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  • Autechre 'L-event' EP Stream Hack Website Warp

    Autechre's Beat-Brutalizing 'L-event' EP Stream Will Warp Your Website

    In the early '90s, the glitch-addled experimental electronica of so-called IDM may as well have been the official soundtrack to then-burgeoning hacker culture. Warp Records' very name speaks to a desire to damage or distort the status quo, and flagship artists like Autechre (and Aphex Twin, and Squarepusher) made large strides in that arena. Wonderfully, the recent resurgence of dance music has thrown shine back on these left-field originals, and the coming of Yeezus did more than a little to acquaint fresh ears to far out sonics (see Arca).All of this comes together pretty much perfectly with the arrival of Autechre's L-event, a corollary to Sean Booth and Rob Brown's February long-player Exai. The new four-song set is a fantastic collision of brutal sonics and bounding beats, and it's streaming now — quite possibly on this very page if you clicked on the link above.

  • Vaadat Charigim 'Ze Beseder Lefahed' Stream

    Vaadat Charigim Send 'Ze Beseder Lefahed' From Israel With Fuzz

    Language barriers in music can sometimes inspire even deeper connections than when everything is understood. We hear the intent behind the voice, while the music that underpins it all is allowed to speak for itself. If you're fluent in Hebrew, disregard such musings and fast-forward to the part where you hit play on "Ze Beseder Lefahed" by Tel Aviv trio Vaadat Charigim. The song dwells in the sweet spot between Joy Division's post-punk grit and New Order's new wave sheen, doling out gorgeous melody and gauzy guitar-play in equal doses.Juval Haring's voice dabbles in duality as well, assured at times and pained at others. With no translation necessary, the Israeli band has been making waves here and are poised to release their debut album, The World Is Well Lost, on November 12 internationally.

  • FLAG Black Greg Ginn Lawsuit Won Keith Morris Henry Rollins

    Black Flag's Greg Ginn Loses Injunction Against Keith Morris' FLAG

    UPDATE: FLAG's camp now says Ginn lost his "preliminary injunction" against Keith Morris' band and Henry Rollins, not the actual lawsuit. The lawsuit has not and could still go to court, but this ruling essentially says that it has very little chance of holding up.Black Flag founder Greg Ginn has lost the preliminary injunction in his lawsuit against FLAG, the spinoff band featuring founding singer Keith Morris and longtime bassist Chuck Dukowski. While FLAG — which also features OG members Dez Cadena and Bill Stevenson, and Descendants guitarist Stephen Egerton — has been out destroying shows like this Redondo Beach Moose Lodge thrasher, Ginn has reformed his own Black Flag unit and hit some festivals here and there.

  • Cut Copy 'Free Your Mind' Alexander Skarsgard Video

    See Cut Copy and Shirtless Alexander Skarsgard Attempt to 'Free Your Mind'

    Two things. One: Australia new wave outfit Cut Copy are back with a new song and album called Free Your Mind. Okay, you knew that.) Two: They brought True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård with them. Yes, you'll find the flaxen-haired adonis above, playing a cult leader while the occasionally bongo-enhanced sounds of the band's newly house-addled grooves run wild in the background. In the clip, directed by Christopher Hill, we find Skarsgård at the helm of a gang of blue-suited minions.They wash his feet, allow him to drum on their heads, are awed when he scores in ball-less basketball, and even take detailed note on his urination process. Cut Copy's Dan Whitford fittingly coos, "Ooooh, shine brother, shine on / Shine brighter than the sun." But as we witness the master going about his daily rituals, a conflict arises over a woman.

  • Eminem Marshall Mathers LP 2 MMLP2 Track List Rihanna Kendrick Lamar Fun

    Eminem's 'MMLP2' Will Star Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, fun.'s Nate Ruess

    Eminem has released the track list for his highly anticipated new album Marshall Mathers LP 2, due out November 5. So far we've received videos for the hard-rhyming "Survival" and noise-rap platter "Berzerk" — both showcases for Em's solo strength. Now the Detroit-reared MC icon reveals his collaborators along with the back cover of the album and the names of the remaining songs. As it turns out, he'll be joined by his "Love the Way You Lie" partner Rihanna, plus Kendrick Lamar (who appears in the "Berzerk" clip), fun. main brain Nate Ruess (he of recent-ish hits by Ellie Goulding, Pink, and Ke$ha), and also Skylar Grey. The executive producers ar Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin — no surprises there — and the artwork is plays off of the status of his foreclosed-upon childhood home.

  • Deap Vally 'Walk of Shame' Video Sistrionix

    See Deap Vally Go for a Head-Banging, Hip-Popping 'Walk of Shame'

    Deap Vally's brutalist boogie tantrum Sistrionix was SPIN's album of the week with good reason. That 11-song set  stomps and swaggers like vintage bayou boogie, with Lindsay Troy's thick-as-a-brick blues riffs and Julie Edwards' monstrous cavewoman beats proving that the dynamic duo can hold up to the hype." One of its lynchpins is a triumphant little ditty about waking up somewhere unexpected called — what else? — "Walk of Shame." But rather than embrace the traditional meaning of the familiar phrase Deap Vally turn it into an act of excellence — a sing of a life well-lived. The brand new video above plays with that concept, finding the pair out for a late-night stroll that's frequently interrupted by wild bouts of head-banging. Oh, and finger-snapping, and hip-wiggling, and leg-popping, and zipper-flipping.

  • Fiona Apple Tipple Live Blake Mills Tour Stream

    Hear Fiona Apple's Soulfully Spiraling Blake Mills Duet 'Tipple'

    Fiona Apple and her current tour collaborator Blake Mills have been sharing new material from the road. Though their first stop in Portland ended under less-than-desirable circumstances, the set was by all accounts fantastic, and delivered a beautifully piano-driven gem possibly dubbed "I Want You to Love Me." You can find that below, but first, via Consequence of Sound, we have an even more freshly surfaced song apparently called "Tipple."This one also came from that October 3 show and finds Apple and Mills duetting over a soulfully swaying groove with Americana overtones. Their interplay is a thing to behold — always flirting with chaos but never quite going there.

  • Nickelback Congress Poll Popularity Rating CNBC Cockroaches

    Miley Cyrus Is Less Popular Than Congress Is Less Popular Than Nickelback

    Been on Facebook recently? Have snarky friends? Heard about this whole government shutdown thing? If you answered "yes" to those questions, there's a good chance you've already seen the photo above and had yourself a good chuckle. But as it turns out, if America were polled right here, right now, Nickelback would likely have a much larger lead on the United States Congress in terms of popularity. As it turns out, that photo of a CNBC broadcast concerns data published in early January. Talk about things that make you go Hmm....Yes, as the Internet is known for cultivating an environment of 100 percent accuracy 100 percent of the time, we too were shocked to learn that the currently active meme comes from those bygone days ("Before Yeezus" or B.Y., if you will).

  • The Blow 'From the Future' Video Album Book

    The Blow's 'From the Future' Video Is a Real Page-Turner

    The Blow have just dropped their first album in seven years — a statement of art-pop intent called nothing less than The Blow. An early announcement gave us an idea of the duo's revamped approach: "Khaela [Maricich] dreams about people and conversations and juxtaposed feelings ... Melissa [Dyne] dreams of being a beam of light bouncing off a Ferrari." The songs that followed were more concrete though: "Make It Up," with its fidgety synths and clever thoughts on love; and "From the Future," a confab with the moon about the oppressive march of time. Now, thanks to Stereogum, we have a video for the latter, which blesses the catchy track with charmingly homespun visuals: Maricich's hand turning the cloud-bedecked pages of a book to the beat. The Blow hit the road tomorrow (October 11) in Boston. Revisit their tour dates here.

  • Tyler the Creator Odd Future Show Canceled Los Angeles Police

    Tyler, the Creator Show Stopped by Riot Police

    A Tyler, the Creator show was canceled before it began in Los Angeles after riot police arrived to break up a crowd outside. The October 11 gig was meant to be a preview for Odd Future's upcoming second annual festival, the OFWGKTA Carnival at the L.A. Coliseum, on November 9. But the vehicle chosen for the hype-building event was the intimate Low End Theory club night — ground zero for the city's electronic music underground — held at The Airliner, a 140-capacity venue in the East L.A. neighborhood of Lincoln Heights.LAPD Officer Norma Eisneman told LA Weekly, "The event was at maximum capacity and the bouncer wasn't letting people in. They became unruly."Tyler was scheduled to perform with Flying Lotus — the latter in his rapping Captain Murphy guise — along with unannounced guests, and the show had been announced at least a week ahead of time.

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