• Johnny Marr 'Easy Money' Video 'Playland'

    Johnny Marr Hits the Casino for 'Easy Money' Video

    As we previously noted, Johnny Marr doesn't look like he's having all that great a time on the cover to his second solo album, Playland. Well, it turns out the former Smiths guitarist can't even have fun during a day out at the casino either, though he has perfectly a good reason. Accordin to Pitchfork, which premiered the video, it's "a 'high times in low rent England' kind of thing" while the track "is more of a 'low times in high rent England' kind of thing." Get it? There's also shots of him sitting, unhappily, with photos of Prime Minister David Cameron and the Queen. As you might recall, Marr once said that the Smiths would reunite if Cameron, a big fan of the band, would resign. As for the Queen, you'll definitely recall that the Smiths once sang about her being dead.

  • Arcade Fire Neil Young Cover 'Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown' Winnipeg

    Arcade Fire and the Pope Cover Neil Young's 'Come on Baby Let's Go Downtown'

    Another Arcade Fire show brought yet another cover of a great local artist. The Montreal-based band is currently on its way through a short Canadian leg of its Reflektor tour, and their recent Calgary set a one-two punch of Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend" and Feist's "I Feel It All." Last night, in Winnipeg, they opted to honor Neil Young with one of his deeper cuts, "Come on Baby Let's Go Downtown" from 1975's Tonight's the Night. The rendition is fairly straightforward, featuring a bit more pep and speed than Neil's original, but the most striking part is watching Win Butler prance around the stage in a Pope Francis mask. Unlike some of the other recent Arcade Fire covers, this fan-shot video actually features good sound and some decent camera work, so dig in up top.

  • Glenn Danzig Misfits Merch Lawsuit Jerry Only

    Glenn Danzig Loses Lawsuit Over Crappy Misfits Merch Money

    Back in April, Glenn Danzig filed a lawsuit against his old Misfits bandmate Jerry Only over Hot Topic's increasingly varied line of merch related to the iconic horror-punk group. It wasn't that Glenn was mad about the band's logo being printed on travel coffee mugs, knock-off Uggs, bikini bottoms, and sweatpants, he just wanted a cut of the cash based on a 1994 agreement between the Misfits' members.

  • Black Keys 'Weight of Love' Video

    Topless Women Worship Black Keys in 'Weight of Love' Video

    The Black Keys' sweaty-televangelist video for "Fever" gets its sequel today with an all new short film for "Weight of Love," the hypnotic opener of Turn Blue. Directed by Theo Wenner, it begins with a number of women watching the "Fever" clip, then uses a bunch of segments to show that they're part of a cult run by Dutch model Lara Stone. The ladies dress all in white, live in a lighthouse, do laundry while topless, take part in a strict calistenics regimen, and apparently worship the Black Keys or the sun or something. It's NSFW if your job frowns on bare breasts, so be warned. 

  • Taylor Swift Jimmy Fallon Ew! video

    Taylor Swift Goes Full-On Nerd for Jimmy Fallon's 'Ew!'

    Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Taylor Swift holds her own while playing a nerdy teen opposite Jimmy Fallon. The country megastar appeared on The Tonight Show and donned a pretty convincing geek costume for Fallon's recurring sketch "Ew!" in which the young girls discuss all the things they think are gross. Swift's brace-faced character, Natalie, says she likes apricots, building popsicle-stick castles, and collecting Band-Aids, though she hasn't been allowed to watch TV "since Miley Cyrus twerked." Check it out above, and try not to get Joan Osborne's "One of Us" stuck in your head.

  • Kanye West DJ Mano Fired

    Kanye West Splits With DJ Mano, Who Goes on Homophobic Twitter Rant

    It's no secret that Kanye West is a perfectionist. The rapper has repeatedly scrapped studio tracks when he decided they weren't up to snuff and rearranged his wedding's decor down to almost the last minute, so it's pretty believable that he might have fired his touring DJ, Million Dollar Mano, for a spate of onstage screw-ups. Mano himself revealed that the two are no longer working together via Twitter yesterday, saying, "gonna have a fun day blocking these kanye stans that are happy i don't dj 4 him anymore," but didn't offer any explanations.In response, a member of the fan message board Kanye to The put together the video above, which shows repeated instances of missed cues, wrong song choices, and Kanye looking pretty ticked off while waiting for Mano to get his shit together.

  • Ty Segall 'Feel' 'Conan' Manipulator

    Ty Segall Has a Sonic Freakout With 'Feel' on 'Conan'

    On record, Ty Segall's "Feel" is a '60s-influenced lo-fi fuzz ditty, but live, it's a whole other, much angrier animal. Donning a bit of makeup, the ever-prolific garage-rock artist took to Conan last night to perform the Manipulator track and seemingly tripled down on the guitar bombast, writhing and shaking through a feedback solo. There's a little percussion breakdown thrown in for good measure before Segall and his band return to the screaming and howling to end one of the most energetic late-night TV performances in recent memory. Manipulator, the former SPIN cover star's seventh solo LP, is due out August 26 via Drag City.

  • Ryan Adams 'Gimme Something Good' Fallon the Shining

    Ryan Adams Brings 'Gimme Something Good,' New Band to 'Fallon'

    Just a day after releasing the Elvira-starring video for "Gimme Something Good," Ryan Adams hit up The Tonight Show to perform his new single, sans the Mistress of the Dark. He did, however, bring along his new band, the Shining, who cranked up the crunch and upped the tempo. It's great seeing Adams play with such vigor, especially considering he's been battling Ménière's disease, an inner-ear condition that causes vertigo and hearing loss, over the past few years. His self-titled new album is due out September 9 via Pax-Am Records. 

  • Peter Frampton Fan's Cell Phone

    Peter Frampton Tosses Photo-Taking Fan's Phone Mid-Concert

    While bands like Savages, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Jack White have asked/ordered fans to not take photos with their phones during concerts, none of those acts enforce the rule quite like Peter Frampton did at a recent show. According to OnStage Magazine, the English guitar god got so fed up with a guy in the front row that he took the man's phone and threw it backstage at the Palladium in Carmel, Indiana. Apparently, the rude fan and his lady companion were sitting in the front row, taking photos with flash and filming songs throughout the show, while both Frampton and other concertgoers politely asked them to stop. At some point, the guy even gave Frampton the finger, adding to the performer's growing frustration.

  • Foo Fighters Dave Grohl HBO Documentary Sonic Highways eighth album

    Foo Fighters Preview Eighth Album With Eight-Second Screamtastic Video

    As the Foo Fighters' get closer to releasing their eighth album, the band is offering up some teasers that all have one thing in common—the number eight. We already knew they'd recorded eight songs in eight cities, a process they documented for their eight-episode HBO series Sonic Highways, and this week they led fans on an Internet scavenger hunt to piece together the below image, which features landmarks from the cities they hit as well as, yep, the number eight hidden throughout the design. Now, on August 8, (a.k.a. 8/8), the band released its first musical snippet from the LP in a video that lasts for, you guessed it, eight seconds. It features only Dave Grohl screaming "All rise!" and most likely shredding his throat in the process.

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