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  • Read 10 Motherloving Pages of the 'Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever' Book

    Read 10 Motherloving Pages of the 'Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever' Book

    June 23, 1955, some hellish crag opened up and spit out the mighty metal scion now known as Glenn Danzig. Through his work with the Misfits and his own eponymous band — plus his trips to the grocery store to buy kitty litter — the curmudgeonly doomster has influenced some untold astronomical number of reverent human beings.One of those is Los Angeles artist, author, and record nerd Tom Neely, who some number of years ago set out to depict "the greatest love story ever told" — a little cult-beloved slice of domestic bliss/angst called Henry & Glenn Forever, naturally revolving around the hypothetical romantic coupling of Mr. Danzig and one Henry Rollins.

  • Tropicalia Documentary Quincy Jones Interview Video

    Quincy Jones and Caetano Veloso Explore History in 'Tropicalia' Clip

    One of the most colorful and musically revolutionary movements of the '60s took place on the same soil where the World Cup is currently going down. Well, not on the pitch, exactly, but in the nation of Brazil. Tropicália, or Tropicalismo, blended traditional strains of folk music with psychedelic pop, avant-garde art, and, often, political criticism. The names of those who blazed the trail are now commonplace for even passing fans of Brazilian music — Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Tom Zé, Os Mutantes, Gal Costa — but their initial arrival, before albums like Jorge Ben's África Brasil became vintage vinyl essentials, was nothing short of a revelation. Marcelo Machado's Tropicália documentary lovingly captures that time and its lasting impact. Though made in 2012, the film is finally in theaters and available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

  • OK Go Behind the Scenes The Writings on the Wall Video

    OK Go Take Us Behind the Scenes of Their New Video's Wildest Illusion

    On Wednesday, OK Go returned with another eye-boggling filmic feat and instantly canonical entry into the History of Awesome Music Videos. Their clip for "The Writing's on the Wall" offered a dizzying blitz of optical illusions, many of which involved creating simple geometric shapes out of mélanges of oddly organized items — a trick of depth perception and coloration that yielded some amazing results in the first half of the song. Then Los Angeles quartet almost literally flip the whole thing on its head. Or bassist Tim Nordwind's head, rather, as they use the same perspective wilding to replicate the dude's face using, among many other things: an umbrella, a mannequin, a traffic cone, a stapler, a tire, and a plate holding macaroons and socks.

  • The Range of Light Wilderness Full Album Stream Big Sur

    Stream the Range of Light Wilderness' Wondrous Psych-Folk Album

    The opening song on the Range of Light Wilderness' debut album plays like a mantra. "Magic Please" is a gentle plea for some unseen force to show its power — a tautly beautiful duet between band boss Thomas Frank McDonald and drummer Jessi Campbell. And the very next track, lo-fi pop nugget "Perfect," wouldn't sound out of place in a quiet corner of a Ty Segall-assisted album. While the entire 14-song self-titled set — which you can find streaming below — is basked in coastal light and California mysticism befitting its Big Sur birth, each track offers a distinctly different trip. With further assistance from bassist/vocalist Nick Aives, this trio explores a dozen-plus sides of psychedelic folk, from '60s-indebted jams to synth-assisted drifts.

  • Larry Gus 'Translucid' Stream Dummy Mag Compilation

    Hear Larry Gus' Tropical Beat Feast, 'Translucid'

    Last year we met Panagiotis Melidis, a computer engineer who makes "wild, plunderphonic pop" under the name Larry Gus. "When I'm on my own," said the Greece-born producer to SPIN's Philip Sherburne, "I'm just looking in flea markets for cheap stuff and shitty, like, library records, old jazz records, and really bad New Age stuff." Yet, as evidenced by the DFA Records LP that followed — Years Not Living — the sum of his found parts is a very formidable thing. Now, we're happy to share for the first time "Translucid," a Gus cut from the stunning 21st Century Pop Music 2014 compilation, out June 23 on Dummy Records (digital pre-order here). The song you'll find below is richly infused with bossa rhythms, silken harmonies, backmasked gutiars, and other oddities that expand its psychedelic air.

  • 6Blocc 'Death Wish' Stream Basstruck EP

    6Blocc Combines Juke, Jungle, and Dubstep on 'Death Wish'

    6Blocc is a legend in Los Angeles' electronic music scene. In late '80s, he made rap beats for up-and-coming MCs, but in the early '90s he found his stride as a creator of and ambassador for emerging styles — happy hardcore, jungle, drum'n'bass. He went by the name R.A.W. and his early tapes are the stuff of local legend. Of late, though the man's become best known for throwing in his lot with the SMOG Records crew, initially specializing in dubstep, and now, as you'll hear below, experimenting with footwork. "Death Wish" hails from his June 24 Basstruck EP, and combines moody atmosphere, jittering percussion, menacing vocal samples, and Squarepusher-like edits.

  • Lana Del Rey 'Shades of Cool' Video Ultraviolence

    Watch Lana Del Rey's Bewitching, Surreal 'Shades of Cool' Video

    Lana Del Rey's spectral "Shades of Cool" now has a video to go with. Seen above, the Jake Nava-directed clip follows the movements of a ruggedly handsome older man — through the streets of Los Angeles at night, and eventually  very '70s-styled abode. Initially, our Ultraviolence heroine appears as a hologram or an, ahem, shade that seemingly lives in the fellow's head, but the lines between fantasy and reality mesh further as the nearly six-minute track haunts ever onward. Ultraviolence is out now — revisit the title track, "Brooklyn Baby," and "West Coast." Also, catch LDR on an upcoming Brian Wilson album.

  • Dikembe 'Gets Harder' Mediumship Stream

    Dikembe Seethe Earnestness on Searing 'Gets Harder'

    We most recently heard from Dikembe in the SPIN Singles Mix — the Floridian punks wowed us with a moody sprawler that veered into post-rock territory even as it bumped up against the recent emotings of the excellent Cloud Nothings. That song hailed from the quartet's second album, Mediumship, arriving August via Tiny Engines, and now we've got an aptly titled second taste, "Gets Harder." Heard below, the new song combines strained shouts, grungy guitar, yearning melody, and a sound that creeps and surges in time. (There's a little Pixies in there too, we'd venture to say.) "I never said anything that I didn't mean," quavers Steven Gray, and you believe him without question — this is earnest stuff, and further fuel to the fire of anticipation. In July, Dikembe tour with San Diego's Weatherbox.

  • Hear Jessie Ware's 'Tough Love,' the First Taste of Her New Album

    Hear Jessie Ware's 'Tough Love,' the First Taste of Her New Album

    Though it's only been two years since Jessie Ware's Devotion crossed our desks, it feels like longer — the London singer and songwriter helped usher in a major R&B revival that's been advancing ever since, so it only seems fair that she have a hand in shaping it further. Below you can hear "Tough Love," the first song from her next album, which is being produced entirely by BenZel (remember their cover of Brownstone's "If You Love Me"?). It's a pleasantly unflashy track that finds Ware unspooling falsetto'ed excellence over a warm, soft-focus cut that wouldn't sound lost on a Blood Orange album. For more of what she's been up to of (sort) late, we heard "True Believers" late last year, and Julio Bashmore's "Peppermint" before that.

  • Ella Eyre If I Go Remix Cadenza Stream

    Ella Eyre's 'If I Go (Cadenza Remix)' Blends Pop, Soul, Trap

    The last time we heard from Ella Eyre, the Rudimental singer was holding forth over Oflynn's purple-dipped post-dubstep remix of her breakout solo track "Deeper." On July 13, however, she'll release her first official single, "If I Go," and we've got a trap-kissed revision of that soul-pop gem below courtesy of Mad Decent affiliate Cadenza. The London producer stays out of the way of those immense vocals, supporting with a wild array of percussive hits, eerie builds, and atmospheric wash. In the end, we get something akin to Timbaland and Mark Ronson crafting a track for the Wedidit gang, with a lion of a vocalist doing her thing on top.

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