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  • Duck Sauce 'It's You' Remix Craiglist Free

    Duck Sauce Dish Out Free 'It's You' Remix via Craigslist

    A-Trak's Duck Sauce collaboration with producer Armand Van Helden is back in full swing again, this time pimping a swinging little number called "It's You." We heard the exquisitely silly, totally soulful new groove dropped last month and was followed by a hair-larious video featuring the fellas running things at one of the strangest barber shops that ever was. The pair have now shared a reworking of the track dubbed the "?@#! Remix" — a big-beat-and-airhorn affair that isn't surprising in and of itself, but the method of distribution is more than worthy of note. A Craigslist post for "free duck sauce" includes a link to download the revision for free via SendSpace. "new duck sauce available for sampling," the listing begins.

  • Lady Gaga MTV VMA Performance Awards

    Lady Gaga to Bring 'ARTPOP,' Not Meat, to 2013 MTV VMAs

    Lady Gaga will be performing at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, says, well, MTV. The ceremony will go down on August 25, airing at 9 p.m. regardless of your time zone, and Mother Monster is only the first guest to be announced. The network has confirmed that she's prepared to reveal the first official single from her forthcoming third studio album ARTPOP.As the VMAs have relocated to Brooklyn's über-successful Barclays Center all the way from Los Angeles' Staples Center, we're guessing Gaga will have to enquire after a new couture butcher who knows how to mold meat to her specific measurements.

  • Girls Against Boys 'The Ghost List' GVSB Ep Stream

    Girls Against Boys' Bass-Powered Punk Proves '60 Is Greater Than 15'

    As much as we're loathe to cite a Wikipedia page, it's quite telling that Girls Against Boys' sidebar stats include a heading for notable instruments, under which you'll find the single entry, "2 basses." These D.C.-bred post-hardcore heroes don't skimp when it comes to the low end. Formed in 1988 with an assist from drummer Brendan Canty (who left to focus on a little project called Fugazi), they've always had a thing for nasty, gut-curdling noise. Though the quartet's last album came way back in 2002 (You Can't Fight What You Can't See), they pick right up with "60 Is Greater Than 15," from GVSB's September 24 Epitonic EP The Ghost List. The track opens with electronic hum and guitar thrum as sing-speaker Scott McCloud holds forth on "psychic thrills" and earthly cravings.

  • David Heartbreak 'Acid Youths' Video OWSLA EP

    See David Heartbreak's 'Acid Youths' Go Up Against a SWAT Team

    David Heartbreak's production is a perfectly muddled swirl of pitch-warped dancehall, mellow moombahton groove, and sparingly used dubstep. The Brooklyn-bred beatsmith's elastic amalgam also happens to make him an ideal fit for Skrillex's well-curated OWSLA imprint, whose diverse approach to hard-edged yet accessible electronic music is always leaning toward the future. That'll be the home for The Foundation, Heartbreak's 23rd (or so) EP release, though his first for the label. "Acid Youths (Legalize It!!)" is a woozy highlight from the May set featuring Danish producer Simon Sayz and established English toaster Feral is Kinky. The track now gets a perfectly fitting video treatment courtesy of director Ryan Staake, who ratchets up the tension when it becomes clear that a wonderfully debauched party is about to get broken up by a very serious set of SWAT team goons.

  • Jay Z Magna Carta Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Billboard Chart

    Who Charted? Jay Z Touts 'Holy Grail' While Robin Thicke Shows Off Length

    First! Jay Z is No. 1 and this time without that pesky hyphen weighing him down. Magna Carta Holy Grail slides a fairly predictable 76 percent (129,000 sold) but maintains its position behind bulletproof glass in the national archives or wherever they keep precious lofty artifacts (oh, right, in a Galaxy S4). Is it just us, or does it feel like everything that needs to be said about this album has already happened, bookended by media events revolving around marketing collaborations and punctuation problems? Read our proper review and our impulsive reviews if you haven't already decided to return to Yeezus. No #newthoughts.2 to 10: Speaking of Kanye West, the man has made an ignominious egress from Billboard's Top 10 (apologies to whatever paparazzo takes the brunt of this one). Singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles debuts at No.

  • John Wizards 'Lusaka By Night' Animated Video

    John Wizards' 'Lusaka by Night' Video Is a Happy Array of Singing Shapes

    John Wizards began as the project of homonymous Cape Town resident John Withers, an aficionado of African dance music and electronic pop who's since inducted a few friends into the fold. One of those is his vocal partner, Rwanda's Emmanuel Nzaramba, who can be heard taking lead on the upbeat wobbler "Lusaka by Night." The lush song is set to feature on the group's forthcoming full-length debut, John Wizards, due out on Planet Mu in September and expected to be chock-full of similarly bright amalgams of sunny guitar-play, funky rhythms, smart electronics, and lovely vocals. So, you know, it's kind of like Vampire Weekend, but with actual Africans involved. (We kid.) The above video for "Lusaka" is animated by Sebastian Borckenhagen and features an array of playful shapes and patterns.

  • The Darcys 'The River' Stream Warring Album

    Hear the Darcys' Moody Electronic Rock Salvo 'The River'

    Toronto's the Darcys have assembled quite a body of work in such a relatively short period of time. The quartet's 2011 self-titled debut came by way of Arts & Crafts with a production assist from Dears main man Murray Lightburn. Last year they followed that with a full-length interpretation of the 1977 Steely Dan classic Aja (word to Mayer Hawthorne). And now they're gearing up to drop the third piece in this unusual trilogy, Warring, produced by Tom McFall (Stars, Alcholic Faith Mission)."Warring is moving forward," said the band via statement. "It's learning in motion. Competition and survival, letting go to persevere. It is anxiety about the future and the triumph of life in the moment. It's victory on will alone, the force that eradicates failure as an option."The opening salvo of that fight against inertia can be heard below.

  • Taylor Swift Contest Cancelled Thanks 4chan Charles FTW

    Taylor Swift Contest Canceled After Charles, the Hair Sniffer Actually Wins

    It may go down as the most bittersweet victory of 2013. A "fat old guy creep" named Charles received the Internet's favor in a "Taylor Swift's Biggest Fan Contest," but was denied the right to smell the young star's golden locks after the hosting radio station called into question the, ahem, integrity of the competition. As Gawker reports, Boston's Kiss 108 FM has cancelled the meet-and-greet entirely due to the meddling of known online troll hovels 4chan and Reddit.The broadcaster notes, "Disappointingly, we have determined that the integrity of the 'Taylor Swift's Biggest Fan' contest has been compromised. In accordance with our contest rules, effective immediately, the contest has been terminated.

  • Arca &&&&& Mix EP Yeezus Producer UNO NYC

    Arca's Post-'Yeezus' Mix '&&&&&' Is Frighteningly Good

    In an old bio for Venezuela-born producer Arca, the young man's mother writes, "new forms tunes and notes transfers from the heart what is best even in the dissonance." As grammatically odd as the statement may be, the sentiment goes to the heart of what's great about the New York-based beatsmith's work, as heard most recently on Kanye West's monstrous new album Yeezus.Born Alejandro Ghersi, he has a mercurial but consistently fascinating touch. His 2012 EPs Stretch 1 and Stretch 2 (released via UNO NYC) explored darkly sparkling sonic territories with an elastic touch, roping in chopped rap vocals, outlandish effects, and deeply dimensional texture.

  • Ad-Rock Maximum Hedrum RoboSexual Remix

    Ad-Rock Makes 'RoboSexual' Freak-Freak on Maximum Hedrum Remix

    If the name Maximum Hedrum evokes memories of a certain talking head/Coca-Cola spokesman, well, that's probably intentional. "Sometimes I feel like I'm a machine, I really can't help that," goes the hook of the strange electro-funk trio's recent "RoboSexual" single. The last time we heard from DJ-producer Sam Spiegel, he was busy building his own Deltron 3030-inspired space-rap rocket ship dubbed N.A.S.A. But with an assist from film scorer Harold Faltermeyer and Sepultura singer Derrick Greene, der Spiegel is reinvented as a cyborg who likes to make it with the freak-freak. Cue Beastie Boy bestie Ad-Rock, who lends his psych-inspired breakbeat prowess to the remix below. "RoboSexual" kicks off with a bit of knowledge from P-Funk godhead George Clinton before busting out the cardboard and windmilling all over the dance floor.

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