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  • Great Thunder Groovy Kinda Love Stream Waxahatchee Swearin Album

    Waxahatchee and Swearin' Combine Beck-lectic Forces as 'Great Thunder'

    Waxahatchee and Swearin' are sister bands, literally, but the former's leader Katie Crutchfield doesn't team with her twin Allison for Great Thunder. Instead, the duo is rounded out by Swearin' bassist Keith Spencer, who plays just about every sort of instrument you'll hear on the musically playful pair's new album Groovy Kinda Love. The 30-song experimental set explores all corners of the greater rock rubric, resembling early recordings by Beck, and featuring as much fuzzy wilding as atmospheric thrum as ramshackle folk as hummable moments. Select titular highlights include: "Cruisin' for a Brusin'," "Sorta Prima Donna," "Ladysmith's Breaking Point" and "I Love You so Much I Could Kill Myself Because I Hate My Parents." Groovy Kinda Love is out December 10 and available via Salinas (vinyl), Stupid Bag (cassette), and Wichita (other). Get into it below, via Stereogum.

  • Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone Danny Brown Pawn Stars Video

    You Need to Mess With Bob Dylan's Interactive 'Like a Rolling Stone' Video

    Bob Dylan broke ground in 1965 with one of the world's first music videos — that card-flipping classic, "Subterranean Homesick Blues." Now, at 72, the folk and rock legend is tied to another significant audio-visual feat: a highly ambitious, seamlessly executed interactive video for his 1965 classic "Like A Rolling Stone." The new clip actually comprises 16 full-length shots (so far), and is presented as a television that allows you to flip channels, each of which features a lip-syncing cast.On one channel, Danny Brown performs the song straight, wearing hats that could've been nabbed from Dylan's closet. On another, WTF host Marc Maron and comic Ryan Singer chat, but their words are actually the song's. Yet another includes the hosts of Pawn Stars, who discuss a vintage guitar while mouthing the lyrics.

  • SXSW 2014 Bands Lineup Guide Gary Numan Black Lips Blouse

    SXSW 2014: Gary Numan, Black Lips, Blouse, Diarrhea Planet Join Lineup

    Once again, the fine folks of South by Southwest have let slip a handful — okay, a windfall — of names set to play the Austin, Texas music festival's 2014 edition. Last time we were given 182 names. This time it's 348, once again sorted with our expertise for your referential ease. Among the familiar faces leaked in this wave: New Wave icon Gary Numan, flower-punk purveyors Black Lips, bona fide madmen Diarrhea Planet, New Zealand experimental old-schoolers Dead C, Maybach Music odd duck Gunplay, Malian guitar-masters Tinariwen, and plenty of others. SXSW 2014 runs March 11 to 16.

  • Ian Curtis Table Joy Division eBay Listing Seller Band

    Ian Curtis Table's eBay Return Shines Light on Seller's Obsession

    Thanks to a deadbeat buyer, Ian Curtis' kitchen table is back on eBay, but now it comes with a new story — the earnest and wee-bit touching tale of the man who is selling it, his relationship to the music of Joy Division, and the history of his own recently revived band. No doubt responding to the objections of the Curtis family and implications that he's trying to make a buck off of Curtis' troubled legacy (the singer hung himself in his kitchen), seller Tel Harrop breaks it down."Feb 1980 I played Football at Whitby Park Ellesmere Port," Harrop writes in the eBay item description. "This bloke comes on the pitch (the latest boyfriend of a Girl I knew), wearing a raincoat. Quite rightly he got stood on during the game, and spent the rest of the match up a tree." We assume those are metaphorical turns of phrase.

  • Nils Frahm 'Hammers' Stream Shapes Live Album

    Hear Nils Frahm's 'Hammers,' a Fluttering Reichian Dream

    Nils Frahm is the rare pianist/composer who's transcended his all-too niche trappings. Like Steve Reich before him, his subtle usurping of classical values has helped this Berlin musician cross over. And though his studio recordings are typically pure piano, his improvisation-rich live show often includes a Rhodes, a tape machine, and an analog synthesizer or two. Today, November 19, the Erased Tapes label releases Spaces, an 11-song set culled from various performances spanning the past two years. Below you'll find "Hammers," which generates a drone-like flurry of keys while our host plays with a bass melody that feels almost Nine Inch Nails-like toward the end. Frahm will celebrate Spaces' release with a November 25 show at Le Poisson Rouge. 

  • Avid Dancer 'Stop Playing With My Heart' Stream

    Hear Avid Dancer's Psych-Pop Nugget 'Stop Playing With My Heart'

    Avid Dancer is Jacob Summers, a former U.S. Marine and a world champion at the art of rudimental snare drumming. While his first song ever, "Stop Playing With My Heart," certainly sports a steady rhythm, the focus here is on the bigger picture — specifically the way his bright vocals, swirling guitars, and buzzing keys evoke the psychedelic sound of Tame Impala, though somehow sent back to the '60s so all that soulful loveliness can rattle around in the heyday a bit. "You're the only one," Summers sings, "All the others are gone." Of course, if the Los Angeles-based Avid Dancer continues down this promising path, there will be a whole new batch of "others" to come.

  • Puscifer What Is Toma Video DVD Documentary Live

    Watch Puscifer Rip Through Rattling 'Toma' for 'What Is...' DVD

    On November 26, the mystery of Puscifer may finally be solved. On that fine day, Maynard James Keenan's other other band will release What Is..., a two-hour DVD that will combine sketch comedy with live concert footage in an effort to answer its titular question. This comes hot on the heels of A Perfect Circle's first new song in nine years along with APC's new live concert album streaming now, not to mention talk that Tool will release their first new album in six years in 2014. Above you can sample the latest from Puscifer via a clip of the band performing "Toma," a growling stomper originally found on Conditions of My Parole and later remixed by Five Knives. Stick around for a cameo from Keenan's incredible blond mullet. And to think: The man became a rock star on a dare. 

  • MIgos Emmitt Smith Mountain Stream Zaytoven Versace

    Hear Migos Wild Out in Honor of 'Emmitt Smith'

    Atlanta's beloved "Bando" brothers Migos kick off the week with a one-two punch. The latest is inspired by a longtime Dallas Cowboys running back. "Emmitt Smith" features aggressively insane mumblings that mostly sound like the fellas repeatedly shouting "Hemma Smuth" while Murda bodies the beat. Someone's scoring touchdowns, but it's not clear what exactly is being won. That highlight hails from their forthcoming Y.R.N. 2 mixtape. Meanwhile, "Mountains" is an Auto-Tune-empowered track whose only real resemblance to the Migos of yore are the intermittent vocal blurts and bleatings we've come to love, over the tinny drums and thick kicks of go-to trap master Zaytoven. That one will comes courtesy of a Street Scholars mixtape. Also, because it never gets old: "Versace, Versce, Versace, Versace.""Emmitt Smith":"Mountain"

  • Lady Gaga Lawsuit Fusari Starland

    Lady Gaga's Exes Fight for 'Artpop' Scraps in Ongoing Legal Drama

    Back in 2010, a legal battle began between Lady Gaga's former friend and collaborator Wendy Starland and Lady Gaga's former boyfriend and producer Rob Fusari. The former claimed that she'd not gotten her monetary due for her part in discovering the ARTPOP star, while the latter denied he'd ever agreed to bring her in on the molding of Stefani Germanotta's career. Then in July, as VIBE reported, Gaga got in on the action, filing documents that would block either party from sharing certain "sensitive, private, and personal" information that could "inflict significant personal and professional harm upon [her]."While the case is still in the New Jersey district court, a development has occurred. Exactly three years after Fusari filed a counterclaim calling for the whole case to be thrown out (ideally before all of that icky secret stuff has to come out), Judge Jose L.

  • Lauryn Hill Free Prison Concert Bowery Ballroom

    Tickets to Ms. Lauryn Hill's First Post-Prison Gigs Are $100 a Pop

    UPDATE: Lauryn Hill has announced a few more gigs for her "Homecoming" series. Find details below. Ms. Lauryn Hill is celebrating her release from prison with a pair of New York shows, both on November 27 at the Bowery Ballroom. The former Fugees star made the announcement on her Tumblr along with the astrally tinged, triangle-enriched "Homecoming" flier seen in full below. The back-to-back performances begin at 6:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., and tickets to both are available now for no less than $106.60 apiece.Speaking of large amounts of money owed, it was tax evasion that landed Hill behind bars. She managed to pay off the $900,000 she owed in the 11th hour (shortly after signing a hugely lucrative record deal with Sony), but was still forced to do three months of jail time followed by three months of house arrest.

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