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  • Willis Earl Beal Mischa Barton 'Coming Through' Video NSFW

    Mischa Barton Humps the Earth in Willis Earl Beal's 'Coming Through' Video

    Actress Mischa Barton becomes a member of the cult of Willis Earl Beal — literally — in the 11-minute video for the man's Cat Power collaboration, "Coming Through." The above short film purports to compile the lost recordings of a "new underground movement of consciousness" founded in New Mexico in 2013, led by the outsider bluesman bedecked in a ski mask and goggles. The former female lead of The O.C. appears as an acolyte of Beal's Church of Nobody, and appears to be depicted in one of the drawings that accompanied his 2012 album, Acousmatic Sorcery. There's also a thematic tie-in to the Sundance-showcased feature film Memphis — to the part where Beal talks about discovering the divine when he "fucked the dirt." Of course, "Coming Through" hails from last year's Nobody Knows. 

  • Perfect Pussy 'I' Video Say Yes to Love Tour Dates

    See Perfect Pussy Shred a Basement in 'I' Video

    New York noise-punk posse Perfect Pussy have released a video for "I," an almost meditative track not from their forthcoming album Say Yes to Love. This one actually hails from the I have lost all desire for feeling demo set. Therein, lead yelper Meredith Graves shouts various mantras — "I am full of peace!" — while her bandmates whip up a whirlwind of ecstatic chaos. Meanwhile, the Lukas Hodge-directed video captures the crew shredding in a basement, giving haircuts in a field, and generally frolicking. Thankfully, unlike the limited edition vinyl version of Perfect Pussy's new LP for Captured Tracks, the clip contains no actual blood. We can't promise the same of the following gigs.

  • Weezer 'Back to the Shack' Live Video Cruise

    Weezer Revisit the Sound That Made Them Famous on 'Back to the Shack'

    Weezer unveiled a brand new song on their second annual at-seas festival this past weekend. One passenger on The Weezer Cruise — which sailed from Florida to the Bahamas and back — captured all of "Back to the Shack," a song that aurally and lyrically pays tribute to the band's favored '90s history. Above, Rivers Cuomo sings of losing his way as an artist — "I forgot that disco sucks" — and returning to a simpler vision: "Maybe I should play the lead guitar and Pat should play the drums."In October, the band announced they were returning to the studio in January with Ric Ocasek producing. The Cars singer took on the same roll for the band's 1994 and 2001 eponymous LPs — "The Blue Album" and "The Green Album," respectively. He's also helmed records by Suicide, Bad Religion, and Nada Surf.

  • Drake OVO Festival Outkast 2014 Lineup

    Drake Scores OutKast for 2014 OVO Fest Lineup

    The Coachella 2014 lineup announcement confirmed what everyone had suspected: OutKast have reunited. But the Southern California double-weekender hardly has an exclusive on the ATLiens' return — Andre 3000 and Big Boi are doing at least 40 festivals this year. We've just learned they'll be playing Drake's OVO Fest in August. That follow news of headlining spots at: Governors Ball in New York, Firefly in Delaware, Hangout in Alabama, and Sasquatch! in Washington, among others.OutKast will headline a day of unannounced guests at Toronto's Molson Canadian Amphitheatre on Sunday, August 3, and Drake will do the same on Monday, August 4. As Billboard points out, surprise performers of the past have included Kanye West, Stevie Wonder, Jay Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Diddy. James Blake, Nicki Minaj, Nas, TLC, Rick Ross, Jeezy, and Ma$e have also appeared.

  • Dr. Dre Ten Times Outa 1 Fake Single Download

    Dr. Dre's New iTunes Single 'Ten Times Outa 1' Is Not by Dr. Dre

    Someone has managed to upload a very crappy song to iTunes apocryphally credited to Dr. Dre. Titled "Ten Times Outa 1," the new "single" features a backpack-rap beat complete with SP-1200 lo-bit buzz and a burbling bassline, while a male voice that doesn't even attempt to imitate the G-funk rambles about being "the number one gun" and dropping another "pussy hit." The vocals sound slightly European, but also like a bad RZA spoof. At one point, the man shouts out "S-N-double-O-P." It's truly terrible — not even a good spoof like the recent takes on Nine Inch Nails (by Freddy Scott) and Red Hot Chili Peppers (by Jon Daly). But still, it made it onto iTunes for some reason. Whatever you do, don't download the thing there. Dutch journalist Job de Wit found it on Zippyshare.The only real Dre news of late has come via a Beats ads sporting a possible Detox cut featuring Kendrick Lamar.

  • Kanye West Bound 1 Rant Proposal Video Bret Easton Ellis

    Bret Easton Ellis Says 'Yeezus' Screenplay Is in 'Kanye-Land'

    The worst first: Kanye West's ridiculously lavish made-for-TV proposal to Kim Kardashian can now be seen, thanks to TV. E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired the thing over the weekend (Happy Valentine's Day, common people) and you can now watch the expanded clip here, via Jezebel. While the pyrotechnics, orchestra, and baseball stadium are a wee bit much, when the man takes a knee it feels real. Also, when he dances to his own "Black Skinhead."And speaking of Kimye, West's Yeezus-ending celebration of the marriage to come, "Bound 2," has spawned a prequel, more or less. Kanye collaborator and TNGHT co-founder Hudson Mohawke played "Bound 1" in full at a recent gig in Leeds, revealing a smoother, more organic version of the song (possibly pre-Rick Rubin) featuring altered lyrics, different vocals from Charlie Wilson, and an previously unheard outro.

  • Mystery Skulls 'Ghost' Claude VonStroke Remix Stream

    Claude VonStroke Turns Mystery Skulls' 'Ghost' Into Haunted House

    Mystery Skulls is Luis Dubic, a man born in New Orleans, raised in Venezuela and then Toronto, who settled in Dallas, then started over in Los Angeles. There's something about his diverse past that's met by his music — a hybrid of disco, electro, pop, and soul (to name a few) that's earned him a forthcoming Nile Rodgers collaboration and a record deal with Warner Bros. He's currently at work on his debut album under this moniker — previously, he made four albums under the name the Secret Handshake — but the first single has been making the rounds, remixed by an impressive cast of DJs that range from Solidisco to Fred Falke. Now, Detroit-reared, Dirtybird Records house boss Claude VonStroke shares his take on "Ghost," a sizable song that gets taken apart and put back together as a demented dance-floor delight. 

  • Damon Albarn 'Lonely Press Play' 'Season in the Sun' Stream BBC Session

    Hear Damon Albarn's Warm, Wistful 'Season in the Sun' and 'Lonely Press Play'

    Damon Albarn unveiled Everyday Robots song "Lonely, Press Play" at SPIN's intimate Sundance showcase. Now, the Gorillaz and Blur boss brings it to the BBC along with a non-album cut: his cover of "Season in the Sun" by '70s soft-rocker Terry Jacks. The two songs share a certain wistfulness that sits well with Albarn's crackling vocals and warm finger-picking. The Radio 2 performance follows the release of the Brian Eno collaboration "Heavy Seas of Love" and the stunning video for "Everyday Robots." The album of the same name is due out April 29 via Warner Bros.Stream the new session audio below, and visit BBC for Dermot O'Leary's interview with Albarn.

  • Freeze-Tag 'No Passing (Otto and the Atom)' Stream

    Freeze-Tag's Astral Soul Soars on 'No Passing (Otto and the Atom)'

    Marcus Allen Ward creates soul-steeped electronic music with an auteur's touch. The name Freeze-Tag seems oddly fitting — there's a tactile nature to his songs, but also a sense of a series of detail-rich moments being caught in time, one after the next until you have a track like "No Passing (Otto and the Atom)." The end result is something special — a bright but bleary-eyed slab of Sade storm, Flying Lotus astrality, and Kelela intimacy. The track pops and skitters like dance music but drifts and flows like R&B. Shockingly, the Cleveland multi-instrumentalist/producer/singer did time in screamo bands as a teen (but, hey, so did Skrillex), though "No Passing (Otto and the Atom)" seems more indicative of what to expect from his forthcoming Last Night I Grew Tentacles full-length. Hear the track below.

  • Chris Brown Basketball Assault Bloods Gym Lawsuit

    Lawsuit Claims Chris Brown Beat Up Guy Over Basketball Foul

    And now Chris Brown is beating people up on basketball courts and claiming to a Blood, allegedly. A man named Malcolm Ausbon filed a lawsuit with the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles on Thursday, February 13, describing an incident with the R&B star at an area 24 Hour Fitness. He says he called a foul on Brown, that Brown then held onto the ball in protest and threatened to "put these hands on you" while declaring his rumored allegiance to the Bloods.The complaint then states that three members of Brown's entourage who were not in "proper workout attire" rushed him. One told him, "If you fuck with Chris, you fuck with us." And after the game resumed, they ran back onto the court and attacked along with Brown.

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