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  • Jay-Z Samsung Magna Carta Holy Grail App Privacy FTC

    Jay-Z vs. the FTC? Privacy Group Complains About 'Magna Carta' App

    The arrival of Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail was a major event — not just because the man is one of the most respected rappers in the game, but because the marketing campaign built around the thing was about as extensive as the fella's mixed-media empire. And the delivery system — a team-up with Samsung that had one side (Hova's) shouting "#newrules!" and the other (everyone else) shouting "sellout!" — came with its own universe of concern.Not only did the MCHG app polarize fans and media, it: a) split the music industry insiders who tally sales figures; b) didn't actually work very well; and c) pissed off Killer Mike, who gave up on downloading the thing when it started asking him for what appeared to be an excessive amount of permissions and a troubling degree of access.

  • Vampire Weekend Rookie Ask a Grown Man Interview

    Vampire Weekend Giggle Discussing Porn, Murder, and Dating With Teens

    The ever-awesome teen blog Rookie has wrangled Vampire Weekend for the latest installment of their "Ask a Grown Man" and the results are, as always, a perfect mix of hilariously awkward and impressively insightful. For a past episode, we saw Morrissey advise young girls on nail polish selection and, naturally, the crushing truths of this mortal coil. And then Atoms for Peace pals Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich stopped by to encourage healthy body image and warn against accumulating regret.At the start of the latest clip, Baio, reporting from England, asks Koenig if he feels like a grown man. "Not today, not particularly ... but we've gotta start thinking like grown men, I guess." Which he does.

  • Johnny Marr 'The It-Switch' Stream Tour Dates

    Johnny Marr Flips 'The It-Switch,' Announces U.S. Tour

    When he's not busy playing Smiths classic "How Soon Is Now" (on Fallon, at Coachella, with Ronnie Wood), Johnny Marr is steadily building support for his most recent solo album The Messenger. He's currently plotting a limited-edition 7-inch single release for the jangly U2-glossed "New Town Velocity," and he's let slip an unreleased B-side in honor of the occasion. "The It-Switch" is streaming right now at Pitchfork — perhaps to the delight of some of the full-length's critics, the new song is raw and lean, even though it's a highly snackable slab of catchy rock'n'roll. "So what's the best way I can get to know you?" Marr riffs amidst the associative lyrical pile-up.

  • Justin Timberlake Take Back the Night Foundation Response

    Take Back the Night Foundation Won't Sue Justin Timberlake Over His Ignorance

    Justin Timberlake ruffled some feathers last week when he premiered his new single "Take Back the Night," which just so happened to share its name with a famous foundation whose mission is to spread awareness about sexual assault committed against women. Considering his track is a sexy little number about getting frisky on/near the dancefloor with lines such as "Come on, surrender," and, "[I'll] give your body some direction," are mildly problematic.Lawyers from the Take Back the Night Foundation wasted no time in reaching out to JT's camp, threatening legal action over the use of their trademark. Plus, they were a little concerned about the message not squaring up with their mission. "The lyrics are definitely very sexual and not at all clearly anti-sexual violence," executive director Katherine Koestner told Radar Online.

  • Eureka the Butcher 'Desert Rituals' Video Music for Mothers

    Mars Volta Man Eureka the Butcher Conducts Grisly 'Desert Rituals'

    The Mars Volta may have splintered but that's thankfully done nothing to slow the tide of music emerging from its former members. Eureka the Butcher is Marcel Rodríguez-López: keyboardist/percussionist from MV, drummer for El Paso-bred psych warriors Zechs Marquise, one-man production machine, and, yes, the younger brother of a certain fella named Omar. He's just released his first solo album, Music for Mothers, and it fits squarely within the bass-damaged Los Angeles beat scene. Above, you'll find the video for "Desert Rituals," a lurching groove that packs as much hidden menace as it does stony bliss. The '90s-directed clip interprets Eureka's handle rather literally, following Marcel and two compatriots (including his touring dancer/muse Sadah Luna) on a dark and weary ride into the desert. Once they park the car, we find out what's been in the trunk that entire time ...

  • Universal Music Crowd-Source Vinyl Project Uvinyl Nirvana

    Universal Will Give You This Nirvana Rare LP, Sure, But Wants to See the Money First

    Universal Music Group is considering launching The Vinyl Project, a service that would reissue of certain out-of-print vinyl releases based upon popular demand. Though the label describes the program as "crowd-funded," considering the scale, it might be more accurate to call this pre-order built around a Kickstarter-type model. The Ninja Tune-backed Beat Delete site launched in February offers a look at a function version of this idea.According to CMU, some of the deleted albums currently being considered for The Vinyl Project include Nirvana's MTV Unplugged in New York, Sonic Youth's 1990 classic Goo, Björk's far more recent Biophilia, and Pulp's beloved His 'n' Hers, alongside legacy releases ABC by the Jackson 5, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John, Hysteria by Def Leppard, and Disraeli Gears by Cream.

  • Classixx 'All You're Waiting For' Nancy Whang Video LCD Soundsystem

    Classixx and Nancy Whang Rock a Yacht in 'All You're Waiting For' Video

    Los Angeles disco revisionists Classixx have teamed up with a member of (retired) East Coast compatriots LCD Soundsystem on "All You're Waiting For." The glistening dance track features the vocals of Nancy Whang, who also stars in the well-suited new video for the Hanging Gardens highlight. The clip finds our songstress lounging on an ultra-chic yacht whose moves appear to be coordinated by Classixx masterminds Tyler Blake and Michael David (they make a brief cameo below deck in a scene that recalls the off-kilter drama of A Life Aquatic). Whang appears in a series of fabulous outfits, sporting incredible nails and gigantic hats, hanging out with awesome puppies and otherwise being waited on hand and foot by a very dedicated crew. In an interview with Urban Outfitters, who commissioned the clip, director Tim K.

  • Dismemberment Plan 'Waiting' Call Phone Stream

    Dismemberment Plan Offer Call 'Waiting' Experience to Song-Starved Fans

    The Dismemberment Plan bring a 12-year recording hiatus to a close on October 15 with Uncanney Valley, the D.C. math-pop band's first album since their excellent 2001 LP Change. Thus far we've had to divine their current direction from live leaks of demos-in-progress, but that ends now — if you dial the following number: 252-64-DPLAN. Travis Morrison and crew have decided to debut their new single "Waiting" by casting it as call-waiting music.The group relaunched their site today with the image seen above: a sculpted torso with no head, arms, or bottom half, accompanied by the words, "Have you seen me?" Whether or not you've located the dismembered fellow in the photo, you should give that number a ring.

  • Indie Labels Sales Major 2013 Mid-Year Report Billboard

    Indie Labels Combined Are Outselling Each of the Majors in 2013

    Justin Timberlake may be outselling everyone album-wise in 2013 but it's important to remember — much as we'd like to forget — that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are running circles around the competition where single song sales are concerned. The significance? While JT is signed to a major, those dweebs are technically indie, and their popularity looms large in a new figure revealed in Billboard's mid-year SoundScan report.As it turns out, independent labels have racked up 34.4 of music sales thus far this year, a record high up from 2012's 32.9 percent that amounts to a larger market share than any one of the Big Three major labels (Universal, Sony, Warner).

  • Azealia Banks Paul Oakenfold Venus Ibiza Edition Stream

    Azealia Banks Is Ready to Rave on Paul Oakenfold-Produced 'Venus (Ibiza Edition)'

    Harlem attention-hound and/or Illuminati puppet Azealia Banks is due to release her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste any day now. The probability that the long-delayed platter will actually arrive sometime soon has been growing thanks to a spate of recent releases. The woman went full-on Queen of Darkness for her disturbing "Yung Rapunxel" video.

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