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  • Nine Inch Nails 'Find My Way' Hesitation Marks

    Nine Inch Nails Share Dark New Mantra 'Find My Way'

    Nine Inch Nails have followed up their uncharacteristically poppy new song "Everything" with "Find My Way," a slow-burner that lurks in the shadowlands that the industrial titans are best known for. The new track premiered on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show and is currently only streaming there, at the 43:40 mark. Though this latest share certainly won't inspired any sarcastically treacly fan-made videos featuring Trent Reznor riding a unicorn, it does break from the other two studio recordings we've heard so far.UPDATE: Stream "Find My Way" below thanks to a radio rip.While "Copy of A" is a burbling techno-fried slab and "Came Back Haunted" is a snarling twitchy explosion, "Find My Way" is a dark ambient piece that finds Reznor in meditative mode. Nine Inch Nails recently brought their new stage show to Lollapalooza and Outside Lands.

  • Deltron 3030 Orchestra Tour Event II Del Automator

    Deltron 3030 Tap 16-Piece Orchestra for Long-Awaited Tour

    The recently reunited undie-rap supergroup Deltron 3030 will release their long-awaited second album on October 1. Event II will arrive a whole 13 years after the self-titled debut from Del the Funky Homosapien, Dan the Automator, and Kid Koala, so while anticipations are running high for the star-studded LP, fans' expectations for anything else are likely low. Naturally when the group announces an actual tour, it's reason to celebrate. And when they promise to bring a 16-piece orchestra with them, well that's the cherry on top.The Orchestra 3030 will join the trio on select dates noted below, with their tour kicking off October 8, shortly after a pair of September Rock the Bells festival appearances in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

  • Ka 'Peace Akhi' Video Chess 'The Night's Gambit'

    Ka Likens Urban Warfare to a Chess Match in 'Peace Akhi' Video

    Ka is a firefighter by profession, but on "Peace Akhi" he's a "Rap Game William Blake as printmaker poet, creating a whole weird world and language no one can fully figure out," as SPIN's own Brandon Soderberg put it. That enigma only helps the& Brownsville MC/producer on his Essential new album, The Night's Gambit, which may very well be 2013's best hip-hop platter to date."Peace Akhi" is an uncompromising track with a beat made of warm static, spare hand-drumming, and bassy piano hits that sound like a clocktower's clang. Overtop, Ka unravels his mad monk mutterings and distorted street-rap stories with occasional overdubs and samples from an officiated chess match. Naturally the accompanying video (via Stereogum) features the aforementioned game, though one man playing himself in a gritty and slightly surreal urban landscape.

  • Gojira 'Flying Whales' Hand-Fart Video Metal

    Watch This Metalhead Hand-Fart Gojira's 'Flying Whales' to Gojira

    Hope for faux-flatulists and metalheads alike: French death-thrash giants Gojira visited Tel Aviv's Metalshop record store to sign some autographs when they met Guy First, an Israeli fan with a very unusual talent. The band ceded the spotlight to him, even whipping out their phones in order to film his peculiar cover of their 2005 song, "Flying Whales." First's instrument of choice? Why two hands cupped together in a manner that's most commonly used to imitate the sound of passing gas.While he didn't attempt to imitate the haunted cries of the actual beasts sampled on the original From Mars to Sirius standout, a little toe-tap helped give the "Flying Farts" version a more, ahem, solid form. Watch First do his thing above, via Blabbermouth, while Gojia looks on, clearly impressed if not downright delighted.

  • Juicy J Stay Trippy Stripper Game Bandz Dance

    Hear Juicy J's 'Stay Trippy' Album By Making it Rain on Cartoon Strippers

    Juicy J is currently streaming his forthcoming third album Stay Trippy using a fairly untraditional method. Taking a cue from his 2 Chainz-featuring hit "Bandz a Make Her Dance," the Memphis-bred Taylor Gang affiliate has launched an in-browser game that asks users to Get Strippy in order to unlock songs. Thankfully, that doesn't involve any Carlos Danger-like activity. Instead, visitors to Juicy J's website can mash their spacebar to make it rain on cartoon strippers.The goal? to send them higher up their respective poles by pelting them with dollar bills (or paint, if you manage to upgrade).

  • Le1f 'Damn Son' Stream Tree House Mixtape Tour

    Le1f Struts Supreme on Darkly Burbling 'Damn Son'

    New York's vogue-rap star Le1f is showing no signs of slowing his roll. On September 10, he'll release his third mixtape in just over a year: Tree House, which follows the breakout set Dark York and January's Fly Zone. Unsurprisingly, the man is "fresh like diamonds, soft like chiffon" on first taste "Damn Son." Over a typically shadowy, trap-addled, and new age-assisted beat provided by Shy Guy, Le1f shouts out comic sans script, compares himself to honey ham, and quotes Freak Nasty's "Da Dip." Rahel assists with backing vocals, as does that ubiquitous "Damn Son!" sample that's the punchline to so many Twitter jokes these days. Le1f hits the road next month.

  • Depeche Mode 'Should Be Higher' Live Video Tour

    Depeche Mode Flaunt Virile Live Show in 'Should Be Higher' Video

    Having recently conquered the European continent, Depeche Mode are kicking off their North American tour in Detroit tonight, then heading overseas all over again. We've recently seen the synth-pop giants in the studio ("Goodbye"), plus heard them mashed up with Kanye West and covered by Ghost B.C., but there's a reason the Delta Machine dudes are booked clear into 2014. Above, witness Depeche Mode in their element, performing "Should Be Higher" to a rapturous audience."Your eyes are more attractive than the truth," Dave Gahan sings after a sassy bout of hip-switching and hand-flipping. His wiry frame highlighted by guyliner, hair gel, and copious amounts of sweat, the man exudes virility as the screen behind the band simulates a hail of fire and sparks.

  • Jel 'Late Pass' Stream Anticon Odd Nosdam

    Jel's 'Late Pass' Is a Dubwise Boom-Bap Dream

    As a co-founder of Anticon Records and a known architect of indie-rap's more left-field beat structures, Jefferey "Jel" Logan should have had his day in the sun by now, but his is the producer's lot, and he's okay with it. "I'm not falling the fuck off. I'm not getting super large. I'm doing my thing," says the Chicago-bred, Oakland-based artist via statement. And indeed he is. Though Jel's leant his drum-punching skills to countless records and remixes on his own (Peeping Tom, Sleigh Bells, Serengeti) and as a member of various projects (Deep Puddle Dynamics, Themselves, Subtle), the just-released Late Pass is only the man's third album.But while young bucks flood the airways with beat tape after beat tape, one listen to the LP's titular track makes the case for patience as a virtue.

  • Cass McCombs There Can Only Be One Stream

    Cass McCombs Haunts Heartbreak Hotels on 'There Can Only Be One'

    If it seemed a bit ambitious for enigmatic songsmith Cass McCombs to release two albums in a year the last time he stepped out, well, the man's scaling things back for 2013 — sort of. McCombs will follow his stellar 2011 pair (Wit's End and Humor Risk) with one double album, the 22-track epic Big Wheel and Others. "Big Wheel" is indeed the name of one of the songs therein, making the LP title exactly the sort of droll troll we'd expect from the nomadic poet. McCombs' label home Domino promises "road songs, rock songs, folk songs, blues songs, country songs, rhythm and blues songs, skronk non-songs, cinema songs, cult songs, poem songs, jams, and ballads." (It's unclear which of those is "Big Wheel" and which are the others.)We've already heard the lovely, contemplative strummer "Morning Star" and now we've got a new taste to sample.

  • The Dirtbombs 'Crazy for You' Stream Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!

    The Dirtbombs Do Bubblegum (Garage Style) on 'Crazy for You'

    Detroit garage-rock posse the Dirtbombs have been doing their thing since 1992 and, as the story goes, have been promising an album's worth of bubblegum tunes for a decade. Of course, the thought of band mastermind Mick Collins — he of seminal blues-punks the Gories — bending his gruffly soulful pipes to cooing out some '60s pop nuggets always seemed like a long shot. Enter Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!, a 10-track set due out September 17 on In the Red Records.While one might assume the Dirtbombs would choose a few classics to cover for their fifth album — previous sets have found them paying tribute to Motown hits and local techno greats — the new LP is 100 percent original. Below you'll hear "Crazy for You," a hooky track featuring some Wonders-like melodies and the band's out shambly, shaggy sound.

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