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  • Puscifer Sir Mix-a-Lot 'Conditions of My Parole' Remix FUBAR

    Sir Mix-a-Lot's Puscifer Remix Laces 'Conditions of My Parole' With Noisy Wubs

    As it turns out, 2013 wound up being the year that the guy who recorded "Baby Got Back" did a warped wub-step remix of the goof-rock side project of the man who founded the biggest prog act of the '90s. Yes, we can now add one more item to Sir Mix-a-Lot's running list of accomplishments, which mostly involve finding new euphemisms for "booty," and opening minds to the plight of the anaconda.As part of the forthcoming Puscifer set All Re-Mixed Up, the Seattle MC-producer has reworked the titular track from 2011's Conditions of My Parole. In the appropriately subtitled "F.U.B.A.R.

  • Beyonce Super Bowl Portlandia Emmy Nominations 2013

    Beyonce Gets Three Emmy Nominations for Crotch-tastic Super Bowl Halftime Show

    The 2013 Primetime Emmy nominations are in and Beyoncé has nabbed three nods for her Super Bowl XLVII spectacular. Not only did Mrs. Carter draw the second-largest halftime ratings in history and (we'd like to think) cause New Orleans' Superdome to short out following a electrifying Destiny's Child reunion, she drew the faithfully leering stare of the Creepy Male Gaze (via Bob Lefsetz) and was significantly slut-shamed by puritanical Americans the nation over.If that's not the stuff of Emmys victories, we don't know what is. Unfortunately, the folks behind the ceremony aren't interested in our submissions for award categories.

  • Vic Mensa Contemplates the Good Life in 'Hollywood LA' Video

    Vic Mensa Contemplates the Good Life in 'Hollywood LA' Video

    To those unfamiliar with Chicago's musically rich rap scene, the arrival of Chance the Rapper may have seemed like an anomaly — his SPIN Essential Acid Rap tape certainly set him apart from pretty much every other known entity in the game. But he's no lone wolf. Chance runs with the Save Money crew, and last month we received an outstanding offering from one of his peers, former Kids These Days vocalist Vic Mensa. "Orange Soda" combined fizzy song-rap with the sun-kissed production style of Pharcyde, and heralded the coming of Mensa's own Innanetape, now set for an August release.We've now got a second entry from that collection: "Hollywood LA," a sweetly contemplative song about chasing ideals (love, success, great marijuana) that's just as strong a showcase for Mensa's lithe rhymes and shining wordplay.

  • Gaslamp Killer Near-Death Accident Spleen Scooter Surgery

    Gaslamp Killer Nearly Dies in Scooter Accident, Loses Spleen

    Los Angeles producer/DJ the Gaslamp Killer is recovering following a near-fatal scooter accident that took place last Tuesday (July 9). The man born William Benjamin Bensussen flipped his bike heading home from a friend's house and wound up in the hospital with internal bleeding. Doctors had to open him up from his chest to his groin, and wound up removing his spleen. He was three hours away from death, according to Jeff Weiss of LA Weekly."The surgeons came out and this woman looked at me and was like, 'You're losing a lot of blood,'" Benusussen recalled. "I'm like 'What? No I'm not.' She said that something inside of me had burst and was bleeding ... I didn't know what the fuck to say.

  • Damon Albarn 'Monkey Bee' Nosaj Thing Remix

    Nosaj Thing Transforms Damon Albarn's 'Monkey Bee' Into Buzzing Beatwise Bliss

    Damon Albarn has roughly one million irons in the old music fire, and many of them are quite ambitious, but none is quite the production that is Monkey: Journey to the West. The colorful musical adapted from a 16th Century Chinese novel is currently showing at New York City's Lincoln Center, and in honor of the occasion, the Gorrillaz guy and Blur boss has shared a remix of one of his pieces from the score. Los Angeles beat master Nosaj Thing works some of his old sound design magic on "Monkey Bee," transforming the guitar-addled orchestral original into a gorgeous slice of afterhours electronica (via Stereogum). The video version above includes a series of stunning visuals from the production: acrobatic dancers dangling from oversized drapes, topless zombie ladies playing with crazy yo-yos, plus plate-spinners, sword-swingers, and more.

  • Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin 'Harrison Ford' Stream

    Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Swoon on 'Harrison Ford'

    Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin may have a clunky handle, but it's opened some impressive doors for the Missouri indie-swooners. In 2012, the U.S. State Department made the band official cultural ambassadors to Russia, and before long, their namesake's people sent them an invite.

  • Egadz

    Egadz Goes Orchestrally Glitch for 'Giant Steps'

    Egadz is Erik Nava, a Southern California-raised beatsmith whose résumé also includes playing boatloads of instruments, programming his own video games, and developing innovative ways to perform electronic music. His sound is glitched at the surface, though a closer listen reveals deep layering that sounds more orchestral than binary in nature. Take "Giant Steps," for instance. The song's title likely refers to the beat's unerring forward march, but each of those stomps comprises a dozen or more tiny bumps: rattling percussion, labyrinthine sequences, evolving melodies.Egadz will self-release his new album Satellite on July 30 (peep the gold-plated USB edition), and in honor of the occasion he's designed Space Beats, an app for various mobile devices that allows users to score points by making electronic productions of their own.

  • Fall Out Boy Ryan Adams Recording Sessions

    Fall Out Boy and Ryan Adams Are Punk 'Spirit' Animals on New Tunes

    Pete Wentz has confirmed that Fall Out Boy recently completed a couple of inspired sessions with rock renaissance man Ryan Adams. The bassist Instagrammed a photo from the latter's Pax-Am Studio in Los Angeles last week, and spoke about the collaboration to Rolling Stone. "It was punk rock," said Wentz. "The stuff that makes you want to kick the shit out of your bedroom at your parents' house. It's impossible to deny the spirit of what was happening there."Yet it appears the back-to-back nightly sessions were only informal jams following an introduction by mutual musician friend Butch Walker. Asked what the band will do with the eight or nine songs workshopped, Wentz replied, "I would hope that somewhere in some universe you could put out a seven-inch and kids still care. I think there's a side of our band in our fans that would appreciate some of the noise that Ryan comes up with ...

  • Braids 'In Kind' Video Flourish Perish Album

    Watch Braids' Shimmering 'In Kind' Video and Set Your 'Conscience' Free

    Braids hail from the same Montreal DIY scene that's gifted us Grimes, Majical Cloudz and Mac DeMarco, and the influence can be heard in the group's singular approach to songcraft. Above you'll find the video for "In Kind," an eight-minute song that evolves slowly while never losing the listener's interest. Opening with crystalline tones and choral vocals, the track is accompanied by equally ambient and autumnal imagery. As the music progresses, a live drum kit sputters in and out of the mix, hinting at a coming synchronicity. As Raphaelle Standell-Preston's vocals go from furtive to powerful, the music also goes wide. "Left my conscience in quotations," she sings near the end. May we suggest you hit play and do the same?

  • Summer Camp 'Fresh' Lyric Video New Album

    Summer Camp Return With 'Fresh' Disco-Kissed Album

    On September 9, London indie-pop players Summer Camp will release their first album since 2011's "terrifically tart debut" Welcome to Condale. The self-titled platter will arrive via Moshi Moshi and include 12 new songs, the first of which can be heard above. "Fresh" is a gloriously disco-kissed track that finds Elizabeth Sankey on lead vocals (file next to that Classixx jam featuring LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Whang) while Jeremy Warmsley provides backups and busy guitar. The group's light touch is still intact, allowing the groove to float and the vocals to soar. "First love is the best love, first love is the dream," sings Sankey, "First love is a fairytale held tight between you and me." Nuzzle up to this one.Summer Camp, Summer Camp track list:1. "The End"2. "Fresh"3. "Crazy"4. "Keep Falling"5. "Two Chords"6. "Fighters"7. "I Got You"8. "Everything Has Changed"9.

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