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  • World's End Press 'Reformation Age' Video Goldsworthy

    World's End Press Visit the Nuovo Disco in 'Reformation Age' Video

    Aussie quartet World's End Press are inching ever closer to the release of their eponymous debut, produced by DFA Records founder Tim Goldsworthy — in their own country at least. That 13-track set of dark dance and new wave disco hits shelves on October 4 in Oz, but no release date has been given for the rest of the planet. For the time being, however, we can be happily tided over by the new video above. Following up the slinking burbler "Deadbeat Sweetheart" and the more heavily grooved "To Send Our Love," the band now delivers "Reformation Age," a glistening stack of synth-strings and delicate vocals courtesy of singer John Parkinson. The clip above, too, makes his vocal the focal point, offering lo-fi shots of the man's face flanked by trippy color panels and enhanced by the occasional kaleidoscopic view.World's End Press, World's End Press track list:1. "To Send Our Love"2.

  • Cults 'High Road' Video Static Album

    Cults' 'High Road' Video Charts Surreal Path Into Flaming Void

    Last we heard from Cults, the New York duo was busy getting motorik on the swoon-pop gem "High Road." Now that highlight from the upcoming Static album has its very own video. Directed by Hiro Murai (Earl Sweatshirt's "Chum," St. Vincent's "Cheerleader"), the black-and-white clip is equal bits creepy and enigmatic as the viewer is taken on a strange journey, traveling through the bodies of Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion as surreal scapes abound.There's a classic car that drives itself, a possibly possessed taxidermied deer head, many moths, and a handful of other visual delights. Static is due October 15 via Columbia and also features "I Can Hardly Make You Mine." An early preview included snippets of two other songs as well — "We've Got It" and "So Far." Word to Yo La Tengo: So far, Cults seem to have it indeed.

  • Julianna Barwick 'Crystal Lake' Live Judson Church Video

    See Julianna Barwick and Sharon Van Etten Take 'Crystal Lake' to Church

    Louisiana-born, Brooklyn-based songwriter Julianna Barwick has such an enchanting voice that the mere existence of the clip above is a bit unkind to other artists of her ilk. To place pipes like hers inside of New York City's acoustic marvel Judson Church is to send the bewitchment factor of her music into an exponential climb. Add backing vocals from the inimitable Sharon Van Etten and the Prince Rama sisters (Taraka and Nimai Larson), throw in viola player Rose Nelis and guitarist Scott Bell, and there's no limit to the majesty that can be attained. Former SPIN interview subject Barwick gives gorgeous new life to her Nepenthe standout "Crystal Lake," a song that glistens just as its name would suggest. The song is ethereal, yes, but undeniable in its force.

  • Iron Chic 'Sounds Like A Pretty Brutal Murder' Stream

    Iron Chic Fist-Pump With Death on 'Sounds Like a Pretty Brutal Murder'

    "Very well. The corpse is yours. Do what you want to do." So goes the line cribbed from 1959 B-movie The Brain That Wouldn't Die, once immortalized by Mystery Science Theater 3000 and now again by Long Island punks Iron Chic. The band trades in shout-along anthems and melodic shreddage, and they've got a funny way of expressing themselves. On "Sounds Like a Pretty Brutal Murder," streaming below, singer-guitarist Phil Douglas rails: "Things get weird! You just have to deal with it / Eat the heart, eat every little piece of it / Unwind! get high / Say fuck the world, and you're done with it!"The slightly macabre and totally fist-pumping track hails from Iron Chic's forthcoming album The Constant One, available for pre-order via Bridge Nine.

  • The Bottle Rockets 'Indianapolis' Uncle Tupelo Stream

    The Bottle Rockets Unearth Uncle Tupelo Team-Up 'Indianapolis'

    If you don't know the Bottle Rockets, there's no better time to get acquainted. See 'em up there, tipping their collective proverbial hat your way? The St. Louis band were peers of Old 97s, Whiskeytown, and, most significantly, Uncle Tupelo — the alt-Americana outfit that wound up spawning not only a name for that emerging '90s sound (No Depression), but a pair of projects now known as Son Volt and Wilco.Of course, if no one was around to tweet it, how do we know it happened? That track down yonder will come in handy. This song is "Indianapolis," a 1991 demo sung and strummed by Bottle Rockets founder Brian Hennman, but backed by Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) and Jay Farrar (Son Volt).

  • michael jackson wrongful death trial AEG verdict jury

    Michael Jackson's Family Loses Wrongful Death Trial Against Concert Promoter

    The jury in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live has found the concert promoter not liable in the King of Pop's demise.The decision hinged upon two factors. First, whether or not AEG had hired Dr. Conrad Murray to tend to Jackson. The private physician has been serving two years behind bars for involuntary manslaughter due to his role in Jackson's death. While the company contended that Jackson himself hired the doctor, mother Katherine Jackson and the singer's siblings have maintained that AEG was responsible. It was an overdose of surgical anesthetic propofol administered by Murray that cost the beloved star his life.The Jackson family initially sued the AEG in 2010, roughly a year after singer passed on June 25, 2009.

  • Paris Hilton Lil Wayne 'Good Times' Song Cash Money

    Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne's New Song Is Even Worse Than the Last One

    Remember when Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne made that song together all about getting effed up over EDM beats? No? Well, it's fine because they've done it again. Last time it was "Last Night." Now the Cash Money-signed "artist"/heiress has teamed with her perpetually grinning label boss to record something called "Good Times." TMZ has shared a snippet of this brain-busting masterwork, embedded above, in which Hilton kinda-sorta sings about being tipsy and Tunechi follows with, "All she know is suck, fuck." The content is the same, the beats are the same, the idea (which we can only assume is her "I'm a staaaaar" and his "cash out") is the same. The only thing that's different is, embarrassingly, that there's precedent this time.Fool me once...

  • Rihanna 'Pour It Up' Video Unapologetic NSFW

    Watch Rihanna Twerk on Water in NSFW 'Pour It Up'

    After much ado over racy behind-the-scenes shots from Rihanna's "Pour It Up" video, the fiercely Unapologetic star does not fail deliver. Seen above, the brand new clip for the recently remixed single is a pretty NSFW celebration of stripping, twerking, spending and, perhaps just a little, #seapunk. Our hostess reigns over the goop-dipped bass-banger from an ornate throne that at times appears to be underwater.Meanwhile, pole-dancers spiral all around RiRi from unexpected angles amidst boasts about "how we ball out," seeing nothing but dollar signs, and "going dumb with all my friends." Perhaps in a show of solidarity with the young women hired to dance in the video, Rihanna too displays some moves we'd have a tough time describing without blushing.

  • Drake Nothing Was the Same Lorde Royals Billboard Chart

    Who Charted? Drake and Lorde Are 'Royals' for a Week

    First! Drake! Though it's hardly a surprise, the No. 1 debut of Nothing Was the Same is certainly something to celebrate — though the album isn't perfect, it's another solid entry in Drake's keeping-it-real canon. As SPIN's Jordan Sargent writes, "He changed the definition of 'real' entirely. For him, the concept of realness didn't refer to childhood realities or street bona fides...

  • White Lung 'Blow It South' Stream Single Deranged

    Hear White Lung 'Blow It South' on Darkly Clanging Single

    White Lung blessed 2012 with one of the most unapologetically ripping albums of 2012 — Sorry, whose title we can only assume was meant with a sarcastic sneer. The Vancouver punks are now gearing up to release a fresh 7-inch single via Deranged Records, and one of the two songs is streaming now, below, via Stereogum. "Blow It South" is adark and clanging, a moody shit-kicker about power struggles and, if the SoundCloud tags mean anything, Florida.

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