• Nicki Minaj Anaconda Snake Bite VMA Rehearsal

    Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Dancer Hospitalized by Snake Bite During VMAs Rehearsal

    Ever since Nicki Minaj's Sir-Mix-A-Lot-sampling single "Anaconda" dropped earlier this month, it's been fairly inescapable and even more so now with that the Drake-featuring video has slithered onto the Internet. It would appear that a VMAs performance of the track is in the works, but not everything has gone off according to plan it would seem. According to TMZ reports, during rehearsals for MTV's award show one of Nicki's backup dancers was bitten by a snake and sent to a hospital.MTV's behind-the-scenes report Saturday morning suggests that the snake involved was not, in fact, an anaconda, but a Dumeril's boa constrictor named "Rocky" who has been used in similar situations for the past 15 years.

  • Somebody That You Used to Know: It's Kimbra's Time to Shine on 'The Golden Echo'

    Somebody That You Used to Know: It's Kimbra's Time to Shine on 'The Golden Echo'

    New Zealand-born songwriter Kimbra Johnson's success as a solo artist has stemmed from her stylistic diversity. While her 2011 debut Vows exhibited a dizzying repertoire of jazz and R&B-inflected art-pop, she meddled with it even further for its stateside reissue, shortly after her vocal chirps showed up here on Gotye's inescapable "Somebody That I Used to Know." Bundled with six extra tracks, Vows' re-release was fractured and fractious—a promising start for the Australian-based songwriter. It's bested, at least in stylistic unity, by her sophomore effort, The Golden Echo.With a hefty guest list that includes the likes of Muse's Matt Bellamy, Matt Chamberlain of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, Michael Jackson associate John "JR" Robinson, and Flying Lotus' right hand man Thundercat, The Golden Echo is intended as a star-studded statement to vault Kimbra from Gotye's immense shadow.

  • Killer Mike Op Ed Billboard Essay Michael Brown Missouri

    Killer Mike Pens Another Powerful Op-Ed About Abusive Cops and Ferguson's Unrest

    Last week, Killer Mike published a short essay to Instagram begging for humanity in the wake of the death of Missouri teenager Michael Brown. Today, conflict and protest in the town of Ferguson, Missouri wages on and the Atlanta-based Run the Jewels rapper has again taken up the pen to address this situation. In an op-ed on Billboard, Mike again seeks to inspire empathy with the events in the town saying that "whatever this country is willing to do to the least of us, it will one day do to us all." His tone throughout is definitive."Being a cop is often seeing the worst of the human condition and behavior," he says.

  • Pharrell Hat Museum Washington D.C. Arbys

    Pharrell's Hat to Be Displayed in a Museum, Where It Really Belongs

    Pharrell's ridiculous Vivienne Westwood hat captivated America at this year's Grammy's ceremony, but it wasn't long before he decided to part ways with the already iconic headwear. Good things can't always last forever, but as MTV reports, the folks over at Arby's have done the good deed of the century by rescuing the hat from the hands of scheming collectors who might hide this precious national icon/resource away in their private residences.Though it took a $44,100 eBay bid, the roast beef-makers did their part to keep the "Buffalo Gals" hat in the public eye and now they're doing even more, by putting it on display in Washington, D.C.'s Newseum from August 22 to October 26. We'd actually argue that it belongs in the Smithsonian, but the fact that it's been preserved for public consumption is good enough. So go starting this Friday and see the wonder that is Pharrell's Grammy hat.

  • Calvin Harris Highest Paid DJ 2014 Forbes Electronic Cash Kings

    Calvin Harris Is, Yet Again, the Highest Paid DJ in the World

    Tuesday morning Forbes released its annual "Electronic Cash Kings" list, which tallies up the annual earnings of all the major players in the EDM world, and yet again Calvin Harris has been named the highest paid DJ in the world. The Scottish producer topped the list in 2013 with $46 million in earnings, but this year's Coachella gigs and a Las Vegas residency propelled him even higher, to $66 million. But Harris doesn't take much credit for his unbelievable profit."The rise of dance music has been astronomical in the last three years," he said. "I happened to be in the right place at the right time."David Guetta jumped over Tiësto to take the number two spot, but still made a little less than half of Harris' astounding total, raking in only $30 million.

  • Real Estate Cranberries Linger Cover Video

    Watch Real Estate's Dazed Cover of the Cranberries' 'Linger'

    Real Estate are still in the midst of touring in support of their third studio album Atlas, but they found some time to stop by the A.V. Club's offices to take part in their Undercover series. Frontman Martin Courtney explains that he ultimately chose to cover the Cranberries' "Linger" because it was "only four chords," but the SPIN profile subjects were able to turn the dreamy '90s hit into a dazed guitar jam that wouldn't have sounded out of place on 2011's Days. Watch the cover above, and if you're itching for more check out the band's recent rendition of Weezer's "Say It Ain't So."

  • Foo Fighters ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video Carrie Spoof

    Foo Fighters Spoof 'Carrie' for Best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Yet

    Several alt-rockers, including Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready, have already taken part in the ALS Association's Ice Bucket Challenge, but few clips have been as inspired as the one that Dave Grohl posted today to the Foo Fighters' Facebook page. After he nominates Stephen King, Jack Black, and John Travolta to take part in the charity challenge after him, the camera pans back to reveal that Grohl is wearing a prom dress and his date is none other than drummer Taylor Hawkins. The video is inspired by King's high-school horror film Carrie, but instead of pig blood, Grohl is simply doused in very cold water. And instead of killing all of his peers using telekinetic powers, he spreads joy, laughter, and awareness of a poorly understood degenerative disease to those who might watch the clip. It's all quite silly and heartwarming and, hey, it features Dave Grohl in a prom dress.

  • New Basement Tapes Jim James Bob Dylan Elvis Costello Nothing To It

    Hear Jim James, Elvis Costello, and a Mumford Sing Lost Bob Dylan Lyrics

    A cache of Bob Dylan's lyrics that date back to his legendary Basement Tapes sessions was discovered recently and producer T Bone Burnett saw fit to put together a tribute. Rather than simply let the words loose, he assembled a collaborative project featuring a star-studded cast including former Dylan tourmate Jim James, Elvis Costello, Marcus Mumford, Dawes' Taylor Goldsmith, and Carolina Chocolate Drops' Rhiannon Giddens.What resulted from their efforts makes up Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes, a 20-song collection composed entirely of songs actualized from those found Zimmy lyrics. Today, the group has shared "Nothing To It," a spirited, rootsy number that owes as much to Dylan's friends in the Band as it does to the songwriter himself. Listen to that above and check out the record's track list below.Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes track list:1.

  • Electric Wurms Fixing A Hole Beatles Cover Flaming Lips

    Flaming Lips Fwends Space Out on Beatles 'Fixing a Hole' Cover

    Steven Drozd and Wayne Coyne's blunted jam band Electric Würms release their debut EP Musik, die Schwer zu Twerk today, but they're also set to contribute a track to the Flaming Lips' upcoming Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band tribute compilation With a Little Help From My Fwends. Their version of "Fixing a Hole" has now surfaced and it's a spacey and downcast take on the jaunty original. Drozd's vocals are buried amidst a haze of keyboards and reverb, but he casually prods the instrumental to offer an unsettling and occasionally heartbreaking rendition of the domestic ode.Listen above alongside a subtly shifting visual. For more, read a recent interview with Coyne that touches on the Beatles project as a whole.With a Little Help From My Fwends is due October 28 on Warner Bros.

  • Bush Glycerine Lyrics Album Preorder 2000

    Gavin Rossdale Will Write You 'Glycerine' Lyrics If You Pay $2,000 for Bush's New Album

    After reuniting in 2010, post-grunge band Bush released an album called The Sea of Memories, but since then they've mostly laid low, aside from some touring here and there. They're finally poised to return this year with a new album called Man on the Run, but since this LP is set to come out on the band's own Zuma Rock Records, they've decided to try their hand at crowdfunding this time around. And in a fashion appropriate for the melodramatic U.K. alt-rockers, as Consequence of Sound notes, their PledgeMusic campaign offers some completely over-the-top and extravagant rewards.In addition to the requisite album downloads ($10), physical copies ($13 - 40), T-shirts ($25), there's more pricey fare like a bass or guitar lesson with a current member of the band for $500-a-pop or a signed guitar for a minimum of $1,000.

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