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  • Drake with Chris Lighty / Photo by Getty Images

    Chris Lighty, Manager to 50 Cent and Mariah Carey, Dead By Apparent Suicide

    Rap entrepreneur Chris Lighty was found dead at 11:30 a.m.Thursday morning at his Bronx townhouse in Riverdale. The 44-year-old manager to 50 Cent, Diddy, Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes and many, many more was discovered at home with a gunshot wound to the head, a black 9 mm handgun next to his body. The death was initially reported as an apparent suicide, and while no note was discovered, the Daily News writes that Lighty owed the government $5 million and that he was having an argument with his ex-wife, who he divorced last year, in-person when he allegedly pulled the trigger. According to New York's Fox 5, however, police have yet to officially rule the death was self-inflicted. Lisa Evers reports that Lighty was always flanked by two security guards, and that two of Lighty's five children were playing in a nearby park at the time of his death.

  • 2 Chainz and Awkward Kanye West Star in Surreal 'Birthday Song' Video

    2 Chainz and Awkward Kanye West Star in Surreal 'Birthday Song' Video

    So we may not have been in love with 2 Chainz' debut LP, Based on a T.R.U. Story, that dropped on Tuesday, but that doesn't stop us from basking in the swaggering surreality of the brand new video for his single "Birthday Song," featuring an often awkward Kanye West and all kinds of other crazy shit. In the song, 2 Chainz identifies himself as a simple man with simple tastes: "All I want for my birthday is a big-booty hoe," and yet the party that director Andreas Nilsson (Fever Ray, Miike Snow) throws him is utterly complex.

  • MellowHype Channel Afro-Latin Heat in 'La Bonita' Clip

    MellowHype Channel Afro-Latin Heat in 'La Bonita' Clip

    The Odd Future crew are transitioning quicker than expected from buzzworthy DIY skate-rap roustabouts into a multi-tiered cultural force whose hip-hop arm is, despite some early indications, quite freaking buff. Last night, the label released the video for the new single "La Bonita" by MellowHype — the swaggering twosome of Left Brain and Hodgy Beats — and it's an easy-to-love three minutes of eye candy and ear food served Wolf Gang style. For instance, there is a hot nun with a shotgun. The beat itself is fittingly laced with Afro-Latin drums, but its foundation lies in the blunted Madlib grit and propulsive Neptunes funk that bubble throughout. Left takes the lead-off verse and makes it seem like the most natural thing in the world that the guy who started solely as the pair's producer should now run the show.

  • Cat Power's 'Sun'

    10 Albums You Can Hear Now: Cat Power, Animal Collective, Crypts, More!

    Teh Internetz are rife with previewable music this week. For your ease of unpaid listening, we've rounded up the 10 records you've gotta hear now, even though they aren't out yet. You don't want to be caught at the proverbial water cooler trying to talk about 2 Chainz or Swans, do you? Those albums are so (literally) yesterday. Have fun clicking through the 103 songs we've amassed below. 1) Cat Power, Sun, out September 4 on Matador. "Fans hoping for another rainy-day companion won't find much comfort on the appropriately titled Sun. Propulsive synths, drum machines and urgent, densely layered vocals." (via NPR) 2) Animal Collective, Centipede Hz, out September 4 on Domino. "Animal Collective muddies the waters with electronics, samples, and blips and burps of varied and indeterminate origin. But...

  • Milo Aukerman

    10 Hilariously Unpunk Revelations from the New Descendents Interview

    It's hard to age gracefully in the public eye, and punk rockers have it rougher than most. It's easy to bask in eccentricity for all time like our pal from OFF!, Keith Morris. But let's say you've graduated from a pioneering Los Angeles hardcore-with-hooks act into a respectable biochemistry career — shouldn't you still be allowed to get the old gang together for a romp from time to time? Absolutely, so it's with tongue planted firmly in cheek that we give Descendents front-doctor Milo Aukerman a gentle ribbing for his new interview with Pure Volume. Therein, he lets slip that a new album from the festival-friendly pop-punk pioneers could be on the way. Of course, they've gotta ask for the time off first. Below, for fun, we've excerpted the 10 least punk things about this illuminating chat. 1) Rehearsal by Karaoke.

  • Trash Talk

    Hear Trash Talk's Brutal Odd Future Records Debut 'F.E.B.N.'

    The Wolf Haley-directed video for Trash Talk's new single "F.E.B.N." is set to debut tonight via the Odd Future homepage, but you can stream the brief yet brutal hardcore basher right now, right here (well, below). This is the first noise we've heard from the Los Angeles punks' upcoming 119 LP due out October 9 via Odd Future Records (Mr. Haley being, of course, an alias of label CEO Tyler, the Creator), and we're happy to report the thrashin' Trashies haven't changed much. Still violent. Still grinding. Still vital to your music vault. The song's title stands for the four-piece's long-running motto: "Forward Ever, Backwards Never," which we're convinced was stolen from them by no less than '70s reggae icon Jacob Miller, Grenadian revolutionary Maurice Bishop, and at least one German DJ compilation.

  • Ben Gibbard / Photo by Getty Images

    Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard Reveals Solo Single 'Teardrop Windows'

    Death Cab For Cutie singer Ben Gibbard has released the first single from his upcoming solo album Former Lives, due out October 16, whereupon he officially begins his new life as one "Benjamin Gibbard." New song "Teardrop Windows" is a folksy rock rambler that pays tribute to Seattle's celebrated Smith Tower, the oldest skyscraper in the city and the tallest building on the West Coast until 1962 when it was usurped by that towering prick (like, a pointy thing) the Space Needle. We're not the only ones to anthropomorphize architecture.

  • Tegan and Sara / Photo by Getty Images

    Watch Tegan and Sara Play Hooky New 'Closer' Live

    Canuck alt-poppers Tegan and Sara are back with a folksy, sisterly sort of vengeance. It's been three years since the Quin twins' all-growsed-up sixth studio album Sainthood and word is they've just wrapped the next one. The still untitled set is due out early next year, but a savvy fan has already captured a new song live and shared it to YouTube.

  • Adele / Photo by Getty Images

    Who Charted? Farewell, Adele, We Hardly Knew Ye

    First! Thanks to fans blastin' Trey and his Songz all damn day long like they never heard of Frank Ocean, the Virginia-born R&B beast has scored his first Billboard Top 200 No. 1 with album number five, the Chapter V (135,000 copies sold, per Nielsen SoundScan). Weirdly, Staind nabbed the same designation with an LP of the same name in 2005, but we're going to assume that's more to do with the WWE than some kind of innate human affinity for very boring, overly literal titles. It's possible that Mr. Songz received a bump after he quashed beef with his onetime hero, R. Kelly, but we're also pretty sure John Lennon's the only artist to make a mint selling peace.

  • Deadmau5 / Photo by Getty Images

    Deadmau5 Unfiltered: Behind His 'Professional Griefers' Video

    "God bless Skrillex," says Joel Zimmerman. "I love the kid but he puts out a new video, what, every four weeks? I'm like the Dos Equis guy. I don't normally do music videos, but when I do, I go big." It's a warm night in May and the producer better known as Deadmau5 is hanging out in the bedroom of a deluxe RV. He's wearing a Nyan Cat T-shirt and smoking a cigarette. Outside, 2,000 fans and a genuine Thunderdome nestle beneath the massive concrete support struts of the Sepulveda Dam on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Moments ago, our host was there, shaking hands and signing things. Now he's just let slip that the cost for all of this is "in the seven digit range." Wow.

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