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  • Diana 'Perpetual Surrender' Video Album

    DIANA Deliver Smooth, Sax-y 'Perpetual Surrender' Video

    Canadian crew DIANA are in the business of wedding smoothe grooves to enchanting soul. Contemporaries Rhye come to mind, though this band's arty approach might have more in common with their soon-to-be tourmates Austra. Also, it's impossible to ignore the fact that founding member Joseph Shabason played sax all over Destroyer's excellently soft-rocking 2011 platter Kaputt — the lineage is undeniable even if the approach on a song like "Perpetual Surrender" is more spacious. (Also, are we to ignore the title's proximity to "Careless Whisper"?)Rounded out by Kieran Adams, Carmen Elle, and Paul Mathew, the group has ties to Arts & Crafts O.G.s the Hidden Cameras and R&B dubstronauts Bonjay as well — all of which is to say: Their bona fides are solid. Now enjoy the mellow delight above.

  • Sweet Valley Wavves SV Mixtape Stream

    Wavves' Sweet Valley Beat Project Returns With Pitch-Bent 'SV' Mixtape

    Wavves main man Nathan Williams and his brother Kynan are back with their fourth release as Sweet Valley. Their latest instrumental mixtape is dubbed simply SV and marks yet another step forward for their production prowess. Thus far, their ongoing collaboration with Fool's Gold Records has yielded lysergic summer jams (Stay Calm), Zelda-inspired grooves (Eternal Champ), and a heavily weeded holiday offering (Jenova). This brand new 12-track set might be the most ambitious yet — a maximal roundup of disparate ideas that flow together quite nicely: drum 'n' bass pile-ups, '80s-sourced effects, pitch-warped soul vocals, haunting textures, tinny percussives, and blown-out synth sounds. While past works have nodded to J Dilla and Dipset, this one muscles in the territory cut out by folks like Ryan Hemsworth and Shlohmo.

  • Dinosaur Jr. The Only Other Way Skullcandy

    Dinosaur Jr. Enter Vanity Headphones Game, Share New Jam 'The Only Other Way'

    The Sub Pop posse have been getting their crossbrand on of late — in honor of the iconic Seattle indie label's 25th-ish anniversary celebration (happening right now atop the damned Space Needle!), they just rolled out some collaborative kicks with the TOMS Shoes people. And before that, J Mascis pimped his name out for some charitable pimp-purple vegan mocs. Now that man's beloved band Dinosaur Jr. are teaming up with headphone barons Skullcandy.The band has worked with the company to design a custom pair of purple (duh) aviator-style jam-cans (seen above) to be available on the Skullcandy site beginning July 14, according to Consequence of Sound.

  • Laura Mvula 'She' Video Sing to the Moon

    Laura Mvula Tells the Tale of a Lifetime in Touching 'She' Video

    We knew we had to get to know recent This Is Happening star Laura Mvula after she appeared before our eyes via that lush and inviting "Green Garden" video. At the time, we knew very little about the English soul singer, but she's since been the subject of much "Next Winehouse" chatter. Fair enough, though her approach to the art doesn't dwell in the past — in fact, a song like "That's Alright" seems to be constantly in motion, evolving as it goes. The same could be said for Sing to the Moon highlight "She" and, even more so, its accompanying video. While the song itself unfurls with the slow magic of a music box in action, the visuals follow the growth of one young girl as she traverses life's many milestones — eventually we wind up where we started, but with a twist. Get your heartstrings plucked by hitting play above.

  • Lindstrom

    Lindstrom Inspires Norwegian Girls to Geek Out in 'Vos-sako-rv' Video

    Hans-Peter Lindstrøm flipped the usual release formula last year when he let out two albums within mere months of one another — the space-jazz odyssey Six Cups of Rebel and the leaner Kraut-powered Smallhans — and then sorta sat back and let them do their thing. The tactic has worked. Instead of preloading the stage with hype-building extras, the man let the music speak for itself (and speak it did, landing on our Best Albums of 2012 list) and has subsequently blessed us with all of the remixes, covers and, now, videos that we could ever want. Above you'll find the Kristoffer Borgli-directed clip for "Vōs-sākō-rv," which hails from the second of the two albums. Dubbed "Real Life Exp.," the short follows two young Norwegian girls as they read aloud, practice harmonies, dance to the track in real time, and throw things into a swimming pool.

  • 'The Night Patrols (A Man Asleep)' Cover Art

    Larry Gus Is a Groove Guru on 'The Night Patrols (a Man Asleep)'

    Larry Gus marks a bit of a departure for DFA Records. While his peers deal in nü-disco delights, this Greece-born producer-singer and recent SPIN profilee combines visceral grooves with '70s spiritual jazz, making for music that hovers in the rafters high above the dance floor — that heady place where hash smoke, vanilla-scented fog, and evaporated sweat mingle in a molasses-thick atmosphere. There's a little bit of Matthew Dear in the mix, and also some Madlib, but the man blazes his own trail on "The Night Patrols (a Man Asleep)," a simultaneously propulsive and atmospheric highlight from the forthcoming Years Not Living full-length, due out August 20. Fittingly, Stones Throw fella James Pants is plotting a remixed version — so is techno strangeoid Bookworms, but for now, this is plenty to digest.

  • Tera Melos 'Weird Circles' Video X'ed Out

    Tera Melos Make Hot Dogs Dance in 'Weird Circles' Video

    Tera Melos are very maximal when it comes to their shreddy, melodically buff art-pop. Their April LP X'ed Out is chock-full of great ideas and impressive executions — an interlocking pile of barbs and briars and jigsaw pieces that all manage to vibrate at just the right frequency. The Sacramento trio's knack for achieving that strange aural harmony carries over to the new video for opening song "Weird Circles." Behn Fannin directs as Nick Reinhart, Nathan Latona, and John Clardy take part in a variety of odd experiments for the camera — things involving bags on heads, batting practice with film villains, various types of sweet foods, acts of public embarrassment, and, in one scene, a narcissistic robot squirrel.

  • White Hills 'In Your Room' So You Are So You'll Be

    White Hills Shred the Light Fantastic on 'In Your Room'

    New York space-rock trio White Hills are set to unleash their seventh album on August 20, and So You Are... So You'll Be looks to be a brutal ripper of the most visceral order. Below, you can hear "In Your Room," a nearly six-minute slab that bursts out of the gate with admirable intensity, which sounds a bit terrifying even as guitarist Dave W. and bassist Ego Sensation creepily implore: "There's no need to hide." His whispers and her robotic response top off the chugging, roiling, relentless groove (assisted by drummer Nick Name) that occasionally mellows to make room for more menace. Seriously, just look at that wall of a waveform below — this is heavy stuff. Fittingly, the band recorded their latest with Martin Bisi (Swans, Sonic Youth, Boredoms, John Zorn), a man whose pedigree matches these sonic warriors to a T.

  • Dent May Larry Heard Born Too Late Fingers Club Remix

    House Legend Larry Heard Takes Dent May's 'Born Too Late' to the Club

    Mississippi pop-player Dent May gets an incredible assist on this reworking of his new album's lead-off track. The "Born Too Late (Fingers Club Remix)" comes courtesy of none other than Chicago house legend Larry Heard, a.k.a. Mr. Fingers. The forthcoming Warm Blanket, due August 27 via Paw Tracks, may be a leap forward for Dent, but the collaboration has the man looking back."Hearing Larry's productions as a teenager changed my life," said May via statement. "A lot of the dance music I had heard was so cold and mechanical, but Fingers tracks were lush and soulful. It reminded me a bit of gospel stuff I heard around Mississippi. It's an enormous honor."SPIN spoke to the Oxford artist in April about making the new record — a process that involved a haunted house in St. Augustine, Florida. "Born Too Late" deals with the ethereal in a way.

  • Joss Stone Murder Plot Sentenced 18 Years Prison Junior Bradshaw

    Joss Stone's Would-Be Beheader Gets 18 Years Behind Bars

    Back in April, we updated you on the curious case of two bumbling crooks who failed massively in their attempt to rob, kidnap and — gulp — behead English soul singer Joss Stone. The pair openly stole gasoline, crashed their car, asked for directions, and made no attempts to hide the tools of the terrifying trade when confronted by authorities near the 26-year-old's home in rural Devon. At the time, Kevin Liverpool, 35, had been sentenced to life behind bars.Three months later, his conspirator Junior Bradshaw, 32, is being sent away as well, but for 18 years. The Hollywood Reporter explains that his punishment took longer to determine because the Exeter Crown Court had to review psychiatric reports on the subject, who appears to be afflicted with schizophrenia and mental impairment.

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