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    New Music From Hot Hot Heat

    Steve Bays of Vancouver indie-dance act Hot Hot Heat is sorry and wants to make it up to you. "I would like to offer our most sincere apologies for taking so long to finish our most recent recording," he recently wrote on the band's website. So to thank fans for their patience in awaiting arrival of the upcoming Future Breeds, Bays and the boys have posted two new tracks for download: The tense title track and zany, noisy "JFK's LSD." Neither track will sound like a shock to anyone familiar with the band's aggressively exuberant funk-punk, but there's a wirier, terser vibe to the music that suits the brittle guitars and skittering cymbals better than the high gloss sonics of 2007's Elevator. Give a listen and tell us what you think. LISTEN: Hot Hot Heat, "Future Breeds"(DOWNLOAD MP3) "JFK's LSD"(DOWNLOAD MP3)

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    MYTH No. 5: Marilyn Manson Is A Puppy-Killing Nazi

    REALITY: Maybe we should let him explain... Manson goes on the record: "Some people think I'm one of the rock stars who had surgery so I could suck my own dick. Quite honestly, I WOULD NOT WANT TO SUCK MY DICK. It's been in a lot of dirty places. The Christian Coalition said I was throwing puppies and cocaine into the audience and demanding they kill the dogs and do the drugs, when, in fact, I'VE NEVER HURT AN ANIMAL AND I DON'T GIVE AWAY DRUGS FOR FREE. "There's also that thing about me being from Mr. Belvedere. I never even saw that show. I hope the real actor is using that rumor to get laid [see below]. I've heard I'm a Nazi and that I was grown in a petri dish. THE TRUTH IS BIGGER: I've snorted sea monkeys. I've snorted mud. I could tell you sexual misadventures that would have you reaching for the lotion.

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    Q&A: Slayer's Kerry King

    Slayer guitarist Kerry King is a badass. For one thing, he, co-guitarist Jeff Hanneman, bassist-singer Tom Araya, and drummer Dave Lombardo (who rejoined the band in 2005 after a lengthy absence) helped invent thrash metal, a speedy, bludgeoning style heard to pulverizing effect on the new World Painted Blood. For another, he wears leather pants, spiked wristbands, scowls a lot, and has a tattooed skull. Not a tattoo of a skull, but a tattoo on his skull.

  • Julian Casablancas, 'Phrazes for the Young' (RCA)

    In the eight years since the Strokes instigated savior-speak with the gutter-glam classic Is This It, Manhattan has been nanny-stated into bland fashionability, the quintet's hipster status has gradually declined, and its rhythm guitarist, drummer, and bassist have all beaten singer Julian Casablancas to recording solo albums. "Last Nite" was a long time ago. Good thing, then, that Casablancas' impressive solo debut sounds like the future. With the mild exception of chugging opener "Out of the Blue," Phrazes for the Young jettisons garage rhythms and punk guitar palimpsests for glowing grids of synths and clattering drum machines. The effect is more Tokyo neon than Lower East Side leather. Surprisingly, the sonic leap forward intensifies Casablancas' greatest gift -- melody.

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    Hot New Band: Kurt Vile

    Never get high on your own supply. Last July, haze-rock conjurer Kurt Vile learned that lesson the hard way. "I was fired for having a beer on the job," says the 29-year-old former forklift operator at the Philadelphia Brewing Co. "Well, that's not the only reason, but my boss was a hard-ass. It turned out for the best, though. I never would've left on my own accord, and right after I got canned, I was offered all these gigs. "Now," he sighs determinedly, "I've gotta make a living at music." That shouldn't be a problem. The third of ten children born to a homemaker mom and a train engineer dad, Vile (yes, it's his real name) has always had a strong work ethic. Inspired by his uncle's John Fahey albums and memories of seeing Beck and Sonic Youth at Lollapalooza in 1995, the singer-guitarist started releasing home-recorded albums on CD-R shortly after high school.

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    Springsteen Cancels Show After Cousin's Death

    Some things are more important than rock'n'roll -- even for Bruce Springsteen. The E Street Band's Monday night concert in Kansas City, Missouri, was canceled after the unexpected death of Springsteen's cousin Lenny Sullivan. According to TMZ, the 36-year-old Sullivan, who'd been Springsteen's assistant tour manager for ten years, was found dead at the hotel where the band was staying around 4:15 PM on the day of the show. Police are investigating the death, though it is not being treated as suspicious. A statement posted on Springsteen's website described Sullivan as "A warm and sensitive person . . .beloved by Bruce." Springsteen and the E Street Band were slated to play this Thursday night at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 20th anniversary show in New York City.

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    Watch: GWAR Invade Richmond!

    For SPIN's November issue, readers are given a glimpse inside the phantasmagoria that is GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus's normally private "slave pit." But even alien thrash metal maniacs like to get out sometimes -- and when the codpiece-wearing cretin took a stroll through the streets of Richmond, Virginia, we were there, filming."Cars were stopping and people were coming up and asking to have their photo taken with him," says SPIN associate photo editor Jennifer Edmondson, who shot the footage. "After about ten minutes we had to go back inside because the attention was getting overwhelming."What? Haven't the good people of Richmond seen a grotesque alien with a two-foot long weiner wander through the streets of their city before?WATCH: Going Outside with Oderus

  • Gary Higgins, "Seconds" (Drag City)

    In 1973, Connecticut longhair Gary Higgins recorded Red Hash, a gently gnomic album of post-hippie comedown folk. A subsequent pot bust scuttled his career and sent Hash underground, where lost-gem whispers crescendoed into a 2005 reissue. Seconds, the singer-guitarist's belated sophomore effort, may not be remembered quite so warmly. "Demons" and "Ten-Speed" show that Higgins' amber vocals and crisp guitar skills remain, but too much here floats by on a vague cloud of coffeehouse clichés. Still, it's encouraging that Higgins is back, shaking off the rust. BUY: iTunesAmazon

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    Faith No More Reunion to Hit U.S.A.

    American fans of spastic art-metal rejoice (cautiously)! Though the reunited Faith No More, which originally broke up in 1998, has been on tour in Europe and South America since June, the quintet's Second Coming tour had not yet stopped in the States.But yesterday on his Twitter account, bassist Billy Gould wrote, "Yes ... we are now actively planning on U.S. dates." Now "actively planning" isn't quite earthshaking as "confirmed," but it at least gives Faith fans in America more hope than they had two days ago. To whet your appetite for concerts that probably most likely will maybe possibly happen, watch the video for 1990's "Epic," the band's biggest hit. WATCH: Faith No More, "Epic"

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    WATCH: Kings of Convenience Play SPIN Office

    Mulled cider, twill blazers, Kings of Convenience -- some things just go with autumn. Starting with the 2001 release of their cheekily-titled debut, Quiet is the New Loud, Norwegians Erlend Øye (the red-headed one) and Eirik Glambek Bøe have consistently crafted warm acoustic folk that gently breaks hearts and brings smiles in equal measure. In town to promote their latest, the SPIN-approved Declaration of Dependence, KoC stopped by the our office to play a couple of lilting originals and a cover of Lesley Gore's proto-emo classic, "It's My Party" -- complete with a scatted faux-trumpet solo by Øye. Check out the videos below! And to take a gander at other SPIN Sessions, including sets from Sondre Lerche, Wolfmother, and Girls, click here.

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