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  • Inventions Explosions in the Sky Eluvium Peaceable Child Stream

    Hear Inventions, From Explosions in the Sky and Eluvium

    The post-rock gods have spoken: On April 1, the ambient-loving Temporary Residence label will release Inventions, the eponymous debut from the newly minted duo of Explosions in the Sky guitarist Mark T. Smith and composer/producer Matthew Cooper, a.k.a. Eluvium. The latter Portlander — once dubbed "the Brian Eno of the Grizzly Bear set" — released a titanic double-disc set last year, Nightmare Ending, which SPIN dubbed Essential. Meanwhile, those Austin orch-rock rippers scored the Paul Rudd-starring Prince Avalanche to (duh) epic results, and hit the road opening for Nine Inch Nails. Below, you can hear what happens with those two mighty sounds come together. "Peaceable Child" is aptly named — it's thick yet gossamer, and it comes on like a warm sonic warm. Did we mention that these heady bros recorded the entire thing in a rented beach house?

  • Bill Corgan Siddhartha Jam Stream Eight Hour Live

    Watch Billy Corgan Play His Eight-Hour 'Siddhartha' Synth Jam

    Billy Corgan is, right now, performing an eight-plus hour ambient interpretation of Herman Hesse's existential 1922 novel Siddhartha. You can watch it here. So far it seems to be a reading of the book itself, combined with modular synth blips, bloops, and textures. And that's pretty much what the Smashing Pumpkins boss promised when he announced the unusual Chicago event a week and a half ago:"On 2//28 I'll be doing a show at Madame ZuZu's Teahouse; start time noon, and due to nature of performance it'll last 8-9 hours. So see in coming days for details on seating and admissions. As with all our events there is no charge. Performance will be centered around an ambient/musical interpretation of Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha; built by modular synthesis, on the fly.

  • Samsaya Stereotype Slick Shoota Remix Stream

    Slick Shoota's Remix of Samsaya's 'Stereotype' Gives Reasons to Dance

    Samsaya means "doubt" in Hindi, but the Norwegian artist beams confidence. In truth, the name is more of a command — "question everything" — and her music, though playful and bright, aims to challenge. Take "Stereotype," for instance. The song hails from her sophomore album Bombay Calling (produced by Roc Nation dude Fred Ball) and proudly reps her broad taste in sound — a thing which more than comes across in her mix of pop, soul, rap-style production, and Bollywood flourishes. Below, her fellow countryman Slick Shoota (Mad Decent) gives the aforementioned single a house-y, garage-addled rebirth. Spin the remix below, and check out the video for the original "Stereotype" beneath that.

  • Seun Kuti 'IMF' M1 Dead Prez Video Zombie

    Meet Seun Kuti and M1's 'IMF' in Zombie-Packed Video

    Fela Kuti's youngest son has become the family's loudest voice and, with the help of his father's legendary band, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 are set to release their third album, A Long Way From the Beginning. With a guest verse from Dead Prez co-founder M1, "IMF," the forthcoming album's opening salvo, is a hard-charging Afrobeat track that takes direct aim at the controversial org International Monetary Fund. (Although here it's renamed "International Mother Fucker.")The corresponding Jerome Bernard-directed clip casts Kuti in two roles: as an African citizen, and as a businessman offering a briefcase which surely contains cash, but which also comes with a set of handcuffs. The money comes to transform everything it touches, distorting a small army of large suit-wearers into zombified villains by the end.

  • Franz Ferdinand 'Erdbeer Mund' Stream German Song

    Franz Ferdinand Go Deutsche for New Wave B-Side 'Erdbeer Mund'

    Franz Ferdinand go totes Teutonic on their freshly shared B-side "Erdbeer Mund." Alex Kapranos, Twitter-beef quasher extraordinaire, sings in German throughout the entire song, which happens to be jaunty Gary Numan-esque new wave treat. Or maybe Men With Hats — either way, it sounds like something J Dilla would've slowed down or dusted up until what's left was a tasty, bite-sized donut. But we digress. The new song's title translates to "Strawberry Mouth," which is fitting because on April 7, it'll be paired with Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action track "Fresh Strawberries" for a single release. Hear both cuts below.

  • Washed Out Moby Remix 'All I Know' Stream Paracosm

    Moby's Washed Out Remix Proves He Was Born to Do Chillwave

    Moby and Washed Out were meant to be. The former's most recent album is called Innocents. The latter's, Paracosm, drifts through a New Age Disney dream-world — a place where innocents would dwell. They both trade in mellow beats and warm textures, and each has been both beloved and occasionally maligned for that. Last month, the Sub Pop-signed Georgian chillwave pioneer remixed the Los Angeles-based elder statesman's soulful "Almost Home," and now the favor is returned. Below, you can hear Moby's take on Washed Out's "All I Know," wherein the original's soft-focus disco thrust gets a stronger rhythm, prominent acoustic guitar, lush reverb, and a heretofore unheard sprightliness. Frankly, it's lovely, and you should give it a spin below.

  • Young Thug Arrested Drugs Reckless Driving Atlanta

    Young Thug Arrested for Drugs and Driving

    Young Thug, a.k.a. Jeffery L. Williams, has been arrested in his hometown of Atlanta. On Wednesday, he was taken to the Fulton County jail and charged with possession of a controlled substance, reckless conduct, and reckless driving. According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he was "driving in a circular or zig-zag course, or 'laying drags,'" and was held on a $2,450 bond. It seems he's out today, though:Beer n Tacos tonight .... I'm back at it #juugmanvoice #StonerNation— Young Thug ひ (@YoungThugWorld) February 27, 2014The Brick Squad-reared rapper-singer made SPIN's Best New Artist roster last year, and placed in our "The REAL 10 Hottest MCs in the Game" rundown as well. He also happens to have February's rap album of the month with Black Portland, a collaboration with Bloody Jay.

  • Oscars Soundtracks Movie Songs Radio Station Stream Radionomy

    Oscars 2014 Online: Stream the Music, Watch the Show

    The Oscars are right around the corner and this year's show features a whole lot of music. We've assembled a crack guide to the songs, soundtracks, and performances of the 86th Academy Awards, but what if you want to hear some sweet statue-worthy tunes while you place your bets on the big event? Radionomy has got you covered.This week, the nascent free music-streaming platform launched "The Oscars Station," which compiles this 2014's Best Song nominations, previous years' Best Song winners, and music from films that have nabbed statues in the past (not limited to Best Picture). So far, we've heard selections from Pulp Fiction, The Graduate, Crazy Heart, Slumdog Millionaire, Crash, and The Fighter. Oh, and each song is paired visually with the corresponding movie poster.

  • Kanye West Yeezus Tour Film Hype Williams Movie

    Kanye West's Insane 'Yeezus' Tour Is Now a Movie

    Kanye West has tapped Hype Williams to direct what seems to be a Yeezus Tour documentary. A trailer on the frequently self-celebrating artist's website pulls footage from his current stage show, which is indeed a thing worth taking down for posterity's sake — both for the level of ambition at work and for the WTF-ness of certain moments. Among the wild highlights of that particular tour (which heads to Australia in May): a massive pyramid, lasers for days, a bevy of dancers, West's array of terrifying/beautiful haute couture masks, the re-resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the ceremonial mid-set Kanye Rant. The film will play in theaters initially.The GOOD Music boss of course had SPIN's Album of the Year with Yeezus but the most recent "documentary" about the man was a cornball E! treatment of his made-for-TV proposal to Kim Kardashian.

  • Pearl Jam 'Habit' Liam Finn Live Video Big Day Out

    Watch Liam Finn Headbang to Pearl Jam's 'Habit' Onstage

    As the son of Crowded House star Neil Finn, songwriter Liam Finn is very much a child of the '80s. But when the New Zealander shouts out that repurposed Mike Watt line in Pearl Jam's punked-up 1996 song "Habit" — "Speaking as a child of the '90s..." — he sounds right at home. Back in January, Finn joined Eddie Vedder and co. onstage at Aukland's Big Day Out festival to rip through the itchy, distortion-fried No Code track. While the original vocals were shredded and grungy, his performance skews more Fugazi. The fan-shot clip above has been around for awhile, but it hasn't been widely shared. Rectify that here, and revisit the original song below. Finn's got a new album out May 6 on Yep Roc dubbed The Nihlist — listen to "Snug as Fuck."

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