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  • Pajaro Sunrise 'Good to See You' Video Kulturkatzenjammer

    Watch Pajaro Sunrise's Joyous 'Good to See You'

    Even if you don't know the Spanish word for "bird," Pajaro Sunrise is a name that connotes a certain natural beauty. That makes it a more-than-fitting handle for Madrid's Yuri Méndez Jr., whose music is a graceful combination of hushed folk and luminous production. On November 11, Lovemonk will release Kulturkatzenjammer, the man's fourth album and the first to strongly incorporate beats. Above you'll find "Good to See You," a prime example of what Pajaro Sunrise can accomplish with breathy vocals, slight strumming, and a little electronica. Meanwhile, the accompanying video travels to Bali, where we see surfing, cycling, and a whole lot of happy feet moving in time with the rhythm.

  • YouTube Music Awards Winners List: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and More

    YouTube Music Awards: A Charming Mess With Eminem, Macklemore, M.I.A., and More

    The first-ever YouTube Music Awards have wrapped. All of the night's trophies have been handed out, and all of Spike Jonze's "live music videos" have been, um, video'd. Eminem was made Artist of the Year, just days before the release of his eighth album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were crowned 2013's YouTube Breakthrough on behalf of their world-conquering "Thrift Shop." And K-Pop collective Girls' Generation took home Video of the Year for their "I Got a Boy" visual.Okay, but how was the show? Were we to boil it down to a handy quotable — and yes, let's — we'd probably say something like, "A charming mess." Co-hosts Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts operated without a script, in a gigantic warehouse without hidden corridors, full of fans and industry people and the artists themselves.

  • Kurt Vile Sore Eros 'Jamaica Plain' Stream EP

    Hear Kurt Vile and Sore Eros Drift All Over 'Jamaica Plain'

    On November 4, Kurt Vile fans will get the chance to own a previously long-lost bit of the man's musical past — Jamaica Plain, an EP's worth of early-aughts collaborations between the Philly longhair and Sore Eros, a former member of the Violators. About a month ago, we were introduced to the beautifully lazy drifter "Serum," and now we can hear the titular track. "Jamaica Plain" is a wordless piece clocking in at nearly seven minutes and including lots of mournful, sprawling, gorgeous guitar-play, plus a combination of live drums and Casiotone click. Come down from the work week with the lovely number below, via Stereogum.

  • Kanye West MTV Interview 2002 Producer Old Pre Fame

    Here's Kanye West Being Kanye West Before He Was Famous

    So here's an unreleased, uncut MTV interview conducted with Kanye West all the way back in 2002, around the time he was preparing to release his debut album, College Dropout. He'd risen to modest fame as a producer working with Common, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Janet Jackson, and others, and was on the verge of breaking out on his own terms — a concept that he's doggedly stuck to and continued to actively refine ever since.BuzzFeed shared the clip to point out how different the creator of Yeezus was before he was famous, but in truth, he's the same dude speaking at a different pace and with a thicker Chicago accent.

  • Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Full Album Stream iTunes

    Stream Eminem's 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2' in Full Right Now

    Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is streaming in full right now, days before its official November 5 release. The Detroit MC's eighth album proper leaked this week, but iTunes Radio is offering a free "First Play" to tide hungry fans over until the day of the drop. Listen over there, and compares your experience to the review by SPIN's own Christopher R. Weingarten. Here's a snippet:If rapping were a purely athletic competition, Eminem would be Michael Phelps and Mary Lou Retton combined: pure agility and flexibility, like an unstoppable bullet with only white-hot hate in his wake. His flow only gets more baroque and knotty and Nutrageous with age: syllable-cramming, unnecessarily complicated assonance ("I hope foxtrot gets an aerial shot of your burial plot"), a Minaj-erie of silly voices, blink-and-you-miss-it punch lines that range from slow burners to total groaners.

  • Tyra Banks Drake Date Disneyland Rap Video Freestyle Steve Harvey

    Tyra Banks Is an Even Worse Rapper Than Dolly Parton

    Two weeks ago we rap-shamed Dolly Parton for rhyming about Oprah's non-existent afro in a guest appearance on The Queen Latifah Show. Now talk show host Tyra Banks has taken to The Steve Harvey Show to respond (in freestyle form) to Drake's trip to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he revealed that he and Banks had once gone on a kinda-sorta date to Disneyland together. Are you following? This is music television in 2013.The point is, we've now got to amend our critique of Parton's appearance. "Accidentally racist" though it might have been (frequently), it's at least worth mentioning that she stayed on the beat. Banks, on the other hand, quickly falls to semi-rhythmic pieces after declaring, "I can rap ... I'm gonna freestyle what I got to say to you, Mr.

  • Britney Spears Jesus Christ Musical Gospel According To Opera

    Jesus Spears Superstar: Musical to Tell Life of Christ Using Britney Songs

    A new musical aims to portray the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ using the music of Britney Spears. As a fundraising announcement for Spears: The Gospel According to Britney explains, "Not one word is spoken, and not one lyric is changed, technically making the musical an opera." Two advance showings of the in-development production are taking place November 7 at New York's Foxwoods Theatre, open for potential investors only.Still, you might want to Gatsby your way into a ticket, because there are no shortage of reasons for the possible on-the-vine demise of Spears. Copywrite, for instance, as Brit songs confirmed for the show so far include "Stronger," "...Baby One More Time," and "(You Drive Me) Crazy." Creator Patrick Blute, 23, to his credit seems pretty damned, er, blessedly serious about the whole endeavor."These are Britney's lyrics.

  • Pussy Riot Member Missing Prison Transfer Nadya Tolokonnikova

    Imprisoned Pussy Riot Member Disappears

    Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova is missing, according to family members who say she hasn't been heard from since October 21. While news reports from Russia have been difficult to parse, BuzzFeed has spoken to the imprisoned protester's husband and father, who've helped clarify some of the confusion around the woman's recent prison transfer.As previously reported, Tolokonnikova staged a hunger strike in order to raise awareness of poor prison conditions and "slave-like" work requirements at central Russian labor colony FGU IK-14 in Mordovia (read her open letter via the Guardian).

  • Odd Future Ghost of the Hotel Short Film Tyler Taco Earl Jasper

    Earl Sweatshirt Plays an Angry Detective in Odd Future's Horror Short

    In honor of Halloween, the goofball content farm that is Odd Future made a scary movie. At six and a half minutes, "The Ghost of the Hotel" follows the adventures of Detectives Ray (Earl Sweatshirt) and Tony (Lionel Boyce) as they investigate the death-by-ghost of a "little white girl" (that'd be Taco, of course). The lunkheaded, catchphrase-bumbling cops wind up meeting Donstell (Tyler, the Creator) and Mishon (Jasper Dolphin) in the process — two buddies who were simply looking for a cheap place to get high. Or so it seems. A note from the erstwhile Loiter Squad crew: "Tyler, Jasper, Lionel, Taco And Earl Thought Of This At 4 In The Morning Knowing It Would Be One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time." Decide for yourself by watching the DIY short above. The music comes courtesy of MellowHigh, whose self-titled album is out now.

  • Lil' Kim 'Dead Gal Walking' Hard Core 2K13 Miley Cyrus

    Lil' Kim Adopts Bad Gal Patois for 'Dead Gal Walking' Return

    Everyone is throwing back to their halcyon days of late. Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is presented as a sequel to his turn-of-the-millennium classic, and now Lil' Kim is gearing for the November 29 release of Hard Core 2013, a mixtape whose title harks back to her never-been-topped 1996 debut Hard Core. The Brooklyn-born Queen Bee's last official album came in 2005 and her flirtations with the free-music game have been spotty (see Black Friday), but new song "Dead Gal Walking" is a strong return. The former Junior M.A.F.I.A. member adopts a dancehall patois to spit fierce melodic fire over a horn-blaring, dubbed-out, stuttering hulk of a beat. The song arrived on Halloween, begging the question: Since she and Miley Cyrus are "besties" (via Idolator), was the Bangerz star's costume a ploy to shine some of that glaring light on Lil' Kim?

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