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  • Gazelle Twin 'Belly Of The Beast' Video UNFLESH Album

    Watch Gazelle Twin's Terrifyingly Beautiful 'Belly of the Beast' Video

    If you haven't yet met Gazelle Twin, it's hard to imagine a more fortuitous first exposure than the video above. Hailing from Brighton, England's Anti-Ghost Moon Ray collective (we heard from her cheerier comrade Acquaintance last month), the artist otherwise known as Elizabeth Bernholz has a knack for transmitting aural terror and utter beauty at the same time, as evidenced in past releases: 2011's The Entire City, 2013's Mammal EP. But new song "Belly of the Beast" horrifies most viscerally. Combining supermarket samples and Moog madness, our hostess seethes: "I'll beat them all at their own game / Bit the hands at the fingers that feed."Meanwhile, the video, co-directed by Esther Springett finds our anti-heroine holed up in a barn, seemingly wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting public via telekinesis.

  • My Morning Jacket 'Farewell Transmission' Songs: Ohia Stream

    My Morning Jacket Send 'Farewell Transmission' to Late, Great Jason Molina

    Jason Molina left behind an impressive legacy of song when he died last March at the far-too-young age of 39. With Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. — and in particular the Magnolia Electric Co. album that bridged those projects' gap — the Ohio-born artist demonstrated a remarkable ability to connect blue-collar concerns and depressive tendencies to heartfelt poetry and stunning songcraft. It's no wonder, then, that so many other music-makers were inspired by Molina.

  • Ty Segall FUZZ Raise Video Album

    Ty Segall's Fuzz Create a Monster in 'Raise' Video

    "I felt it was my responsibility as a filmmaker to warn parents that Fuzz is going to turn their children into monsters," that's director Matt Yoka, speaking to Consequence of Sound about his new video for Ty Segall's badass proto-metal band. Fuzz dropped their eponymous debut in 2103 but failed to release any proper visuals until now. Turns out this was worth the wait. Above, a young boy experiences an, ahem, transformation while watching these longhairs do their thing. It's scary good. And, well, just plain scary. Watch above, and catch Fuzz covering the Kinks' "Till the end of the Day" if you haven't already.

  • M83 'I Need You' Divergent Movie Soundtrack

    M83 Go Big for 'Divergent' Soundtrack Song 'I Need You'

    M83 made the short list for Best Original Score, but when the Oscars air on Sunday, March 2, Anthony Gonzales and his crew won't be part of the festivities. The Oblivion soundtrack didn't make the cut (and Ali & Matthias was never in the running), but the French producer is not so easily dissuaded. M83 are among the impressive list of artists who contribute original songs to Divergent, the sci-fi blockbuster due out March 21. We've yet to hear the anticipated Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala collaboration, but BuzzFeed is now streaming "I Need You" by M83, who sound a whole lot like Bon Iver therein.

  • Major Lazer 'Lose Yourself' Video Apocalypse Soon EP

    Major Lazer Twerk With Goats in 'Lose Yourself' Video

    Major Lazer are known for delivering over-the-top videos (look no further than "Bubble Butt") but sometimes all you need is a beautiful natural locale, a bunch of goats, two mohawk'ed dancehall MCS, and a handful of twerking women wearing futuristic bathing suits. Diplo and his suited brethren Walshy Fire and Jillionaire just dropped their Apocalypse Soon EP which, yes, includes a collaboration with G I R L guy Pharrell. It also includes a wildly surging beat-blaster called "Lose Yourself," which features Jamaican duo RDX and producer Moska (the soccer-jersey'd cameo at 3:09). In the Diplo-directed clip above, the whole lot of them hang out in a bombed-out church on the Caribbean isle. Naturally, fun times ensue.

  • Flux Pavilion Dillon Francis 'I'm the One' Video Kittens

    See Flux Pavilion and Dillon Francis as Adorable Kittehs

    File this under: What more do you need to know? Nevertheless, we'll tell you some things. English dubstep destroyer Flux Pavilion and Los Angeles moombahton master (and seafarer) Dillon Francis come together on "I'm the One," a wubby, electro-funky dance track that appears on the former's Freeway EP. All of that is great, but the real event is the video above, wherein the two producers have their faces slapped onto tiny kittens who wind up pawns in an evil Siamese' dastardly plan. Watch that above and grab Freeway on iTunes, via Circus Records.

  • Frozen Soundtrack Billboard Charts Pharrell Happy Disney

    The Kids Are All Right: 'Frozen' and Pharrell's 'Despicable' Song Top the Charts

    First! Disney's Frozen will not — wait for it — Let It Go. The winter animated feature has been wildly popular at the box office, and its soundtrack isn't yet done crushing the charts. The Demi Lovato-assisted set now notches a fifth non-consecutive No. 1, with 89,000 units moved. In the entire time that Nielsen SoundScan has been crunching the numbers for Billboard (since 1991), only five soundtracks have done five weeks, and two of them had Whitney Houston: Waiting to Exhale (1995), The Lion King (1994), Bodyguard (1992), Titanic (1997), and this one. This'd be a good time to point out that "Let It Go" is nominated for an Oscar. We don't predict the groundhog will see his shadow any time soon. Also, R.I.P. Harold Ramis.2 to 10: SPIN cover star Eric Church topped last week's top 10, but he slides only one spot this time with The Outsiders landing at No. 2 (74K).

  • Helfer 'Air Drops' EP Stream BLDG5 Israel

    Hear Helfer's Lush and Emotive 'Air Drops' EP

    Israeli's Noam Helfer is a talented man with a mercurial sound. The young BLDG5 Records affiliate sings, produces, and plays whatever instruments his vibrant creations call for. He also weaves field recordings into his songs, six of which — lucky you — are streaming below. Helfer's Air Drops EP isn't officially out until March 3, but it's streaming here, now. Opening with "Now That You Came," the set greets listeners with a warm voice, a quick rhythm, and Books-style folktronica sampling. But in comes surging atmospheric bass and strange loops, and soon we're in the middle of a moody dance track. Later, "Designs" recalls Majical Cloudz's mix of minimalism and song, while "Couch Surfer" is a lushly surging piece reminiscent of Baths. We could go on about each song, but it suffices to say: You'll find a lot of inventive beauty below.

  • Flaming Lips Record Store Day 2014 7 Skies H3 24-Hour Song

    Flaming Lips Bring 24-Hour Song to Record Store Day 2014

    Back in 2011 the Flaming Lips did something crazy. (Hard to imagine, we know.) The Oklahoma psych-rock kingpins dropped a 24-hour song called "7 Skies H3," which came inside of a real human skull for $5,000, and has otherwise been streamable on this site (note the weed leaf) ever since. But Lips fan hub The Future Heart points out that the band is now plotting an edited-down version for Record Store Day 2014.Initially there was confusion over the length of the vinyl version. The group posted a test-pressing photo to Twitter on Monday, February 24, and a sticker on the plastic sheath read "35 PCS." When speculation arose that the "7 Skies H3" release would be a 35-disc set, the Lips clarified: "The vinyl release is a single disk reduction by Dave, Wayne and Kliph." That'd be producer Fridmann, frontman Coyne, and drummer Scurlock.7 Skies H3 vinyl! Available on @recordstoreday!

  • As I Lay Dying Tim Lambesis Murder Plot Guilty Wife

    As I Lay Dying's Tim Lambesis Admits He Hired a Cop to Kill His Wife

    At last, an update in the case of the metalcore frontman who attempted to hire an undercover cop to assassinate his wife. As I Lay Dying's Tim Lambesis, 32, pleaded guilty to solicitation of murder in a California court on Tuesday, February 25. He will be formally sentenced on May 2, as ABC 10 News San Diego reports, but faces a maximum of nine years behind bars and a $10,000 fine.Back in September, Lambesis pled not guilty, claiming he'd been using steroids at the time as a bodybuilding aid, and that the drugs warped his mind. As previously reported, the vocalist allegedly told a man at his gym his spouse Meggan wouldn't let him divorce her, and had been keeping him from their three adopted children.

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