadly serious: Read guest editor Patton Oswalt's introduction to SPIN's first ever "Funny" Issue, plus the full Das Racist cover story and our feature on the kings of (very, very, very short) comedy. In advance of their effete-hipster-tweaking show's second season, Portlandia co-creators Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein toast the quintessential music geeks who provide divine inspiration Given that parodying clichés— particularly those of Left Coast bobos — is the eco-friendly fuel powering his show's comedy engine, Portlandia's Fred Armisen should be attuned to times when he's living in a template. Like, say, now.

  • M83, 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming' (Mute)

    M83, 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming' (Mute)

    The most portentously titled song on M83's gorgeously monolithic sixth album is "My Tears Are Becoming a Sea." Wisps of organ drift by, billowing gently around Anthony Gonzalez's guileless vocals -- until massive keyboard stabs and crashing percussion blast in and transform the reverie into thrilling apocalyptic rapture. Compare that to the humbly named "OK Pal," in which a playful melody bops along blissfully -- before megaton synths send everything rocketing skyward. For Gonzalez, heaven is only a crescendo away. That pervasive dedication to heart-swelling drama is M83's gift: No one is better, or more single-minded, when it comes to evoking dream-pop awe.

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