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  • Kanye West Sway Interview Screaming Fashion Millions

    Kanye West Screams at Sway: 'I Am Shakespeare!'

    These days, there is no shortage of Kanye West audio finding the Yeezus MC making wildly passionate claims about his creative genius, or loudly lamenting his inability to get a foothold in the world of high fashion. There's a new clip or two every day, and since Rick Rubin isn't here to edit the output, we've been picking and choosing as we go, looking for, say, moments when the dude starts screaming at a radio host and calling himself William Shakespeare.Yes, West's brand new talk with Sway on Eminem's Shade 45 SirusXM is one for the books. In the beginning, the MTV personality and apparent friend of West gives a sincere and rapturous introduction, while his guest chuckles with self-satisfied confidence. They then discuss their mutual admiration for hip-hop beat-makers of yore, but before long, the clothing business comes up, and things get heated.

  • James Blake Destiny's Child Bills Remix Stream Download

    Hear James Blake's Beyoncé Impression on Rare Destiny's Child 'Bills' Remix

    Every once in awhile, a remix comes along that is oh-so-much more than your standard promotional fare and when it does, there's a good chance James Blake is behind the thing. Or rather, Harmonimix, since that's the name the London singer-producer often prefers when taking on others' material.As it turns out, his reworking of Destiny's Child's 1999 "Bills Bills Bills" is so nice, it's worth experiencing twice — though the remix received a limited vinyl white-label release in 2010, Blake has now uploaded the thing to his 1-800-Dinosaur SoundCloud account so that the rest of us can experience its glitchy brilliance. In truth, Harmonimix's "Bills" is more of a cover, with our silky-voiced singer recreating the chorus himself, and enhancing the jittery production of the original with synth blurts and big bass. Excellently Overgrown.

  • MellowHigh Tour Video '4 Days With' Odd Future Carnival

    See MellowHigh Catch Reefer Madness in '4 Days With' Tour Video

    When your group's called MellowHigh, there's a natural assumption that life on the road is a slow-motion blur of hazy days — a purple-flecked bus, perhaps, trailing billowing smoke. But Odd Future trio Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, and Left Brain disprove that lazy assumption handily in the video above, which condenses four days of tour madness into seven minutes of frenetic wilding. Basically, it's the stuff of Reefer Madness fear-mongering come to life.We see plenty of marijuana, yes. But instead of chill stonerisms we get fans on the verge of rioting, artists who are clearly deranged, talking likenesses of cats, and stuff getting broken.

  • Kanye West Bound 2 Seth Rogen James Franco Video

    Seth Rogen Makes Out With James Franco in Kanye West 'Bound 2' Spoof

    Kanye West's "Bound 2" video has inspired a lot of talk. SPIN's Marc Hogan noted that the graphics evoke '90s arcade classic Cruis'n' USA, albeit functioning as a backdrop for the Yeezus star and his topless fiancee's simulated sexcapades atop a motorcycle. Meanwhile, Brandon Soderberg wrote that the Kim Kardashian vehicle is "a pretty bad idea seen through so completely that it stops being a bad idea ... the heartening end result of Kanye's decade of bumpy, somewhat progressive music videos, questioning the video-girl role and adjusting the mores of female representation in hip-hop."Fair enough, but for certain works of art, no words will do. Above, watch as Seth Rogen and James Franco recreate the awkwardly intimate video shot-for-shot. Bask in the majesty of the former's shirtless form, and revel in witnessing the awkward rap-hands of the latter.

  • blur, big day out, cancel

    Blur Cancel Big Day Out Despite What Promoter Calls Much 'Ass'-Kissing

    Blur and Big Day Out organizers have clashed following the iconic Britpop band's announcement they will no longer be headlining the Australian festival. "We were disappointed to learn of Blur's cancellation via their Facebook page yesterday morning," wrote BDO on their own Facebook wall with passive-aggressive aplomb. The multi-day traveling music event was set to kick off on January 17 in Auckland, New Zealand, and would've marked Blur's first Down Under dates in 17 years.What happened is still unclear, but Damon Albarn and co. clearly point the finger at the promoters. "Devastated to report that Blur won't be performing at BDO in 2014," the band writes. "It's a shock that it has come to this.

  • Death Vessel Jonsi Isla Drown Stream Island

    Death Vessel and Sigur Ros' Jonsi Team for Graceful 'Ilsa Drown'

    On February 25, the inimitable Death Vessel will bring an unofficial six-year recording hiatus to and end with Island Intervals, an eight-song set that finds the Rhode Island-based folkist recording Reykjavík, Iceland with help from a few familiar locals. On first taste "Ilsa Drown," Sigur Rós singer Jónsi joins, and the pair are a perfect fit. Their high voices glide over the gentle instrumentation, which picks up steam as the song pushes on. The Kveiker-maker also co-wrote that particular song, but his countryman and bandmate Alex Somers producers the entire album, which includes appearances from Pete Donnelly (the Figgs, NRBQ), Samuli Kosminen (Múm), and Thorvaldur "Doddi" Thorvaldsson. Death Vessel, Island Intervals track list:1. "Ejecta"2. "Velvet Antlers"3. "Triangulated Heart"4. "Mercury Dime"5. "Ilsa Drown"6. "Island Vapors"7. "We Agreed"8. "Loom"

  • David Guetta and Mikky Ekko Team for Typhoon Relief

    David Guetta and Mikky Ekko Team for Typhoon Relief

    Typhoon Haiyan, or Typhoon Yolanda, took well over 5,000 lives and did an incalculable amount of damage in the Philippines earlier this month. In concert with the United Nations and World Humanitarian Day, French superstar DJ David Guetta is joining the #TheWorldNeedsMore social media campaign in order to help in the relief effort. Various participants ranging from Gucci to Intel have added their support to the fundraiser by choosing their own key words for the program. For Guetta, the world needs more #Love, and in honor of that theme, he and SPIN favorite Mikky Ekko have teamed to create a new song called "One Voice." The video will be projected onto the UN Secretariat Building in New York tonight, November 22, from 7:30 p.m. on EST. Catch the ongoing livestream below, and visit the WHD site to unlock the video by tweeting your own #TheWorldNeedsMore word.

  • Eminem Rap God Video Max Headroom Zane Lowe

    Eminem Is Max Headroom in Upcoming 'Rap God' Video

    Eminem has a long tradition of spoofing au courant celebrities in his music videos, but the preview for his forthcoming "Rap God" clip finds him taking on a fictional one from the '80s: Max Headroom. In the snippet above, we see Slim Shady donning sunglasses and dolled up to look particularly rubbery, mouthing the sampled intro for the vocally acrobatic Marshall Mathers LP 2 single. The teaser lets us know that the real thing is coming Wednesday, November 27.Meanwhile, the rest of the man's hour-long interview with BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe is out. Audio of the full chat — in which Eminem discussed addiction, memory loss, fame — was already available, plus a "Part 1" video that shows Eminem praising Rick Rubin and pretending (we hope) to pee his pants on air. Now you can see the rest: In "Part 2," he talks about balancing lyrical integrity against punchlines and radio hooks.

  • Haiti Direct Dance Compilation 60s Strut Records Stream

    Rara Riot: Hear a Funky Cut from Strut's 'Haiti Direct' Compilation

    The crate-digging archivists of Strut Records are preparing to release a two-disc set of Haitian dance music sourced from the '60s and '70s. Dubbed Haiti Direct: Big Band, Mini-Jazz & Twoubadou Sounds 1960-1978, the January 28 compilation was overseen by DJ Hugo Mendez of the Sofrito collective, and focuses on a handful of styles that emerged at a key moment in the island's cultural history.

  • Nguzunguzu 'Mecha' Video Skycell EP Game, photo via Facebook

    Nguzunguzu's 'Mecha' Video Is a Smorgasbord of Evil Robots

    When we heard the titular first taste of Nguzunguzu's new Skycell EP, SPIN's Philip Sherburne theorized that the Los Angeles duo had set out to answer the question: "What if you could make U.K.-style grime music with no hard edges at all?" On their latest track "Mecha," Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda still take a minimal, airy approach, but the accompanying video is packed wall-to-wall with dangerously solid and hefty things — namely, a wilding cavalcade of mechanized bad guys borrowed from cinema's past. The annals of anime are raided (Gundam, perhaps?) as are sci-fi flicks (The Matrix) and action blockbusters (The Avengers). Directed by Jude MC for MOCAtv, the clip was inspired by the Fade to Mind EP's theme — Skycell is apparently video game that captures the user and subs in a hostile alternate reality.

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