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  • Sylvan Esso Moog

    See Sylvan Esso Holler 'Hey Mami' From the Moog Sound Lab Studio

    North Carolina duo Sylvan Esso combines the distinct talents of Mountain Man singer Amelia Meath and Megafaun's bass-wielding producer Nick Sanborn. The latter's warm but deeply electronic touch creates an unlikely yet enticing backdrop for the lithe vocals of the former, evidenced on their out-now double-sided single "Hey Mami"/"Play It Right." For shorthand, one might imagine a folksier yet more booming Purity Ring — or one might just hit play on the clip above to watch the pair do their thing. Stepping into the Moog Sound Lab (see previous visits by Megafaun, Little Dragon, Twin Shadow, the Antlers, and Ra Ra Riot), Sylan Esso are in their element: a space where there's no limit to the number of ways in which Meath's voice can be bent. On this live re-creation of "Hey Mami," Sanborn loops and layers her at first, then delivers the beat around 1:30.

  • Killer Mike Prince Paul Interview Scion AV

    Killer Mike Gets Grilled by Prince Paul on 'All Purpose Show'

    Prince Paul has long been a man of many hats, and though he always saved the fanciest ones for his Handsome Boy Modeling School guise Chest Rockwell, he's recently unveiled his prowess as a talk show host as well. In the clip above, Dungeon Family great and Run the Jewels ripper Killer Mike visits the set of the man's All Purpose Show, a late-night style web series launched by Scion AV. In the extended interview culled from "Episode 5" (which also features appearances from A$AP Rocky, Bootsy Collins, and Arizona thrash band Vektor), Mike discusses the origins of his rap name, his original introduction to OutKast's Big Boi, and his M.O. in working with El-P — nothing less than to become the new EPMD. Oh, and the Killer's original nickname growing up in Georgia was "Skunk."Check out the entire episode below:

  • Big Boi Little Dragon Killer Mike Thom Pettie Video

    Watch Big Boi and Killer Mike Dance (a Lot) in 'Thom Pettie' Tour Video

    Big Boi's Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors is jam-packed with thrilling collaborations, but one of the most electric finds the OutKast founder teamed up with Dungeon Family relative Killer Mike and Swedish band Little Dragon. "Thom Pettie" is a darkly burbling track replete with searing guitar and loud drums, built off of a pitch-warped vocal loop that plays the perfect foil to Yukimi Nagano's weightless cooing.The song has a certain live energy to it, so it makes sense that it'd wind up the score to a new video that captures Big Boi's recent travels. In the visual above, Mike hypes the crowd before his buddy arrives, and then the two proceed to dance. A lot. A whole lot. In between, we see footage from the road, of drinks raised and basketballs passed, of thrilled fans and familiar friends. A Mac Miller here, an El-P there.

  • Caitlin Rose the National Cover 'Pink Rabbits' Video

    See Caitlin Rose Transform the National's 'Pink Rabbits' Into Alt-Country Gold

    It seems obvious in hindsight, but the National's sad-guy songs are nothing if not country tunes moonlighting as baroque-pop gems. Leave it to Nashville's Caitlin Rose, who got into George Jones after hearing a Mountain Goats cover, to expose this fact ever so beautifully. Back in July, she shared the EastSide Manor Sessions, an EP collecting live studio versions of her SPIN Essential still-fresh album The Stand-In. Now she goes from reimagining her own "Pink Champagne" to reworking the National's "Pink Rabbits" in the same space.

  • Jonwayne 'Reflection' Rap Album One Stream Stones Throw

    Jonwayne Unveils 'Rap Album One' With Truly Ambitious 'Reflection'

    Stones Throw Records has always had an ear for worthwhile new voices in rap and Jonwayne is no exception to the rule. The Los Angeles-area MC/producer has been teasing his true arrival with a series of actual mixtapes — see Cassette, Cassette 2, and Cassette 3 with its lost J Dilla beat — and the notable beat collection Oodles of Doodles, all of which seemed impressive enough to place within the young man's proper oeuvre. But the label now reveals that this has all been warmup: enter Rap Album One, the official Jonwayne debut now set for an October 29 release date.With the exception from a pair of production assists and one vocal from Scoop DeVille (Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Game), everything within the 11-song set comes from the mind of the fella actually born Jon Wayne.

  • Kurt Vile Day Wakin on a Pretty Daze Video Philadelphia

    Kurt Vile Given Philadelphia's Highest Honor in 'Kurt Vile Day' Video

    To think, we almost let Kurt Vile Day pass without celebrating our favorite rock'n'roll dream-weaver. As previous reported, the City of Philadelphia formally named August 28 in honor of their favorite hirsute son, and even threw a parade in his honor immortalized in the "KV Crimes" video. Considering the wonderfully chill vibes traded on Vile's SPIN Essential Wakin on a Pretty Daze, we couldn't be happier to see the man get his due in the clip above.Therein we see a city official praise Kurt's Philly-repping ways and present him with a miniature Liberty Bell ("As our mayor likes to say, 'This one actually works!'") before the musician tunes up and plays his semi-titular jam, the wonderfully sprawling "Wakin on a Pretty Day." All in all, the experience warms the heart as much as the album warms the ears. For more, read David Bevan's in-depth feature on the estimable Mr.

  • Avenged Sevenfold Hail King Katy Perry Roar Billboard Chart

    Who Charted? Eminem, Big Sean, and Juicy J Score for Rap but Avenged Sevenfold Beats All

    First! Save your exclamation points — it's Avenged Sevenfold with Hail to the King and 159,000 copies sold according to Nielsen SoundScan, though we have our doubts. Nay, the fix is not in ... just turns out America as a collective entity has terrible taste (surprise!). As another Billboard 200 chart-topper once suggested, we try to not stop believing, but it gets tough. Maybe one day A7F will too become the stuff of novelty karaoke jams. That's the next stop for Disturbed's "Down With the Sickness," right? Sigh. When Deafheaven hit No. 1, we'll eat our collective hat.2 to 10: We can thank those Huntington Beach metalbros for pushing Nashville countrybro Luke Bryan down to No. 2, though. Crash My Party holds strong with another 92K sold and a Country Albums No. 1. Far more heartening are the No.

  • The Internet Feel Good Partners in Crime Stream Syd Kyd

    Odd Future's the Internet Become a Band on Chad Hugo-Assisted 'Feel Good' LP

    Odd Future's neo-soul experts the Internet will release their first album as a proper band via Odd Future Records on September 24. The follow-up to Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians' humble 2011 debut Purple Naked Ladies will be dubbed Feel Good and feature production from Chad Hugo of the Neptunes, Flying Lotus affiliate Thundercat, and Incubus guitarist and songwriter Mike Eizinger, who picks up an executive producer credit.The first taste of the set arrives below: "Partners in Crime Part Two," which includes guitar from the Stepkids ax-man Jeff Gitelman. Additional vocal duties will go to Malaysian singer Yuna, Chicago R&Bist Jesse Boykins the III, and Earl Sweatshirt's Doris pal Mac Miller. The Internet recently toured with Miller, and served as his backing band as well.

  • Nine Inch Nails at the Troubadour, Los Angeles, September 3, 2013

    Nine Inch Nails Burn Through Intimate Homecoming at Los Angeles' 400-Capacity Troubadour

    Nine Inch Nails has spent the last two months bouncing from country to country, from festival to festival, setting up and breaking down an incredibly elaborate stage setup, while cramming what little free time they have with press (to wit, SPIN's latest cover story). Back home in Los Angeles with the night off, of course they booked themselves a show at the Troubadour (capacity 400), where they played for nearly two hours straight, because why-the-hell-not. Oh, and..."I almost forgot," said Trent Reznor. "We have a new record out today." Hesitation Marks, of course.At that point the band had already played at least 10 songs — all killer, no filler with barely a word of banter spared and nary a wild LED backdrop to be seen.

  • Animal Parts 'Where the Heart Is' Stream Six Arms to Hold You

    Animal Parts Cure Homesickness on Strummy 'Where the Heart Is'

    Toronto's Animal Parts have been mighty busy over the past year and change. Between time spent on the road, the five-piece led by Josh Cockerill has managed to let loose an eponymous album and the Other Rooms EP, and now they have another release on the horizon: Six Arms to Hold You, a six-song set preceded by "Where the Heart Is." Understandably, the Americana-pop act's singer knows a thing or two about homesickness, and the streaming track speaks to that."I wrote 'Where the Heart Is' near the end of a multiple-month long solo tour," Cockerill told SPIN, "where I almost fell through the floor from loneliness [only] to find me the comfort of knowing I was soon going home. The song, and the record as a whole, reflects on places where life has once been, now left empty, and my attempt at putting it back where it belongs." Where exactly might that be?

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