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  • M.I.A. Y.A.L.A. Matangi Stream Leak Full Yolo

    M.I.A. Shouts Out Karma and Cointreau on Anti-YOLO Anthem 'Y.A.L.A.'

    M.I.A.'s Drake-busting new single "Y.A.L.A." is (for) now streaming in full via the YouTube clip below. The track trolls the YOLO philosophy of the Ellen-approved Nothing Was the Same star via its titular acronym, which stands for "You Always Live Again" Toward the end of the song, Maya drawls, "YOLO? I don't even know anymore. What that mean though? If you only live once, why we keep doing the same shit? Back home, where I come from, we keep being born again and again ... That's why they invented karma." The song itself is a blurty, percussive club-thumper that features our host sing-shouting about Polo, banana poles (?), and Cointreau, among other things. M.I.A. spoke of her November 5 Matangi LP in a recent interview with Fader, wherein she declared, "I found spirituality on Google." Though we've heard of "Instant Karma," we're not sure it's typically search engine-assisted.

  • Arcade Fire Afterlife Stream Reflektor Radio Single

    Hear Arcade Fire's 'Afterlife,' a Jaunty Song About Losing Everything

    Arcade Fire have premiered the full studio version of "Afterlife," a highlight from their forthcoming fourth album Reflektor, which they initially performed during last month's Saturday Night Live appearance. The Montreal ensemble also teased the track with a Haiti-inspired short video and shared the lyrics along with those of a handful of other songs we've so far only seen in live settings. "Afterlife" debuted via BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe. The jaunty, disco-indebted song deals with the fear of losing love (and, like, life) and features poignant interplay between frontman Win Butler and his wife/baby's mama Régine Chassagne. Tickets for Arcade Fire's recent New York City gigs as the Reflektors hit $5,000 thanks to scalpers.

  • Rihanna Mosque Kicked Out Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Grand

    Rihanna Violated the Sanctity of an Abu Dhabi Mosque

    Rihanna was asked to leave a mosque in Abu Dhabi after she was spotted posing for photographs on the grounds. Though she was clothed in accordance with the Grand Shiek Zayed Mosque's guidelines — in black, with only her face and hands showing — she was given the boot because the photos were not in sync with the "status and sanctity of the mosque." Possibly because the results looked like a Vogue fashion spread and were shot by professional photographers.A statement from the mosque published in local papers (via Associated Press) also said that the iconic Unite Arab Emirates landmark is not open to visitors. However, the capital city's official tourism site lists the Grand Sheik Zayed Mosque as the first attraction under its "What to See" tab, adding, "Why not finish sight-seeing or shopping for the day and take the 5pm 'Sunset Tour'?

  • Twitter Music App Dead Retire Kill Poor Performance

    Twitter to Retire #Music App After Six-Month Run

    Twitter is reportedly close to retiring its #Music app, although the song discovery tool was only rolled out in April. According tech site AllThingsD, citing "multiple sources familiar with the matter," the mobile application has performed terribly. Though it was No. 6 under the App Store's free downloads bracket upon release, interest dropped off quickly — the blog's contact called the numbers "abysmal" in terms of both downloads and user engagement.Onavo has crunched the numbers, noting a 14.4 percent drop-off in users in the month of August alone, and ranking #Music as the 1,672nd most popular app in the iPhone game. Zeroing in further, analytics provider AppAnnie ranks Twitter's audio component at No. 264 within Apple-friendly music-related applications, says AllThingsD.

  • Jessie Ware Live Video True Believers 2014 Album

    See Jessie Ware Perform Gorgeous New Ballad 'True Believers'

    Jessie Ware is currently working her way through the States behind the recently reissued Devotion, a SPIN Essential. While that set is indeed chock full of "silken, saturnine, Sade-indebted" songs, she's reportedly been at work on a 2014 followup, and performed a brand new track dubbed "True Believers" during an encore at a stop in Dallas late last week (via Listen Before You Buy). Seen and heard above, the unreleased gem is a slowly crawling ballad that implores, "Let's get lost forever." Humming keys and warm guitar figures are complemented by a minimal drum beat, and though the song grows as it goes, Ware's voice is always the star. The London singer was among our favorite moments of San Francisco's Outside Lands festival this year, and she recently popped up on a fresh Julio Bashmore track called "Peppermint."

  • Microsoft Mood Headphones Earbuds Music Septimu

    Moodbuds: Microsoft Designing Headphones That Read Your Vibes

    Microsoft is working on headphones that automatically play music to match their wearer's mood. Tentatively dubbed Septimu, the earbuds would use a thermometer, internal measurement units, and audio detection in order to determine — respectively — your temperature, activity level, and heart rate. All this according to a research page on the Microsoft website.The project falls under the umbrella of LifeX, a branch of the company that aims to provide mobile phone-integrated solutions for people "conscious of their everyday health and wellness conditions." They posit that using earbuds thusly designed opens the way for apps that take note of posture, or that keep a health diary on your behalf, or that coach you through exercise routines.

  • Dolly Parton Rapping Miley Cyrus Queen Latifa Show Video

    Bad, Dolly Parton! You Are Not a Rapper, No!

    There are either no words or far too many words for what you are about to see above and below. Country legend Dolly Parton hit The Queen Latifah Show to perform a "rap song" in which she big-ups her bosom, shouts-out Oprah's "afro" (?), and trolls her goddaughter Miley Cyrus by attempting to twerk ... using that aforementioned bosom. For posterity's sake, you can file "Whoo! Look at them go!" as Shit "Black" Parton Says.To be fair, the 67-year-old looks pretty stunning in her 2 Chainz-themed outfit with her hair teased into a fluff-splosion, and she does that adorable titter-laugh thing so well, but hearing the sounds "yo" and "da" forced out of those lips is a little bit (okay, a lot bit) cringe-y.

  • Ticketmaster Suing Scalpers Higs Tickets Resell Lawsuit

    Ticketmaster Is Taking Scalpers to Court

    Ticketmaster is striking back at scalpers. The entertainment events giant filed a lawsuit against John and Patrick Higgins of Higs Tickets on Wednesday, October 16, in a California district court, alleging that those two launched a "conspiracy to circumvent" legal ticket-obtaining means in order to turn a profit.The request for a jury trial bases its stance on a handful of specific issues.

  • isoHunt Settlement MPAA Copyright Infringement BitTorrent Shut Down

    Hollywood Kills One of Oldest Living File-Sharing Sites

    One of the longest-running BitTorrent sites is shutting down following an extended courtroom battle with the Motion Picture Association of America. Founder Gary Fung announced the shuttering on October 17, coinciding with news that he'd reached a settlement with the MPAA to the tune of $110 million."I've done the best I could pushing the social benefits of BitTorrent and file sharing, the searching and sharing of culture itself," Fung wrote, "but it's time for me to move on to new software ideas and projects ... For those concerned users of isoHunt ... I have not compromised any of your privacy."The movie studios' objection to isoHunt, of course, was that the sites visitors were using the search engine specifically to seek out pirated movies and television shows — an issue which they take quite seriously.

  • Morrissey Autobiography Peter Serafinowicz Sings Pages Book

    Here's Morrissey's Autobiography Sung in the Style of Morrissey

    Morrissey's autobiography, titled Autobiography, has hit shelves in the Smiths man's native U.K. and it's an instant classic — in part because he finagled a deal with the publisher to give it the Penguin Classics designation. But also because it's Moz and the man's writing whether in poetry or prose is as floral as it is dour, and dreadfully dramatic as a rule. One British actor has seized upon the man's stylistic consistency and wonderfully turned the book into song.Seen above, Peter Serafinowicz (he was Darth Maul's voice, y'all) takes Morrissey's first page and sings it to the tune of the Smiths' "William, It Was Really Nothing." Below, he sets page two (of 480) to "How Soon Is Now", and writes beneath the clip, "That joke isn't funny anymore." Oh, but it's too easy.

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