• Deadmau5 Disney Trademark Mask Mickey Mouse

    Disney Is Trying to Stop Deadmau5 From Trademarking His Ears

    We know already Deadmau5 doesn't care for bullies. But standing up to Arcade Fire for trash-talking EDM, is a fight a few steps shy of going to court with the world's second largest broadcasting and cable corporation, The Walt Disney Company.Still, the man under the mouse mask, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's buddy Joel Zimmerman, is preparing to face off with the house the Mouse built over a trademark claim the company has blocked regarding his signature costume ears.

  • Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 Digital High Quality Audio

    Sony Hopes High-Quality Audio Will Save the Walkman

    The high-quality digital audio player market is heating up, and while Neil Young's crowd-sourced Pono player isn't exactly at an iPhone or Spotify-equivalent level just yet, as Mashable reports, it does have some competition nipping at its heals.Enter the Walkman. The Walkman? Yes, the Walkman. As you probably forgot (we did), in 2012 Sony revived that classic brand that once played your favorite R.E.M. cassettes (and which kids these days cannot operate) as a new-fangled digital-music player. But no matter how underwhelmed we were back then, it's hard not to be somewhat enticed by this new high-end model, the NWZ-A17, which the company announced today will start selling in November.The device goes for $299 and supports better-than-CD-quality audio at 192 kHz by 24 bit with 50-hour battery life, and 64 GB of memory with an additional 128 GB available for upgrade.

  • flying lotus kendrick lamar never catch me stream

    Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus Go Deep (Really Deep) on 'Never Catch Me'

    A couple of Los Angeles' best have teamed up, leaving us wondering why this pairing hasn't happened sooner. Today we get an earful of Kendrick Lamar's feature on Flying Lotus' new album, You're Dead!, for the psych-rap delight "Never Catch Me." Therein, the good kid's flow manages the feat of getting as equally out-there and twisted as the Brainfeeder boss' wild composition. Provided you can get past the obnoxious drops from Power 106 and the "L.A.

  • Drake Chris Brown NYPD Hip-Hop Watch List

    NYPD's 'Hip-Hop Police' Have Drake on Their Watch List. Seriously, Drake.

    From drunken hookups to Ice Bucket Challenges, lap dances to expanding the English language, and hosting the ESPYs to incurring NBA fines, Drake may not be a 100-percent perfect role model for today's youth, but the reformed child actor otherwise known as Mr. Aubrey Graham seems pretty effing far from anybody's idea of a safety threat.

  • Mase Ferguson Politically Incorrect Song Stream

    Ma$e Is Done Being Civil on His 'Politically Incorrect' #Ferguson Song

    We've been getting a trickle of new music from retired-rapper-turned-reverend-turned-rapper-again Ma$e since late last year, and word is he's planning a new LP called Now We Even for release before 2015. But this time the former Bad Boy favorite directs us back to current events with "Politically Incorrect," a slowly swaggering three minutes in which we he unloads fiery verse over the deaths of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin."I feel the pain of the family's hurting. We all are hurting. My prayers are with you all! #NWE," he posted on his SoundCloud page. The track comes with a stream (below) and a Ma$e-directed video (above) that's a collage-job of news clips showing a society in struggle.

  • Maroon 5 Gwent Stefani The Voice My Heart is Open Song Stream

    Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine Duet on Soaring, 'Voice'-Ready 'My Heart Is Open'

    When Gwen Stefani joined the cast of The Voice we knew that would mean big things. Right? Well, Season 7 hasn't even started yet but we're already getting our first taste of what's to come. Specifically, it comes in the shape of Stefani's sexiest America-hating panel-mate Adam Levine and his VMAs-adjacent band Maroon 5, who team up with the No Doubt singer on new track "My Heart Is Open." And, well, let's just say our ears are open too.The song was written by Sia with production work by Benny Blanco, and the duetting Voice judges offer up loads of "oh-oh-oh-ohs" and "yeeaahhhh-yeahhhh-yeaaahhhhs," seemingly setting themselves up for some kind of massive sing-along quite possibly beamed into the homes of viewers all over the nation. They better start figuring out how to make that happen.The rest of Maroon 5's new, mostly Stefani-less album V is out today too.

  • Weezer Best Coast Rivers Cuomo Bethany Cosentino Song 'Go Away,' Video Teaser

    Hear Weezer and Best Coast Come Together on 'Go Away'

    As Weezer's been rolling out album teasers leading to the anticipated (and now slightly delayed) Everything Will Be Alright in the End, we've slowly been getting a fuller picture of redefined and purportedly returned-to-form Rivers Cuomo and Co., who ranked rather high on our 100 Best Alternative Rock Songs of 1994 list.The most recent clip delivers a sneak peak at "Go Away," featuring Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino, complete with footage of the former tourmates together in 2010 in Los Angeles performing a half-acoustic "Island in the Sun." (We have that show reviewed here.) Otherwise, the acting in the clip is pretty much whatever, turning off at least a few YouTubers, but we're here to talk about the music really and the music is catchy and familiar like "Back to the Shack" before it.

  • Record Sales Weekly Record Low 3.97 Million

    Album Sales Are at an All-Time Low, Again

    In what come as a surprise to probably no one, album sales have hit a new all-time low. The 3.97 million albums that sold across the past seven days is the smallest weekly sum since 1991 (but likely much farther back), when Nielsen SoundScan began tracking that data. As Billboard reports, this is the first time that number has fallen below the 4 million mark.This historic dip comes on the tail of a relatively slow release week, which included Wiz Khalifa's Blacc Hollywood as the top earner with sales of 90,000 units. But trends over the past quarters show considerable decline beyond this week's low, dropping from averages of 4.75 million units sold in the first quarter to 4.55 million units in the second quarter to 4.2 million in the first eight weeks of the present third quarter.As streaming services become more popular, album sales are increasingly falling out of fashion.

  • Beyonce Americans Harris Poll Favorite Musician Band Beatles Elvis

    It's a Fact: Americans Really Love Beyonce

    In case there was any doubt, between the lifetime achievement awards, HBO specials, and John Mayer covers, it's now official: America loves Beyoncé.That's the result of the latest Harris Poll of 2,306 adults over the age of 18, that asked participants the question, "Who is your favorite singer/musician or band?" and found out the answer is firstly the Beatles, secondly Elvis Presley, and thirdly — topping the list of current acts — the Queen Bey herself.The poll also dissects its results by sex, age group, political party, geographical location, and whether they're parents or not. Turns out, women and millennials aged 18 to 37 like Beyoncé the most of all. Go figure. (The polling results are not, however, weighted to consider whether Beyoncé's popularity is an Illuminati conspiracy.)Elsewhere, on the tallies, Led Zeppelin landed at No. 4, George Strait at No.

  • David Lynch Kanye West Failed Blood on the Leaves Video

    David Lynch Almost Directed a Kanye West Video but He Had No Ideas

    A David Lynch and Kanye West collaboration? Chalk this one up to a case of what could have been. The brilliantly eccentric auteur is apparently a fan of the brilliantly boisterous musician and recently told the Daily Beast about a missed opportunity for collaboration.When asked about his appreciation for West's music, Lynch told the website "Blood on the Leaves" is one of his favorite songs. "He's just ridin' the wave and not takin' no for an answer," the Twin Peaks creator says, before going on to explain his failed attempt to direct a video for that Yeezus track.We almost worked together, but I never got the ideas. I feel I let him down a little bit. I was going to do the music video for "Blood on the Leaves," but it never happened. I didn't come up with any ideas that I thought he would like. Kanye came up to the house one day. Kanye's a good guy, and a great musician.

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