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  • Tensnake Nile Rodgers 'Love Sublime' Video Fiora

    Tensnake, Nile Rodgers Take Deep House to the Disco in 'Love Sublime' Video

    Whether or not Daft Punk and their "Get Lucky" buddy Pharrell Williams have achieved maximum market saturation is a matter of debate, but even the toughest cynic should melt in front of Nile Rodgers' grin. The Chic guitarist beat cancer last year just in time to score a front seat to his own career's renaissance. Thanks to his trio of Random Access Memories assists, he's recorded with Disclosure, rocked with Bono, and sat in with the Roots on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Now he teams with German deep house producer Tensnake and vocalist Fiona for "Love Sublime," a song that does not in fact appear to be an admission of guilty pleasure where the works of a certain Long Beach reggae-rock band are concerned. Instead, we get a disco-kissed dance track that sulks and soars in turn, and whose video offers a mysterious night in the City of Angels.

  • Adele Phil Collins Working Together New Album

    Adele and Phil Collins Are Working Together

    Phil Collins has revealed that he's working on music with Adele. The former Genesis leader and solo '80s icon gave an interview to Inside South Florida in which he explained that the 25-year-old powerhouse soul singer reached out to him about collaborating."I've just started to work with Adele. She contacted me to write together," he said, according to MTV before going on. "I wasn't actuality too aware [of her]. I live in a cave [but] she's achieved an incredible amount and I really love her voice and I love some of that stuff she's done. So, to me, it's always an eye-opener [to work with new people]. Educational."Collins has considerable chops as a producer, having taken on that roll not only for his own material, but on albums by others including Eric Clapton, Adam Ant, and the Four Tops.

  • Cat Power 'Free' Girls Remix Stream HBO Soundtrack

    Cat Power's 'Free' Gets Dance Remix for HBO's 'Girls'

    On Cat Power's "Free," Chan Marshall coos, "True romance ... when you dance." Now a reworked version of that You Are Free standout arrives tailor-made to elicit that very response. Remixed for the second Girls soundtrack, the 2003 classic gets a pulsing new beat, some serrated synths, and a little bit of reverb-assisted urgency. We've heard other original highlights from the HBO show ahead of this: Jenny Lewis' "Completely Not Me" and Lizzo's "Paris," with more on the way from Miguel, Beck, Lily Allen, and Christina Perri. Everybody, come together, courtesy of Stereogum.

  • Grizzly Bear Baths Remix 'Will Calls' Stream Tour

    Baths Gives Grizzly Bear's 'Will Calls' a Glistening Beat

    Late last year, Grizzly Bear reissued an expanded version of 2012's Shields featuring demos, B-sides, and remixes relevant to that masterful album. Familiar figures like Liars and Lindstrøm reworked some of the original songs wth aplomb, but now we have a later entry: Los Angeles singer/producer Baths takes on "Will Calls (Marfa Demo)," which is fitting not just because he has shown ample capacity for the kind of beautiful darkness heard on the original, but also because, well, his real name is Will. Get it? In any case, Mr. Wiesenfeld here completely reinvents the song, giving it skittering beats, swelling sequences, and his own choral vocals. (Compare that to Diplo's version, also below.) Baths is soon touring behind his excellent 2013 platter Obsidian. Review the dates below, along with a few for Grizzly man Daniel Rossen, who hits the road in March.

  • Deer Tick 'Big House' Video Negativity

    Deer Tick Strum Sweetly on Heartbroken 'Big House'

    Providence saloon shit-kickers Deer Tick are back with a new video for "Big House," a quieter number from their rock-solid 2013 platter Negativity. The clip above is pretty frills-free — a pileup of images colored by late-night neon glow and the occasional exploding rocket. We see a lot of band boss John McCauley, strumming as he sings about a certain someone who's done him wrong: "It's a deep hole that you've dug with all your lyin'." Intermittent shots of a female figure suggests that his scorn is romantic at its root. If that's the case, the man's no doubt in a better headspace these days, having been wed to Vanessa Carlton by Stevie Nicks in December. For some heavier spleen-venting though, check out Deervana's full-album cover of Nirvana's In Utero.

  • Band of Horses

    Band of Horses Tease Live Album With Gossamer 'Detlef Schrempf'

    There's a musical axiom known by modern festivalgoers: whether or not you start the morning as a Band of Horses fan, if you see them play in the evening, you'll be a devotee by day's end. The Charleston-based quintet combine Southern rock warmth with indie's urgency, and lace just about every song with feelings-heavy hooks that beg to be shouted by crowds. Which is why a live release is a long time coming. Acoustic at the Ryman is due February 11 via Brown Records, and features the 2007 song below, "Detlef Schrempf," as performed at that beloved Nashville venue.Keyboardist Ryan Monroe shared a memory from the April 2013 set: "We were getting a bear hug from the audience the entire set, so we felt the love and were surprisingly comfortable on stage. It reminded me of jamming at one of our grandparents' houses. Maybe that's why we brought out the old lamps and tables.

  • Kurt Cobain Day Aberdeen Washington Nirvana Proclamation

    Smells Like Town Rivalry: Kurt Cobain Day Declared in Aberdeen, Washington

    Not to be outdone, the small Washingtonian city of Aberdeen has declared that February 20 will henceforth be known as Kurt Cobain Day. The legendary musician was born there, of course, on that exact day in 1967. But that didn't stop Hoquiam, a town four miles west, from proclaiming April 10 Nirvana Day a month ago. A little friendly municipal rivalry, perhaps? For the record, the sign welcoming visitors to Aberdeen has read "Come as You Are" since 2005.And city mayor Bill Simpson is prepared to escalate if need be — according to local radio station KXRO, he confirms that the official proclamation will be read in full on February 12, and that Cobain Day could evolve into an entire Cobain Week.

  • Jade de LaFleur 'Blue Notes Green Trees' Video Jaded

    Jade de LaFleur Plots Drug Heist in 'Blue Notes and Green Trees' Video

    We first met Jade de LaFleur via Solange Knowles' Saint Heron compilation, but like so many others on that album, the Brooklyn singer stands strong on her own two legs. But if there was any doubt, look no further than the video above, for "Blue Notes and Green Trees" from her just-out EP Jaded. The song itself is a pained blues ballad about the wages of romance: "Why call it love when it's a war?" de LaFleur coos in the beginning, pensive piano and lonely trumpet echoing the mood perfectly. Meanwhile, director Jordan Riggs of High5Collective (Frank Ocean, the Weeknd) gives us a silent film to go with. Therein, de LaFleur plays an indentured crack cook with an ulterior agenda that includes a clutch assist from fellow vocalist Ro James. Stay tuned for part two.

  • Mac DeMarco 'Treat Her Better' Video Live Sundance

    Watch Mac DeMarco Warn Sundance Fans to 'Treat Her Better'

    Now that Mac DeMarco's Salad Days has a proper release date — April 1 via Captured Tracks — the Canuck fuzz-pop oddball is popping up all over the place. There was the fake song "Eddie's Dream" (also known as "A Little Bit of Pussy"), the radio session and acoustic gig that yielded a few legit tracks, and the proper release of lead single "Passing Out Pieces." But the last place we expected to see the man was at Sundance and yet, there he was, playing at the 1MSQFT space while the lovely La Blogothèque filmed. Above, you can watch DeMarco give an electric rendition of new one "Treat Her Better," gifting that intimate space with spare bursts of guitar, sung warnings leveled at an unseen foe, and the occasional maniacal laugh. If you know who you are, "boy," you might wanna listen up.

  • Macklemore Ryan Lewis Grammys Pop Rap Debate

    Grammys Rap Committee Tried to Blackball Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

    The Grammys rap committee attempted to bar Macklemore & Ryan Lewis from receiving any hip-hop-related nominations, according to an anonymous insider cited by the Associated Press. Despite the fact that the duo's star vocalist rhymes all over their 2013 album The Heist, not to mention the smash singles "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us," the selection group wanted to exile them to the pop categories. They were overruled by the general committee.The Seattle pair's manager Zach Quillen called the debate "bullshit" (AP doesn't specify the "expletive" used, but, well, it is). He pointed out that Ben "Macklemore" Haggerty has been rapping since he was 14, and explained that, "If you strip away being influenced by the popularity or by who their fans are or by the amount of radio traction their songs got ...

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