• Electric Zoo Drug Death Molly Man Charged Patrick Morgan Jeffrey Russ

    Ecstasy Dealer Charged for Fatal Electric Zoo Overdose

    Nearly a year after two people died of drug overdoses at New York City's Electric Zoo festival, the DEA has arrested a man who sold the lethal pills to one of the victims, 23-year-old Jeffrey Russ. According to The New York Times, 23-year-old Patrick Morgan has been charged with narcotics distribution and narcotics conspiracy for selling over $1,000 worth of MDMA pills to Russ and his friends. He faces up to 20 years in jail.A friend of Morgan's cooperated with officials in the case, with some text messages used as the damning evidence. During one exchange, the unidentified cohort wrote, "Glad we got to talk about Jeff a little it was bugging me.

  • Arcade Fire Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Arcade Fire Cover Creedence, Help Fan Propose in California

    Arcade Fire's Reflektor tour has been chock full of excellent covers of songs by famous local bands. Recenty, they paid tribute to both the Smiths and Echo and the Bunnymen in London, and before that, there were takes on hits by Boyz II Men, Prince, and Stevie Wonder in the cities that made them famous (with the exception of Kansas, whom they covered in Kansas City, Missouri). Last night, at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, they honored Creedence Clearwater Revival, who, despite their best efforts at trying to convince fans otherwise, are not from the South.

  • Jenny Lewis Voyager Wine

    Wino Kiley: Jenny Lewis Has Her Own Wine Now

    Sure, most new releases come with LP bundles or digital bonus tracks depending on where you buy them, but Jenny Lewis fans can get a copy of her terrific new album The Voyager and get hammered in one simple transaction.Lewis teamed up with the store Domaine LA to release The Voyager Wine, which, according to Punch is a "blend of Carignan, Valdiguie, and Petit Sirah from Solano County, CA ... produced by Chris Brockway, who is known for minimal intervention approach to winemaking." It's priced at $29.99, comes wth a download copy of The Voyager, and will be available at Domaine LA's online stores, as well as the Los Angeles restaurants Night + Market and Night + Market Song, two of Lewis' favorite eateries.  The wine also has a 13.3 percent ABV, so enjoy it and The Voyager responsibly. 

  • Deadmau5 Rob Ford Coffee Run Video

    Deadmau5 and Rob Ford Go on a 'Coffee Run,' Talk Politics and EDM

    Aside from his music and famous mouse head, Deadmau5 is well known for sharing his uncensored thoughts on fellow musicians, especially those who cheapen or question the integrity of EDM. He certainly doesn't seem to give a "fuq" what others think of him, so it's no surprise that he wouldn't shy away from hanging out with controversial Toronto mayor Rob Ford, the politician best known for getting caught on camera smoking crack.In the latest installment of his "Coffee Run" series, Deadmau5 picks up Ford for a quick trip to a Tim Hortons to get some caffeine in their systems. They cruise around town in Deadmau5's Nyan Cat-themed Ferrari, a.k.a. the "Purrari," and chat like they're old friends. At one point, they come across some potholes, leading Ford to talk about his duties as mayor and how he'll make sure to get them fixed, as it's an important issue.

  • Warren G Harding Sex Letters Kimmel

    Warren G Reads Warren G. Harding's Sex Letters on 'Kimmel'

    Earlier this month, President Warren G. Harding's erotic love letters to his mistress were revealed to the public, prompting SPIN to publish a quiz comparing the 29th commander-in-chief's best lines to the words of "Regulate" rapper Warren G. While the latter implored his Regulators to "mount up," the former beseeched his mistress, Carrie Fulton, to travel to "Mount Jerry," which just happens to be a nickname for his dick. Following our lead, Jimmy Kimmel enlisted Warren G to read some of the steamiest Harding's letters, sitting in a library-like setting next to a painting of Fulton while a slow jam version of "Regulate" played in the background."Honestly, I hurt with the insatiate longing, until I feel that there will never be any relief until I take a long, deep, wild draught on your lips and then bury my face on your pillowing breasts," he said in a stately tone.

  • Guinea Stampede Rap Concert CONAKRY 33 dead Instinct Killers

    33 People Killed in Stampede at Rap Concert in Guinea

    A rap concert in Conakry, Guinea ended in tragedy when thousands of attendees rushed to leave through one exit, causing a stampede that killed 33 people on Tuesday, July 30. According to the AFP, some of the victims were as young as 10 years old.The rap groups Instinct Killers and Banlieuzart performed at the beachside show in the West Africa nation's capital to celebrate the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. "It was after the show that it all happened.

  • Chance the Rapper 'Wonderful Everyday: Arthur' Wyclef Jessie Ware

    Chance the Rapper's Cover of 'Wonderful Everyday: Arthur' Features Wyclef, Jessie Ware

    Chance the Rapper has been performing a reworked version of the theme song to PBS' Arthur for a couple of months now, warming the hearts of anyone who grew up watching the adventures of that 8-year-old animated aardvark. Now, SPIN's 2013 Rapper of the Year has finally released a studio rendition of the track, which was originally written by Ziggy Marley and called "Believe in Yourself." Chance's version is much dreamier, featuring plenty of cymbal flourishes that build up to some epic drum hits, tweaked-out synths, vocal help from Wyclef Jean, Jessie Ware, Elle Varner, Francis and the Lights, the O'my's, Peter Cottontale, Eryn Allen Kane, and Donnie Trumpet, as well as the support of Chance's live band, the Social Experiment.

  • Future 'Coupe' Video Adult Swim single series

    Future Parties With Jesus and the Predator in Cartoon 'Coupe' Video

    Adult Swim's Single Series is a gift that keeps on giving, just like a musical Jelly of the Month club. The latest release is Future's "Coupe," which finds him doing his usual Autotune rapping over an eerie beat. The real treasure, though, is the cartoon video, which premiered over at Noisey. In it, an animate version of the Honest MC and recent SPIN cover star drives around in the titular vehicle, picking up women, Jesus, the Predator, a Clockwork Orange droog, and many more assorted characters for backseat party. But the shindig goes awry when he gets into a race with some devil-like robot creature, and then later has to answer for his sins to none other than his mom. The free single is due out July 28, with Diarrhea Planet, Deafheaven, Mastodon, and Run the Jewels tracks set for releases throughout the summer. 

  • Rob Zombie 'Assassin's Creed Unity' French Revolution Video Walking Dead TOny Moore

    Rob Zombie Rewrites French Revolution for 'Assassin's Creed' Animated Video

    San Diego Comic-Con is well known for its surprises, and while this year's iteration has been dominated by a new photo of Ben Affleck as Batman with his adorable little ears, there's one really cool collaboration that blends the music, comic book, and video game worlds. As a preview for the upcoming Assassin's Creed Unity, metal legend and horror master Rob Zombie has teamed up with The Walking Dead artist Tony Moore to create an animated film about the French Revolution, which is the setting for the upcoming video game. Given the people involved, it's no shock that the short is visually stunning and crazy bloody. "My partner on the project, poster artist Angryblue, was actually the first on board, and he and New Science reached out to me for someone with more of a story-focused background," Moore tells SPIN, referencing Zombie.

  • Paul's Boutique Mural Beastie Boys Ludlow Rivington

    Beastie Boys' 'Paul's Boutique' Honored With Mural at Site of Original Store

    Back in January, a New York City community board rejected one hip-hop lover's proposal to rename an intersection Beasties Boys Square, right where the cover photo for their second album Paul's Boutique was shot. Thanks to some bureaucratic BS, the mastermind, LeRoy McCarthy, will have to wait another five years to get that honor for the iconic hip-hop trio, but he's cooked up a pretty cool consolation prize.In case you didn't realize it, today, July 25, marks the 25th anniversary of the LP's release, and as a birthday present, artist Danielle Mastrion will paint a mural of the cover shot at the intersection of Ludlow and Rivington on the Lower East Side. Beginning at 11 a.m. ET on July 26, Mastrion will begin work on the tribute on the side of Wolfnights restaurant, which sits at 99 Rivington, the site of the long-gone boutique.

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