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  • Watch Exitmusic's Lush Live Performance of 'The City'

    Watch Exitmusic's Lush Live Performance of 'The City'

    Somewhere around the recent release of their debut full-length, Passages, Brooklyn-based dream pop duo Exitmusic took to an empty concert hall to perform "The City" as part of the For No One series. Below, check out the beautifully shot result, a glimpse of band whose tremolo'd theatrics echo Beach House (most recently), while their ambitions clearly recall the band from whom they took their name: Radiohead.

  • Ceremony / Photo by Ingrid Johansen

    Rebooting Project Mersh: Hardcore Punks Threaten Indie Rock's Hold on the Cutting Edge

    "I've heard so many interviews with Dave Grohl saying, 'Nirvana is a punk band. Period.' But then you hear that Kurt [Cobain] was a huge Aerosmith fan, you know what I mean? Aerosmith sucks." It's March 2012 in Oakland, California, and Rohnert Park punk professors Ceremony are spending their morning in the studio, recording a tribute cover of Nirvana's "Tourette's," an especially indigestive cut from 1993's In Utero. Guitarist Anthony Anzaldo describes the song as that record's most "hardcore," if only because it shares some stylistic bedrock: Searing power chords fly by at blood-blistering speeds, and Cobain's screams are as curdled as you'll ever hear them.

  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse, 'Americana' (Reprise)

    Shakey and the Horse ride again, rumble through a set of folk standards like wild and crazy kids.

  • Daughn Gibson, 'All Hell' (White Denim)

    Daughn Gibson, the former drummer for Pennsylvania blooz-punks Pearls and Brass, boasts a rich, toffee'd baritone that puts him in a long line of men's men and cowboy storytellers, with Lee Hazelwood as perhaps the most prominent. On his solo debut, All Hell, he's able to work all sorts of dark magic, uncovering a lonesome, nocturnal space that's shared by tears-in-your-beer, end-of-the-world jukebox country and sample-based, post-Burial electronic pop. He's a honky-tonk spaceman who, at one time, earned his daily wage as a truck driver. He sounds like it. The spoken-word intro to "A Young Girl's World" is just one in a spate of vivid, wholly immersive moments on All Hell: "I saw him there, underneath the neon lights of the corner bar, crying like a child.

  • Watch Bassnectar Get Pensive About Politics, Power, and Music

    Watch Bassnectar Get Pensive About Politics, Power, and Music

    Electronic dance music doesn't have many Ian MacKaye-like figures, to which you'd probably say, "Well, duh." But Lorin Ashton — the breaks-and-bass agitator best known as Bassnectar — has long done his part to serve as the scene's left-wing conscience. In 2011, he donated one dollar of every ticket sold to non-profits like AlterNet, the media watchdog Free Press and Reach Out, which supports people with disabilities in the LGBT community.In a segment of its Neighborhood Series, the San Francisco creative agency Yours Truly talks to Ashton about political involvement, personal responsibility and finding balance. "For a while, I thoughtit was almost fucked up to spend your time partying when other people were suffering," he admits, surveying a particularly desolate patch of the East Bay.

  • Still from

    Behold WhoMadeWho's Satirical 'The Pitfalls of Modern Man' Clip

    WhoMadeWho's new two-part video, "The Pitfalls of Modern Man," isn't specifically about the European economic crisis, but it's hard not to read its critique of yuppie ennui as a reflection of the sinking feeling that's palpable across the Continent. Set to the strains of the Copenhagen trio's "Running Man" and "The Sun," both from their new album Brighter (Kompakt), the video stars WMW's Tomas Barfod as a stylish executive faced with a mid-life crisis — and facing down a group of disgruntled, gun-toting coworkers. The mübius-like narrative begins with Barfod making a list of things to do before turning 40 — "Get a cool job," "Marry a fashion designer," etc.

  • The Young

    Watch the Young Perform 'Dance With the Ramblers'

    If there's one thing the Young's Hans Zimmerman would like you to "latch on to" when listening to his band's forthcoming Matador debut, Dub Egg, it's the "frame of mind" the foursome were in when they settled down to record. For five days last summer, the Austin-based crew rented an isolated cabin in Bandera County, Texas, two hours west of San Antonio. "It was hot, it was dusty, we were in a drought," Zimmerman told Violitionist, for whom his psych-rock outfit recently performed three album cuts, including "Dance With the Ramblers" below. "I feel like it's a site-specific work." As it turns out, it's also a perfect fit for this time of year as well. The aforementioned drought was not of the creative stripe.

  • Marissa Nadler, 'The Sister' (Box of Cedar)

    Yet another dreamy stream of spectral folk that, too often, drifts by more than it haunts.

  • Sigur Ros, 'Valtari' (XL)

    Post-rock heroes return with another LP of uncanny beauty, a throbbing glob of pop with no discernible center.

  • 5 Best New Artists for June '12

    5 Best New Artists for June '12

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