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  • EDC Under the Electric Sky Wheelchair Hardwell Video

    'Under the Electric Sky:' Watch Hardwell DJ an Unforgettable EDC Moment

    Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 may have just wrapped, but fans of the massive electronic music festival and the uninitiated alike have a chance to experience the next best thing: the pretty freaking immersive 3D documentary, Under the Electric Sky, which SPIN first saw at Sundance. Well, to be fair, we saw the actual thing at EDC 2013, but this filmic representation of Insomniac Events' massive takeover of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a different trip. In addition to interview and performance footage of dance music giants like Fatboy Slim, Kaskade, Dillon Francis, Afrojack, Above & Beyond, Armin Van Buren, Avicii, and Tiësto, there's a whole lot of focus on the fans. In fact, the Focus Features film (in theaters now) follows a handful of attendees as they prep for and ultimately arrive at the fest.

  • Mono Poly 'Ra Rise' Stream Brainfeeder

    Hear Mono/Poly Summon the Sun on Beatwise 'Ra Rise'

    Bakersfield-bred producer Mono/Poly was born to be on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label. Just listen to those lush electronic burbles, atmospheric hum, unexpected melodies, and clattering percussion on "Ra Rise" below. That new song from the California artist otherwise known as Charles Dickerson is imbued with the same combination of wide-eyed wonder and weeded exploration that results such spirit-imbued sonic missives as Thundercat's Apocalypse, Matthewdavid's In My World, Ras G's Back on the Planet, or FlyLo's Until the Quiet Comes. On August 26, Mono/Poly will add his own full-length to that immense oeuvre — Golden Skies. If it's half as gorgeous as what we've got here — thanks in no small part to the vocals of Niki Randa — we're looking at a gleaming horizon ahead indeed.

  • Fractures 'Won't Win' Video EP

    Fractures' Alt-R&B Spawns a Domestic Cold War in 'Won't Win' Video

    If you don't yet know Melbourne resident Mark Zito, now's a pretty good time for an good look into the singer/producer's heart and soul. Recording under the name Fractures, he plays like a slightly slicker James Blake or How to Dress Well — an R&Bist with an alternative approach, and an ear for what works. At least, that's how the man comes across on his latest single, "Won't Win." And above, director Jeff Andersen Jnr. gives the song's lyrics a fairly literal treatment, depicting a tense domestic standoff between Zito and a young love interest. Still, as the clip carries on, something fantastical and a little disturbing begins to take place. Watch above, and check out the Fractures EP, which is out July 4.

  • Houndstooth 'Yellow Stone' Video Portland

    Houndstooth Play Dreamy Pop Blues in 'Yellow Stone' Video

    Portland quintet Houndstooth crank out a comely combination of overcast dream-pop and bluesy Americana. Their debut album Ride Out the Dark is one of the 2013's all-too overlooked delights, but they'll have another crack at expanding audiences with a sophomore LP later this year. Katie Bernstein and Co. are still in working on that as-yet unnamed record, but they've taken a break to premiere a taste of what's to come right here. Seen and heard above is "Yellow Stone," a drifty little slab of airy indie prone to some dark forays into moody guitar (that's John Gnorski). The Alexander Morris-directed video is simple — the gang plays in the studio, while a VHS treatment and tiny television seem to pay off of the line, "I'm watching you watching you watch me." Keep an eye on these labelmates to Doug Paisley — more powerful fare from the No Quarter crew.

  • The Weeknd 'Often' Stream

    The Weeknd Sexes 'Often' on New Song

    In case you were wondering, the Weeknd does it "Often." Abel Tesfaye's mostly been cameo-ing or remixing of late, but on Tuesday he dropped a brand new solo cut that finds the man sounding exhausted by his own staggering sexual prowess. "Oooh, the sun's rising up / The night's almost done / But I see your eyes / You wanna go again / Girl, I'll go again." If he must. Thankfully the Canadian R&Bist has made "Often" available for free download, so admirers will be able to experience the thing as much as they'd like without disturbing the Weeknd (who we hope is taking a nap). Listen below, and revisit our review of Tesfaye's 2013 set, Kiss Land. 

  • Doprah 'Stranger People' Video New Zealand

    Doprah, New Zealand's Next Art-Pop Star, Drops Wild Anime-Inspired Video

    All hail the arrival of another odd-pop export from New Zealand: Doprah. On record, the project is a duo comprising producer Steven Marr and vocalist Indira Force. Live their membership expands to six, but in the video for "Stranger People" above, well, things are ... different. Apparently taking a cue from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, our young heroes appear as tiny weirdos in a neon-dipped dollhouse, accompanied by creepily masked dancers-as-anime-characters (word to Le1f). Indira eventually becomes some sort of kawaii princess, and Marr appears as the lost male member of Sailor Moon's crew. Awesome. As for the song, it strikes a gauzy balance between the gothy inclinations of fellow Kiwi Lorde, the noirish husk of Portishead, and the curious mood-making of cloud-rap. Compare to or call it whatever you want — Doprah have got their own wild thing going on, and Ms. Force is aptly named.

  • Courtney Love Kurt Cobain Wanted Fame Interview Video

    Kurt Cobain Was 'Desperate' for Fame, Says Courtney Love

    National Geographic are feeling nostalgic for grunge era and so have turned their cameras on the strange wilderness that once was Aberdeen, Washington. Above, you'll find a clip from the forthcoming miniseries, The '90s: The Last Great Decade?, exploring in broad strokes the rise of Nirvana and the relationship between Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Therein, the ever outspoken widow aims to dispel the "myth" that her husband had no interest in becoming famous."He wanted it baaaad," she says. "He wrote to every major, minor, any label, 'We'll pay. Let us be on your label.' He was desperate to be the biggest rock star in the world. Absolutely desperate. But he made it look like it was thrust upon him."Earlier in the clip, however, a clear-eyed Cobain can be seen saying, "I'm too stubborn to allow myself to ever compromise our music or turn us into big rock stars.

  • Larry Gus 'With All Your Eyes Look' Video Remix

    Watch Larry Gus' Mind-Bending 'With All Your Eyes Look' Video

    More gifts from Larry Gus. Last week we premiered the Milan-based producer's contribution to an excellent Dummy Records comp, "Translucid." But now DFA Records has given us a handful of goodies to let loose from their plunderphonic pop auteur. Above you can watch the wild video for new song "With All Your Eyes Look." Therein, director Seth Brau does with lines what Gus does with sound — creating beautiful form from chaos, and creating a few illusions in the process. The song itself sports a clackity beat and waves of warm melody, eventually giving way to Larry's own charming, colorful vocals. It's a perfect pairing. Meanwhile, below you can hear not only the aforementioned song, but three strikingly unique remixes of "With All Your Eyes Look." First, Black Deer (aka Willie Burns) dwells in the eerie, finding a still percussive but equally drone-y space to explore.

  • Read 10 Motherloving Pages of the 'Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever' Book

    Read 10 Motherloving Pages of the 'Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever' Book

    June 23, 1955, some hellish crag opened up and spit out the mighty metal scion now known as Glenn Danzig. Through his work with the Misfits and his own eponymous band — plus his trips to the grocery store to buy kitty litter — the curmudgeonly doomster has influenced some untold astronomical number of reverent human beings.One of those is Los Angeles artist, author, and record nerd Tom Neely, who some number of years ago set out to depict "the greatest love story ever told" — a little cult-beloved slice of domestic bliss/angst called Henry & Glenn Forever, naturally revolving around the hypothetical romantic coupling of Mr. Danzig and one Henry Rollins.

  • Tropicalia Documentary Quincy Jones Interview Video

    Quincy Jones and Caetano Veloso Explore History in 'Tropicalia' Clip

    One of the most colorful and musically revolutionary movements of the '60s took place on the same soil where the World Cup is currently going down. Well, not on the pitch, exactly, but in the nation of Brazil. Tropicália, or Tropicalismo, blended traditional strains of folk music with psychedelic pop, avant-garde art, and, often, political criticism. The names of those who blazed the trail are now commonplace for even passing fans of Brazilian music — Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Tom Zé, Os Mutantes, Gal Costa — but their initial arrival, before albums like Jorge Ben's África Brasil became vintage vinyl essentials, was nothing short of a revelation. Marcelo Machado's Tropicália documentary lovingly captures that time and its lasting impact. Though made in 2012, the film is finally in theaters and available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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