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    EDM Phenom Porter Robinson on His 'Preposterous' Success

    In April, electro-house and dubsteb wunderkind Porter Robinson will be making his rock festival debut at Coachella, but the 19-year-old producer-DJ didn't initially understand the impressiveness of that achievement. "My iTunes is literally 99 percent dance music," says Robinson, speaking on the phone from his family home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. "So I, embarrassingly, wasn't really initially aware of the festival." But, he adds, with a laugh, "People have given me a sense for the scope of Coachella. It's massive, right?" Yes, it is. But given how quickly Robinson's career has taken off, he can be forgiven for losing sight of these things. Now signed to Skrillex's OWSLA records, Robinson played his first ever show in October 2010. His "Say My Name" hit No. 1 on Beatport that same year.

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    Die Antwoord's Totally Insane Words of Wisdom

    In 2010, South African rave-rappers Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er skyrocketed from viral phenomenon to major-label oddity. Only one of those things remains true after the duo traversed the peculiar path to their second album, TEN$ION (Zef), due this month. As you might expect, they've got some hard-earned advice to share. Ninja: The response to Die Antwoord was a total mind-fuck. It was like being on an acid trip. I'd been rapping for 20 years and all of a sudden there was overload. It made no sense. You can make your confusion work for you. You have to drive into it. When you see that people are paying attention, then you have to push that motherfucker into the red. Yo-Landi: People are flying you places in business class. Everyone wants to take pictures of you and find out information about you. It's a freak-out. But the more you push boundaries, the more you get ahead.

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    First Spin: Hear Magic Wands' Dream-Pop Jam 'Space'

    L.A. guy-girl dream-pop duo Magic Wands have been building buzz for a couple years now on the strength of a some strong singles and a nicely hazy, melodic EP, 2009's Magic Love & Dreams. "Space" is the first single from the band's debut full-length, Aloha Moon, and it's a sexy and propulsive stunner. Dexy and Chris Valentine (no relation, we think) build an atmospheric and cutting guitar soundscape that beautifully foreground's the former's compellingly stoic vocal. It's just a really cool song, suggestive of the darker side of '80s pop and brighter side of falling in love. The album is out April 24 on Bright Antenna.

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    First Spin: Download Fort Lean's Anthemic 'Sunsick'

    "Sunsick," the new track from Brooklyn's Fort Lean, is anthemic in all the right ways. The rousing rocker is full of pounding, echoed guitars, backing falsetto woo wooos, drum work that doesn't stint on either the kick or crash, and a melody crooned with passion and bite by frontman Keenan Mitchell. It's a good start-your-week-off-right track. The 7" single, from which this song comes, is out on February 28 via Neon Gold/Black Bell, and you can watch their video for "Beach Holiday" on SPIN, too! DOWNLOAD

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    See Super Bowl XLVI's 10 Best Musical Moments

    1. Madonna's Halftime Show Whether you loved it or hated it, Madge's extravaganza — complete with M.I.A.'s flip-off — was pure entertainment spectacle. 2. Kelly Clarkson Singing the National Anthem She nailed it. Beautiful. 3. The Darkness Believe in a Thing Called Samsung With a new album finally on the way, the Darkness surely consider this Samsung commercial, which featured a unitard-clad Justin Hawkins blasting out "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" as a high-profile step in a long-awaited comeback. 4. Echo & the Bunnymen, Vampires, and Audi This ad was awesomely weird. Set to Echo & the Bunnymen's goth-rock classic "The Killing Moon," this spot seems to suggest that Audi is now making headlights a selling point — because they're so bright they can kill partying vampires! 5.

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    Super Bowl Cheat Sheet: 7 Musical Moments You Won't Want to Miss

    1. Madonna's Halftime Show It's about time: The biggest pop star in the world performing at the year's biggest televised event. Presumably, Madonna will be bringing along M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj, both of whom guest on the "Give Me All Your Luvin'" single. And, if Will.I.Am is to be trusted, LMFAO might stop by too. 2. Kelly Clarkson Singing the National AnthemBased on the concert we just saw, we're pretty confident Kelly Clarkson will nail this. She's even got national anthem experience, having sung at the 2011 NBA Finals. At the very least, seeing Christina Aguilera flub the lyrics at last year's game should've scared Kelly into some extra practice time. 3. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Performing "America the Beautiful"Chalk this one up to promotion — Shelton is a co-host of NBC's The Voice, the second season of which will premiere on the network's post-game slot.

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    Video Premiere: Guards Go 'Soul Train' for 'Do It Again'

    In a nicely timed tribute, the new video from New York City pop-rockers Guards plays like a hipster version of Soul Train, whose creator, Don Cornelius, passed away on February 1.In the Kaylie Schiff-directed clip, a succession of stylishly dressed duos boogie down a runway, Soul Train-style, at the Echo Club in Los Angeles while Guards' "Do It Again" soundtracks the proceedings. The song itself is an anthemic, peppy rocker with a vaguely '60s vibe. Indeed, it's not a world away from the sound of Cults, which makes sense given that Guards' Richie Follin and that band's Madeline Follin are brother and sister.

  • Watch Die Antwoord's Disgusting New 'Freeky' Video

    Watch Die Antwoord's Disgusting New 'Freeky' Video

    Blech! And we mean that in a good way — Die Antwoord's just-released video for their single "I Fink U Freeky" shows, among other things, rats crawling all over Yo-Landi Vi$$er's scantily-clad body, a teenage dude with an elephant trunk for a nose dancing in his undies, a little boy flipping the double-bird, and a large snake crawling all over a small girl who is either covered in soot or done up in blackface. Oh, Die Antwoord, your racially transgressive imagery makes your intentions so hard to parse! But more importantly, what will Celine Dion think of the clip? Die Antwoord's new album, TEN$ION is out February 7.

  • Leonard Cohen, 'Old Ideas' (Columbia)

    Leonard Cohen, 'Old Ideas' (Columbia)

    My grandma's friend Willy told me the funniest and most honest thing I've ever heard an old person say. This was maybe two years ago, when I was visiting the retirement home where they both live. I asked Willy how he was doing. "The medicine they're giving me for my cancer's giving me boobs," he said matter-of-factly, "but they got some pretty nurses here who think I'm" — and he bit down hard on this next word — "cute." "So," he shrugged, "I'll get along till it's time to go." Yep, it sucks to be old. When he was a spry 53-year-old, Leonard Cohen sang, "I ache in the places where I used to play." He's 77 now, so I can only imagine how he feels. But like Willy hinted, the cute crap can hurt worse than the body breaking down. Get past retirement age, and we'd rather pretend you're sexless (Betty White excepted).

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    Record Exec Who Brought Us Creed Redeems Himself After Death

    It's been revealed that Alan Meltzer, the deceased founder of mega-indie label Wind-Up records — which released albums by Creed and Evanescence — has left $1 million to his former driver, Jean Laborde, and $500,000 to Chamil Demiraj, at one time the doorman at the Manhattan building he called home. Remarkably, there seems to have been nothing in that will for all those dissatisfied Creed fans out there. Meltzer died last October at age 67. The cause of death is still unknown. In response to his unexpected windfall, ABCnews.com reported Demiraj as saying "[Meltzer] was a generous guy. He was a good friend of mine." No kidding. Meltzer's ex-wife, Diana, didn't have such fond thoughts. "He can leave it to whoever he wants to," she told the New York Post, referring to Meltzer's fortune, estimated at $10 million. "I'm doing fine.

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