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  • Tyler the Creator IceJJFish I Just Bought a Bugatti Video

    See Tyler, the Creator and IceJJFish Skewer Shallow 'Bugatti' Rap

    It seems all too fitting that only days after the world witnessed Tyler, the Creator telling Larry King that he "hates" rap he'd release a video that skewers tired hip-hop tropes with aplomb. We first met the Odd Future founder's Young Nigga alter-ego c. 2011 (he came threw looking clean, you'll recall) but the cartoonishly thuggy character has since found an apt home on Tyler's show for Adult Swim, Loiter Squad. Seen above, YN teams with unlikely overnight R&B-ish viral sensation IceJJFish ("On the Floor") for a pretty delicious rap parody dubbed "I Just Bought a Bugatti (I'm Happy)." The premise pretty much speaks for itself — a statement on supplanting human joy with purchasing power — and the video is hilarious, opening with a press conference and devolving into bazookas, llama portraits, and Earl Sweatshirt overdubs.

  • SBTRKT Temporary View Sampha Stream Dog Bite

    SBTRKT and Sampha Meet Again on Lush 'Temporary View'

    The ever-elusive SBTRKT has shared a new song. "Temporary View" offers a lush pileup of glitchy effects, snapping percussion, pensive keys, thick textures, and — perhaps best of all — the unmistakeable voice of Sampha, known friend to Drake, Solange, and Jessie Ware. Earlier this year, the once-anonymous English producer released his Transitions EP but this latest share is likely the first taste of the next proper SBTRKT album. Hear it below, and as a bonus, check out Atlanta outfit Dog Bite's unofficial edit of Sampha's "Hesitant Oaf."As band boss Phil Jones writes, "I think Sampha has one of the best voices I have ever heard, I listened to his EP Dual and kinda fell in love with how elegant and powerful his song writing is. 'Hesitant Oaf' kinda stood out for me because as soon as I heard it I knew I wanted to make it into a longer experience. It was way too perfect.

  • Koreatown Oddity 'Title Sequence' Video Stream

    Wolf-Masked MC Called the Koreatown Oddity Will Save Us From Wackness

    It's a lot to take in all at once — a dude in a wolf mask, stalking the California wilderness, rapping about Rihanna over sweeping strings. But a guy who calls himself the Koreatown Oddity wouldn't have it any other way. Los Angeles residents may know Dominique Purdy from his days doing standup at the Laugh Factory at the age of 16. Others, perhaps, from his modest acting credits.

  • Sole & DJ Pain 1 Death Drive Album Stream

    Stream Sole & DJ Pain 1's Agit-Prop Trap-Rap LP, 'Death Drive'

    Earlier this year, we introduced you to the unlikely paring that is indie-rap lion Sole and producer DJ Pain 1. The former is a consummate outsider — the expatriated founder of the Anticon collective who moved from Oakland to Denver and found a new home (at the time) with the Occupy movement therein.  Meanwhile, the Madison-based Pain is a platinum-certified beatsmith who's authored tracks for everyone from 50 Cent and Juicy J to Public Enemy and Kool G Rap. (He's an educator in his city, too.)Different though their circumstances may be, they forge a strong partnership that finds Sole at his most clear-headed and sharp-tongued, spitting agit-prop anarchist heat over trapped percussion, chopped soul snippets, and classic turntable scratch. They've made an entire album of the stuff called Death Drive, and — lucky you — it's now streaming below.

  • DJ Dodger Stadium Jerome LOL Samo Sound Boy Video Never Win

    DJ Dodger Stadium Hit Sad Techno Sweet Spot in 'Never Win' Video

    DJ Dodger Stadium combines the talents of Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy, co-founders of the rising Los Angeles dance label Body High. We've heard them each individually on SPIN before — check Jerome's "Deleted," and Samo's "Divine" to get a feel for them apart — but on July 8, they'll co-release Friend of Mine under that geographically specific moniker. The label promises "10 pieces of hypnotic techno that tell the story of a wounded soul's search for redemption and peace," and that sounds about right. Above you can hear the just-shared song "Never Win," via XLR8R, which laces that downtrodden sentiment with melancholic yet body-moving beats. The accompanying video gives us a dusky tour of DJ Dodger Stadium's city, much like the previously released clip for album-opener "Love Songs." Because the music's great, you can watch that one below, too.

  • Dum Dum Girls 'Under These Hands' Video Session London

    Dum Dum Girls Slink and Soothe in 'Under These Hands' Video

    When it comes to promoting their expertly arranged latest album, Too True, Dum Dum Girls have gone big on the music video front. There was, of course, the Bret Easton Ellis short film for "Are You Okay," and the Jem and the Holograms-channelling "Rimbaud Eyes" cartoon, but also the hazy, gauzy, über-Goth clips for "Too True to be Good" and "Lost Boys and Girls Club." At last, however, viewers at home can see the same Dum Dums that made our Best of SXSW list. Above, you can catch a spare, black-and-white video for "Under These Hands," commissioned by fashion brand All Saints for their London Sessions series. The slinky song fits well into the intimate, smoke-filled room, and showcases the confidence and personality behind Dee Dee Penny and her leather-clad posse.

  • White Sea 'They Don't Know' Session Video

    Watch White Sea's Stunning, Operatic 'They Don't Know' Session Video

    If you don't yet know White Sea by name, you've most definitely already heard the soaring voice behind the moniker. Since 2008's Saturdays = Youth, Morgan Kibby has sung and played keys with M83 (oh yeah, and she co-wrote "Midnight City"). But with her just-out debut solo LP, In Cold Blood, the Alaska-born, Los Angeles-dwelling singer, writer, and producer handily establishes herself as a solo force. Taking cues from Kate Bush, Prince, and Joni Mitchell, White Sea sounds at once operatic and intimate, wild and carefully assembled. And at the center of all that electronically amplified songcraft is Kibby herself. Above, you can watch as she sits down in front of the piano at Shabby Road Studios in Brooklyn and, well, simply stuns.

  • Weezer Ain't Got Nobody Video Preview Wednesday

    Hear the Hook of Weezer's 'Ain't Got Nobody'

    Happy Weezer Wednesday! Here's the latest installment of the reinvigorated '90s icons' video series previewing their purportedly in-progress, Ric Ocasek-produced ninth album. We've shared a couple of clips before, but why not put all eight of them in one place? Above, check out the latest, which teases a song seemingly called "Ain't Got Nobody." Below, you'll hear some of "The Wasteland" (which definitely has "awesome guitars happening") followed by other static-snarled snippets and behind-the-scenes tidbits. Catch more Weezer weirdness on Tumblr, then head "Back to the Shack."

  • Larry King Now Tyler the Creator Video Interview

    Watch Larry King Interview Tyler, the Creator

    UPDATE: We've now got the full episode embedded above. Enjoy!Yup. Odd Future leader and all-around Wolf/auteur Tyler, the Creator appears on Larry King Now today (June 4). In case you missed it, that's the Hulu and Ora TV-distributed web talk show of the most distinguished man in televised interviews. The new episode is available at 5 p.m. ET, but you can watch a sizzle reel above that finds the esteemed guest discussing his filmic ambitions — to be mentioned in the same breath as Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino — while also shedding light on the OFWGKTA ethos and, ahem, expressing his admiration for a beloved actress: "I love Jennifer Lawrence. If you watching this, leave the nigga you with!" King proves he understands that Tyler is more than soundbites: "You're a renaissance man," he says assuredly.

  • Joakim Luke Jenner Bring Your Love Video Rapture

    The Rapture's Luke Jenner Dresses Up for Joakim's 'Bring Your Love' Video

    Parisian producer and Tigersushi Records boss Joakim is the subject of a deep and delightful profile by SPIN's own Philip Sherburne and in celebration of that fact — we'd like the think, at least — he's released a brand new video. Seen above, the Ill-Studio-directed "Bring Your Love" clip finds guest Luke Jenner (late-ish of the Rapture) suited up and singing about "broken dreams" while model/artist/editor Bianca O'Brien appears in various odd, arty scenarios. The track itself, which hails from the out-now Tropics of Love album, takes a similar bent, bridging tropical gauze to sound design to Balearic pulse. On June 16, "Bring Your Love" will get its own single release, complete with an extended dub version, and remixes from Sam Tiba, Young Marco, and William Burnett. 

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