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    Die Antwoord Want You, Celine Dion!

    Didn't see this coming: When we rang up the singular South African rap-rave sensations Die Antwoord at their place in Johannesburg to talk about their upcoming TEN$ION, due February 7, they revealed that they have their hearts set on collaborating with a certain Quebecois singer. "I fucking love Celine Dion," gushed Ninja, the duo's spindly-scary MC. "Celine is the ultimate. We want to work with her more than anybody. I'm going to keep saying it interviews because I want it to happen so badly." " 'Think Twice' is Ninja's favorite Celine song," piped in Yo-Landi Vi$$er, Die Antwoord's other half. "I drive around listening to that song stupid loud," adds Ninja. "I nearly crash the car because I get emotional overload. It's dangerous. I shouldn't listen to it while driving anymore." But what would Celine do on a Die Antwoord track?

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    A Milli Little Pieces: Lil Wayne Writing Prison Memoir

    One thing we now know: Lil Wayne is writing a memoir about the eight months he spent at Rikers Island prison on a gun possession charge in 2010. One thing we believe: It is almost impossible to imagine a situation where this book will not be awesome. Grand Central will publish the book, Gone Till November, which is slated for a November release. "He kept detailed journals of his inner and outer life while he was on Rikers Island and they certainly tell as story," the publishing house's executive editor said in a statement. This we sort of knew: Weezy published a blog called Weezy Thanx You while incarcerated in which he replied to fan mail and its first post was titled "Gone 'til November." So we knew he was listening to Hot 97 and keeping tabs on the Washington Redskins' trade for quarterback Donovan McNabb while doing his jail job (watching over suicidal inmates).

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    Sneak Preview: Arcade Fire on 'Austin City Limits'

    On January 14, PBS' venerable Austin City Limits presents world-beaters Arcade Fire, the latest solid booking in a sterling season that has so far brought viewers Coldplay and Tom Waits. But January 14? That's a whole two days away! Don't worry, though, below you can check out a preview clip of the band playing "We Used to Wait" on the telecast. (The live footage is intercut with behind-the-scenes shots.) The concert's set list also reportedly includes "Keep the Car Running," "Rebellion (Lies)," "Wake Up," and "Haiti." Should be a good show.

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    First Aid Kit's 7 Favorite Family Acts

    On their upcoming sophomore effort, The Lion's Roar, due out January 24, Klara and Johanna Söderberg of Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit prove that their 2010 debut, The Big Black and the Blue wasn't a one-off success. In fact, new songs like the silvery "Emmylou" demonstrate the Söderbergs' knack for beautiful, close-harmony folk remains wholly undiminished. Full of classic country and folk overtones, The Lion's Roar, produced by Bright Eyes' Mike Mogis, places the sisters firmly in the lineage of close-harmony family acts — a tradition of which they're proudly aware. "Families have a way of singing that's impossible to copy," says Johanna. "It's an amazing gift." Below, the two shared some of their favorites. The Carter FamilyKlara I'm reading a biography of them right now and it's obvious they were one of the founders of country genre.

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    Watch Jack White Drive a Hard Bargain on 'American Pickers'

    God bless, Jack White. He's weird in all the right ways. Monday night on the History Channel's American Pickers, the rocker-impresario welcomed the show's Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz to Third Man Records Nashville for a little wheeling and dealing. As you might expect, Mr. White drives a hard bargain. The pickers offer him five grand for his vintage jukebox and a black-and-white photo booth. Jack asks for six. Did they strike a deal? Did Tempest, the world's oldest burlesque dancer, step in to sweeten the pot? And what carcass causes Jack to exclaim, "I love the majesty of taxidermy." Find out at 5min.com. The full episode, titled "The Elephant in the Room," can be seen at the American Pickers site.

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    Hear the Shins' New 'Simple Song'

    James Mercer is the only remaining original member of the Shins, so supporters could be forgiven for feeling some apprehension about the band's upcoming disc Port of Morrow. Ah, but fear not, fans of plangent guitar-pop. The album's first single "Simple Song" is buoyed by yet another unsinkable Mercer melody and crunchy six-string part. Some light organ and burbling synths also suggest that the Shins' mainman has learned a few production tricks from his Broken Bells partner Danger Mouse. To hear "Simple Song" you need to sign up for the band's mailing list. Seems, uh, simple. Port of Morrow is due out March 20 via Columbia and Mercer's own Aural Apothecary imprint.

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    Jay-Z Drops 'Glory' Featuring Baby Blue, Nuggets of Parental Knowledge

    That was quick: Jay-Z has already dropped a track featuring his one-day-old baby, Blue Ivy. Check out "Glory" featuring B.I.C. (that's Blue Ivy Carter) at Jay's Life + Times site and listen closely for those little gifted baby cries. Jay spouts all sorts of fatherly sentiment on the track, which is appropriate, because he's actually been showing off nuggets of parental philosophy for some time now. Sure, some of it was addressed to a baby boy, but the lessons still apply. Eat your heart out, Cosby. 1. "Meet the Parents" from The Blueprint 2: The Gift & the Curse (2002)Described in Hov's sort-of memoir Decoded as "a song about the gift and the curse that lies at the heart of the parent-child relationship," "Meet the Parents" shows that the man knows — as does any parent of a teenager — that children can be fickle.

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    Watch First Aid Kit's Gorgeous 'Emmylou' Video

    Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it. Swedish folkies First Aid Kit came to prominence a couple years back with their much-watched video for their gorgeous cover of Fleet Foxes' "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song," which showed sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg ambling through the woods near their home outside Stockholm. The following album, 2010's The Big Black and Blue was a perfect match for the video's sweetly autumnal feeling. Guess what? That vibe is thankfully still in effect on the upcoming Mike Mogis-produced sophomore effort, The Lion's Roar, due out January 24. The Söderbergs just released a video for that album's shimmering, bittersweet single, "Emmylou," a homage to country-rock pioneers Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash and June Carter.

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    I Don't See Dead People: Famous Album Covers Minus the Deceased

    Looking for a little speculative morbidity to lead you into the weekend? Well have we got the thing for you! The Live! I See Dead People Tumblr features a bunch of classic album covers altered so that the deceased members of the bands are no longer pictured. The results are kind of intense. Without Marc Bolan, the cover of T. Rex's Electric Warrior could be a downcast homage to the monolith from 2011: A Space Odyssey. Jeff Buckley's Grace cover is now just a shot of a lonely microphone. AC/DC's Highway to Hell — well, I gotta say that one looks pretty much the same without Bon Scott. But take a look at the rest. It's an oddly moving collection of images. Below are a few more of my, uh, favorites(?):Double Fantasy, John Lennon and Yoko Ono Return To the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version, Ol' Dirty Bastard The Ramones, the Ramones

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    Viva Van Halen! A Second-by-Second Analysis of David Lee Roth's Vocal Genius

    After some false starts and misleading tweets, the Van Halen reunion becomes a reality on January 5, when the hard-rocking and legendarily harder-partying legends take the stage at Manhattan's Café Wha. (Check back on January 6 for a report from the show!) Presumably, the intimate set will be accompanied by a specific announcement about the band's 2012 tour and studio album. I can't wait! Eddie Van Halen's fingertapping guitar genius! Alex Van Halen's larger-than-average drum-set! Wolfgang Van Halen's last name! And, of course, my favorite part of the band's sound: Diamond David Lee Roth's gloriously hammy vocals. Hammy's the wrong word. DLR's not a ham. He's pork shoulder, belly, ribs, and loins topped with a heaping hunk of smoked guanciale. And Van Halen is where Roth's unctuous genius shines most brightly. And below you can hear it in its most unadorned state.

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