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  • Michael Jackson Fans France Emotional Damage Lawsuit

    Michael Jackson Fans Awarded One Euro Apiece for 'Emotional Damage'

    A court in France has ruled that the "emotional damage" of five Michael Jackson fans as a result of the King of Pop's death entitles them to one euro apiece. That total of roughly $6.82 American is ordered to come at the expense of Dr. Conrad Murray, who was charged with involuntary manslaughter two years ago for his role in the June 25, 2009 tragedy. As BBC News explains, the amount is symbolic, but the outcome is somewhat significant."As far as I know this is the first time in the world that the notion of emotional damage in connection with a pop star has been recognized," said Emmanuel Ludot, lawyer to the fans.

  • CD Sales Digital Downloads 2014 Album Numbers

    Digital Album Downloads Could Trump CD Sales in 2014

    It's no secret that the compact disc is a medium on the decline, but its death is one of the slowest — ahem — on record. The ever-growing download pool offers no substantial physical substitute, and while vinyl sales have increased over the past few years, they're still a niche market. With streams on the rise, the overall music-sales pie has been in a state of weird flux, but 2014 may see the digital album eclipse the CD once and for all.According to Billboard, full-length downloads have only surpassed compact disc sales numbers four times in history — and three of those instances occurred in this very young year. Nielsen SoundScan tallies the numbers weekly, and as of February 2, the 2014-to-date total finds overall album sales at 22.99 million, with 11.18M coming in the form of downloads, and 11.10M via CD.

  • The Black Lips 'Justice After All' Underneath the Rainbow

    The Black Lips Play Raucous Bar Blues on 'Justice After All'

    When SPIN visited the Black Lips in the studio to discuss their March 18 album Underneath the Rainbow, Jared Swilley refuted a misconception about the Atlanta garage-punk crew: "People say, 'Oh, they must do tons of acid all day.' It's not like that. It's stuff we've experienced in the past. We write about what we know — we write sad songs. Except we give them a poppy beat." Indeed, their latest is "Justice After All," a song that captures some of the strangeness of life on the road and sets it to a jaunty bar-blooze rhythm. The clanging guitar and country-fried calls to "all my friends" give the track a folksy feel, but it's far more raucous than "Boys in the Wood," the first share from the Black Lips' seventh album.Stream "Justice After All" below.

  • Karen O 'The Moon Song' Video Her Joaquin Phoenix

    Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson Play Karen O's 'Moon Song' in 'Her' Video

    With anticipation for the Oscars on the rise, the Best Original Song competitors are stepping up their campaigns with increasing frequency. We've just learned that Queen Elsa herself (well, in the flesh) will be performing Frozen's "Let It Go" at the 86th Academy Awards. And Monday brought a duet version of Karen O's Her entry "The Moon Song" featuring Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig. Now, there's a video celebrating the Her song as well.The clip below, via The Hollywood Reporter, features stars Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson (voice of the titular "her") playing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs boss' song as it appears in Spike Jonze's film. There's other footage from the movie as well, which co-stars Amy Adams, Rooney Mara, and Olivia Wilde. Also included: a note from Karen O herself, which has been quoted in part previously.

  • Oscars Frozen Idina Menzel Let It Go Performance Queen Elsa

    Queen Elsa Herself Booked to Perform 'Let It Go' at the Oscars

    In Frozen, Snow Queen Elsa is pressured into suppressing her powers, but on March 2, the actress who voices her will at last get to demonstrate the might of her pipes in person. Idina Menzel will perform the Disney film's Oscar-nominated song at the 86th Academy Awards, to be broadcast live on ABC. While she sings "Let It Go" in the animated feature, Demi Lovato recorded the single version that's helped propel the soundtrack to the top of the Billboard charts.The powerhouse track written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez is up against some stiff competition in the Best Original Song category. Pharrell's Despicable Me 2 cut "Happy" is in the running — the hatted wonder will also be performing at the main event.

  • Kan Wakan 'Forever Found' Video Moving On

    Kan Wakan Score Urban Cowgirl's Adventure in 'Forever Found' Video

    Kan Wakan combine deep soul, dramatic folk, and orchestral pop for a noir-kissed sound that could re-score a vintage James Bond flick with ease and grace. At the heart of the Los Angeles band are Bulgarian-born composer Gueorgui I. Linev, bona fide chanteuse Kristianne Bautista, and ace guitarist/producer Peter Potyondy, and above you can hear their combined might."Forever Found" swoons and saunters magnificently thanks to a fleshed-out studio band and the addition of the Metamorphosis Chamber Orchestra as conducted by Linev's uncle, Bulgarian Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra music director/conductor Stefan Linev. Meanwhile, a beautifully shot video follows an urban cowgirl through her strange and beautiful day.Kan Wakan will release their full-length debut, Moving On, April 29 via Verve.

  • Vic Mensa Disclosure When a Fire Starts to Burn Freestyle

    Vic Mensa Raps Laps Around Disclosure's 'When a Fire Starts to Burn'

    Alongside Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa was one of the early gifts from Chicago's SAVEMONEY crew — another lithe-tongued MC with a knack for sing-song and a colorful imagination. His free Innanetape set built on the promise of fizzy early shares like "Orange Soda" and now the man is tying off a year well-lived with a nice little bow: a freestyle set to Disclosure's "When a Fire Starts to Burn." The opening seconds alone make it a win — that expert sampling of Dave Chappelle's spoof of MTV's Da Band drop-out Dylan Dylinjah — but Mensa's rapid-fire, pop-culture-checking rhymes offer even more delight, especially the bit when he borrows Azealia Banks' high-energy "212" cadence.

  • Karen O Ezra Koenig Moon Song Her Soundtrack Duet

    Karen O Duets With Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig for 'The Moon Song' EP

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs leader Karen O is the queen of collaborations. Earlier today, we heard her yodel with the Walkmen's Walter Martin on "Sing to Me." Late last month she appeared on a remake of Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff" by N.A.S.A., a.k.a. Sam Spiegel. And now she's added Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig to "The Moon Song," the Oscar-nominated lullaby she recorded for Her, the critically acclaimed latest film from Spiegel's brother (and her ex) Spike Jonze.The new version is streaming exclusively at Rolling Stone but will be included in a three-song EP of "The Moon Song" set to hit iTunes this week. "I wrote the song as a duet," O told the magazine. "I was really excited at the prospect of getting to record it with a male vocalist. Ezra was super cool and open, he slipped into character like a champ and damn he's got the goods....

  • Seth Meyers Fred Armisen Late Night Les Savy Fav Band

    Seth Meyers Taps Fred Armisen, Les Savy Fav for 'Late Night' Band

    Jimmy Fallon raised the talk-show-house-bands bar incredibly high when he brought the Roots to NBC's Late Night. ?uestlove and co. will accompany the man as he takes over Jay Leno's Tonight Show, which leaves a gaping ensemble-shaped hole behind, of course. But Saturday Night Live alum Seth Meyers has got a plan: He's making Fred Armisen his bandleader when he takes over Late Night on February 24.As Vulture points out, Meyers shared a photo of his players on Twitter today (above). Les Savy Fav members Seth Jabour and Syd Butler will join on guitar and bass, respectively. Keys will be handled by Girls Against Boys' Eli Janney, and drums by session player Kimberly Thompson (Beyoncé, Kanye West).

  • Pussy Riot Letter Membership Response Ideology

    Freed Pussy Riot Members Weren't Fired From Pussy Riot

    Nadezhda "Nadia" Tolokonnikova and Maria "Masha" Alyokhina refute claims that they've been ousted from Pussy Riot. Last week, an open letter was posted to the Russian activist organization's blog criticizing various elements of the recently freed duo's Amnesty International performance and dubbing their newfound interest in prisoners' rights as off-message. "We have lost two friends, two ideological teammates," read the anonymous post from the "all-female separatist collective."But in speaking to reporters on Sunday, February 9, the recent Colbert Report guests illustrated their vision for a more broadly defined collective: "Pussy Riot can be anyone, and no one can be excluded from Pussy Riot," Tolokonnikova said.

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