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  • Katy B 5 AM Video Album Single

    Katy B Has Her Eyes Wide Shut in Creepy '5 AM' Video

    Katy B has plans to close out 2013 with her sophomore album — a set that's still without a title, but which is giving us every reason to get enthused. We were first introduced to her exuberant single "What Love Is Made Of," which then reappeared in a fast and furious video full of drag racing, and again as a devastatingly sweet unplugged piano-enhanced clip. "5 AM" followed exhibiting a different theme: love as a heady and dangerous thing, backed by a score of slightly off-kilter dance music. In the just-released video for the song, that idea is writ large as a woozy, anxiety-addled romp at a very unusual party. The scene borrows heavily from Eyes Wide Shut as Katy B moves through crowds of creepy hosts and revelers in features-twisting masks. Primal dancing, intoxicating drink, and lurky strangeness abounds. Will our heroine make it out unscathed? Watch above to find out.

  • Beck performs at Station to Station

    Beck, Dan Deacon, No Age Thrill at Levi’s Station to Station Innovation

    Last night the circus came to Los Angeles, but it wasn't your usual fare. Instead of tiptoeing elephants and performing seals, people were the focus — and not even freaks. Sure, there was a fella with a whip at one point, but he was only cracking that thing to the beat of a small marching band's thump 'n' thud. And those smart enough to follow the procession were rewarded handsomely for taking the chance.There, in the center of historic Union Station's idyllic courtyard were a pair of art-punk shred-men known to locals (okay, and fans all over) as No Age.

  • Sebastien Tellier 'L'amour Naissant' Video Confection

    Watch Sebastien Tellier Toy With Forbidden Love in 'L'amour Naissant'

    French sensualist Sébastien Tellier has returned just in time. As respect for Giorgio Moroder's incredible contributions grows once again, and Daft Punk's return warms the world up to disco's glitzy molten groove, and that old Drive soundtrack continues to ignite interest in noirish electro (is that all? did we forget any?), well, it's safe to say that the listening public is ripe for this man's picking. On November 8, Tellier is back with Confection via Record Makers (Kavinsky, um, Drive).While Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo produced the lothario's 2008 American breakthrough Sexuality, Cassius producer Phillipe Dzar and legendary drummer Tony Allen (Fela Kuti, the Good, the Bad & the Queen, Charlotte Gainsbourg) will reunite with Tellier for this one. Both were on board for his 2004 album Politics, as Brooklyn Vegan points out.

  • Tupac Shakur Afeni Royalties Death Row Lawsuit Unreleased

    Tupac's Mother Sues Death Row's New Owners for $1.1 Million

    Early this year, we shared the good news that Tupac Shakur's dear mama Afeni Shakur has plans to share her sorely missed son's "entire body of work." That, of course, would include all of the long-lost material that 2pac fans optimistically (and likely correctly) assume is squirreled away somewhere for future release. But there's been a hangup. The owner of rap legend's oft-embattled former home Death Row Records has yet to relinquish those songs, or royalties owed.Afeni Shakur filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday (September 26) demanding $1.1 million in royalties from Canada's Entertainment One, which purchased the label earlier this year for a reported $280 million, according to Billboard. The motion also calls for eOne to surrender all master recordings of unreleased 2pac material, along with any unshared audiovisual works that may have been created.

  • Justin Bieber Zach Galifianakis Interview Video Between Two Ferns

    Watch Justin Bieber Get Spanked by Zach Galifianakis (Really)

    "It's really exciting to talk to you," says Zach Galifianakis to Justin Bieber in clip above, "especially right in the middle of your public meltdown." It's a good jab and one that's also instantly disproven by the fact that the Believe singer is even in that room, Between Two Ferns with a host whose job description likely includes "alienate at all costs." No celebrity visits the set of the Funny or Die show without knowing the gag, but that's testament all the more to: A) Bieber's acting ability, and B) the 19-year-old's sense of humor about himself. You might even say that we're starting to belieb in the guy.In truth, from the outside, Bieber's last year has looked ... in a word, embattled.

  • Flying Lotus Grand Theft Auto V Radio Station Stream

    Hear Flying Lotus' Groove-Packed 'Grand Theft Auto V' Radio Station

    Grand Theft Auto V has spawned a small record-label catalog's worth of music, and with an impressive commitment to quality. There is the rapper-stuffed 26-track free mixtape to consider. And the iTunes Music of... album featuring exclusive selections from A$AP Rocky among others. But the real lynchpin of the hit video game's aural offerings is the in-play radio, which picks up every time you jack a new vehicle. The DJs are musicians themselves: Wavves, OFF!'s Keith Morris, Twin Shadow, Soulwax, and Flying Lotus.The latter's station is now streaming in its entirety below. FlyLo FM offers an hour-long set featuring a ton of Lotus exclusives — including his Tyler, the Creator team-up "Garbage" and a fresh Captain Murphy song called "Evil Grin" — along with that banger of a Clams Casino track we heard the other day.

  • Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt Danny Clinch Video Short Film

    Watch Pearl Jam Discuss 'Lightning Bolt' With Carrie Brownstein and Judd Apatow

    In the run-up to their 10th album proper, Pearl Jam have unleashed a series of collaborations with acclaimed photographer/director Danny Clinch. There was the electrifying video for "Mind Your Manners," and the more mellow performance clip for "Sirens." Now we have a genuine short film celebrating the forthcoming Lightning Bolt, due out October 15. We've reviewed the track list — which includes Eddie Vedder's ukulele jam "Sleeping By Myself" — but Clinch's nearly nine-minute piece focuses on the behind-the-scenes.It also includes conversations with filmmaker Judd Apatow, Portlandia and Wild Flag star Carrie Brownstein, championship surfer Mark "MR" Richards, and former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason, who revealed his battle with ALS in 2011. The band gathers with their guests, separately, in a room where they are interviewed by each.

  • Marbeya Sound 'Semantic Drift' Video Colonies

    Marbeya Sound Lead Synth-Scored Tour of Mexico City in 'Semantic Drift' Video

    Marbeya Sound cite Pink Floyd, Neu!, and Jean Michel Jarre as influences — very different artists in terms of sound, but psychedelic travelers all three. And when you hear the far-out yet still in-the-pocket songs of this Mexico City duo, the musical mind-meld makes sense. Their just-out album, Colonies, is populated by earthen grooves enriched by celestially spangled effects (stream it right now via Marbeya Sound's Facebook page).Take "Semantic Drift," for instance. The song above opens with a motorik beat, expands with glistening synth, then becomes a subtly shifting source of mood — cool now, anxious later, cool again. In the accompanying ITO-directed video, we see the Mexican capital from a car at night, in between shots of Marbeya's live five-piece tending to their well-preened collection of vintage synthesizers.

  • Allah-Las

    Allah-Las Adventure All Over in 'Had It All' Video

    Los Angeles garage-rock gurus Allah-Las tap into an alternate reality where the world is but a California dream. Their crunchy, loose-groovin' tunes evoke desert trips, motorcycle rides, surf safaris, and casual come-ons dished out by coiffed strangers. They shambled through sun-baked songs about movement and magic on their Nick Waterhouse-produced self-titled debut, released by Innovative Leisure last year, and they keep up the mysterious momentum on brand new song "Had It All."The label is sharing the new track along with another, "Every Girl," via a limited edition 7-inch single meant to tide us over as the quartet prepare to head back into the studio for album number two. Above, you'll find Allah-Las in top form, Miles Michaud urging us to let our minds "be relaxed and free" while the gang jangles along.

  • Oneohtrix Point Never Still Life Betamale Video Fetish Site NSFW

    Oneohtrix Point Never Decodes Fetish in NSFW 'Still Life (Betamale)' Video

    The Internet has some terribly seedy corners and Oneohtrix Point Never isn't afraid to visit them in the name of good art. The Brooklyn sonic sculptor also known as Daniel Lopatin releases his Replica followup R Plus Seven (streaming now) via Warp Records on October 1, and in honor of that occasion, we now have the video for "Still Life (Betamale)." The man's videos are never traditional, and typically draw heavily from Internet imagery.

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