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  • Foo Fighters HBO Show Dave Grohl Sonic Highways Premiere

    Foo Fighters' HBO Show 'Sonic Highways' Sets Premiere Date

    This week we learned that Foo Fighters' eighth album is in the bag. That also means that they should be all done filming Sonic Highways, the Dave Grohl-helmed HBO show that documents that LP's process and shines light on historic American studios in the process. And indeed, that television series now has an official start date: Friday, October 17, 11 p.m. ET/PT.

  • Katy Perry 'This Is How We Do' Video Pee-Wee Herman

    Katy Perry Employs Small Army of Pee-Wee Hermans in 'This Is How We Do' Video

    Katy Perry got us warmed up with the neon '80s-flavored lyric video for her ode to California-living, "This Is How We Do," but we still weren't ready for this. The wild clip above is almost OK Go-level ambitious (almost), employing bizarre sets, unique costumery, and a whole lot of color to bring the bouncy single to life. For her part, the Prism pop star often positions herself as a piece of art (Mondrian is the most obvious reference), but there are also parts where she eats popsicles, dons pepperoni pizza swimwear, and gets her nails did, um, "Japanese-y." Perhaps best of all, though, is the fact that she's almost constantly followed and tended to by a gang of stylish, dancing Pee-Wee Hermans. Because ... well, why not? Joel Kefali directs.

  • Jeff Tweedy Son Band 'Low Key' Stream Wilco

    Jeff Tweedy and Son Get 'Low Key' on Beatles-y Strummer

    "Low key" is a good way to describe the Tweedy M.O. To wit, the new band starring Wilco singer Jeff Tweedy and his son Spencer began as a solo project and naturally evolved into a family affair. And from the grittier "I'll Sing It" and the swaying "Wait for Love" to the spare "Fake Fur Coat" and the peaceful "Summer Noon," the overall vibe of Tweedy's songs has been delightfully mellow. So it shouldn't come as a surprise when, on a new song called "Low Key," Jeff sings, "No, I don't jump for joy, I don't / If I get excited, nobody knows." All the same, the Beatles-y Americana of the streaming track is worth celebrating. Hear it below in advance of the September 16 release of Tweedy's debut album, Sukierae.

  • Philip Selway 'Coming Up for Air' Video Radiohead

    Philip Selway's 'Coming Up for Air' Video Reveals Vintage Movie Tricks

    Radiohead drummer Philip Selway announced his second solo album about a month ago, and now we've got the first taste of Weatherhouse. Above, you'll find the video for "Coming Up for Air," a terse and floaty track featuring a crisp beat, billowy guitar, and vocals that seem to echo forth from a small pool of water. You may hear a teensy bit of OK Computer in there somewhere, but you also might find yourself distracted by the excellent clip that goes with. Directed by Spanish film collective NYSU, the video frequently breaks the forth wall, exposing the bones of film sets before zooming in on the bit you'd actually see on celluloid.

  • Lollapalooza Kick Off Party Interpol RSVP Gemini Club

    Tonight: Interpol Headlines SPIN's Lollapalooza Kick Off Party (RSVP Now)

    Tonight Chicago's Thalia Hall plays host to SPIN's kick off party for the city's favorite festival, Lollapalooza. The main event begins Friday, August 1 (and we'll co-host a stage there), but the weekend begins early Thursday, July 31. With live performances by Interpol, Gemini Club, and Wildcat! Wildcat!, the Lollapalooza Kick Off Party hits the historic Pilsen neighborhood at 9 p.m. Best of all, this mini-fest is free with RSVP.Don't miss your chance to see an intimate performance from Interpol ahead of their new album, El Pintor, thanks in no small part to our sponsors: Anthemic, Rabbl, Red Bull Sound Select, Do312, BMI, and, of course, Thalia Hall. Peep the flyer below.Most importantly: CLICK TO RSVP TO SPIN'S LOLLAPALOOZA KICK OFF PARTY

  • Bill Callahan 'Javelin Unlanding' Video

    Bill Callahan Orbits the Earth in 'Javelin Unlanding' Video

    Bill Callahan made one of the most gorgeous albums of 2013, and one of the finest of his admirable career, with Dream River. He also continued his relatively recent foray into music videos with "Small Plane" — SPIN was in the Smog singer's Texas home during the making of that one — and now with a clip for "Javelin Unlanding." The last visual was modeled after old silent films, and the latest channels another bygone example of the medium: Le Voyage dans la Lune. The Hanly Banks and Chris Rusch creation only nods subtly to that classic by placing Callahan's face in the center of the moon, but the hand-crafted feel does the memory of Georges Méliès well too. Therein, Bill orbits Earth until catastrophe strikes, freeing the object of his affection (Banks' face in a mountain range) from her terrestrial trappings so that she might then orbit him.

  • Ariana Grande Nicki Minaj Bang Bang Stream Leak

    Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj Go 'Bang Bang,' Officially

    Ariana Grande hasn't yet suffered the wrath of the take-down notice for her Star Wars-inspired "Break Free" lyric video, so perhaps that apology she issued to Satan's minions earned her some cred with a more powerful Dark Side. Then again, it seems she's now on the other side of the copyright coin, as her blockbuster appearance on Jessie J's new "Bang Bang" single leaked on Monday.Now, the massive song is officially available below. What makes the track so big? Well, um, ask Nicki Minaj. The "Anaconda"-taming MC rips a few mics on the loud and proud pop-soul song, and Jessie herself delivers a performance on par with Moulin Rouge-era Christina Aguilera.

  • What We Learned This Week Jack White Baseball Porn Nicki Minaj

    What We Learned This Week: Music Intersects Baseball and Porn in Ways We Hadn't Imagined

    This week in music, we learned the exact dimensions of Nicki Minaj's hindquarters, and that she was a bit, ahem, butt-hurt over the public's reaction.We learned that sometimes hard work really does pay off, because "Weird Al" not only had porn made out of his likeness, but scored the very first No. 1 album of his career with Mandatory Fun.It was, in fact, a porny week overall. Between Nicki's badonk, and Coolio's absorption into the PornHub machine, and the news that Kid Rock has been summoned to court in order to produce a glass dildo.Hmmm what are we up to... @coolio @Jessica_bangkok— Pornhub Katie (@Pornhub) July 21, 2014And Beyoncé, in the midst of rumors re: her marriage to Jay Z dissolving, got freaky for 50 Shades of Grey.

  • Devo The Men Who Make the Music Video Movie

    Watch Devo Twitch and Jerk in Vintage 'Praying Hands' Performance

    Back in 1979, Devo took some well-earned shots at their chosen industry with a home video dubbed The Men Who Make the Music. The movie wedded music videos and live footage with bits starring Robert Mothersbaugh, Sr. (Mark and Bob's dad) that told the story of "Big Entertainment" and culminated in the "Devo Corporate Anthem." Unfortunately, the film was initially shelved by a label that wasn't too keen on the theme, and released in 1981, never to make the leap from VHS to more modern mediums.At last, that's being rectified. MVD Entertainment Group will release a DVD version on August 12 which comes coupled with Butch Devo & the Sundance Gig. As Jerry Casale explains, "In January of '96, we closed Sundance Film Festival.

  • M.I.A. 'Gold' Stream Partysquad Summer Mixtape 2014

    M.I.A. Raps About Skype and Kindle on 'Gold'

    M.I.A.'s Matangi was wild and confounding and wonderful, and it's only fair to give some shine to those sonic architects who did their thing under her vision. The Partysquad made it into the credits, as Stereogum points out, and now the Dutch duo pop up again thanks to the arrival of the latest installment in their annual streamign song-dump. The Partysquad Summer Mixtape 2014 features much of the usual fare — edits and remixes of tracks by Lil Jon, Major Lazer, and Iggy Azalea — but also a little unreleased Maya Arulpragasam cut called "Gold." The blurty, choppy track is chock full of heavy horns and modern tech references. Get into it here.

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