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  • Beck / Photo by Getty Images

    Beck Covers Brazilian Legend Caetano Veloso's 'Michaelangelo Antonioni'

    Los Angeles' most favored musical chameleon Beck has a new album on the way &#8212 well, a new pamphlet &#8212 but in the meantime he's doing that other thing that he does so well. No, not releasing new songs via video game &#8212 covering awesome songs of yore. His latest is a dreamy remake of "Michelangelo Antonioni," a tribute to the Italian film legend of the same name, originally written by Brazilian music legend Caetano Veloso.Beck initially shared the song on Twitter and, according to Pitchfork, it hails from the compilation honoring the Tropicalismo innovator on his 70th birthday. A Tribute to Caetano Veloso is due October 22 in the UK via Universal.

  • The Soundmen's 'Funny Feeling' Clip

    Watch The Soundmen's Urban Beach Adventure, 'Funny Feeling'

    The largest urban oceanfront in the U.S. is the backdrop for the summer-saturated video for the Soundmen's "Funny Feeling." Queens' Rockaway Beach seems the perfect environment for this particularly wavy slab of synth candy from the New York production duo. While their work often accompanies the rap styles of the adroit and brainy (Homeboy Sandman, Tanya Morgan's Von Pea, members of Flatbush Zombies), they're here joined by All Dom Wrong, a fellow producer who, it turns out, has a mellow Robert Smith-like coo. The clip, for a song hailing from their new EP of the same name, follows the adventures of a young man on his way to the surf through a cityscape prone to small bursts of strange magic.

  • Pete Townshend / Photo by Getty Images

    Memoir Mania: What to Expect from Cyndi Lauper, Pete Townshend, and More

    Vice recently published a piece likening the proliferation of cancer memoirs to the spread of a deadly disease. So does that make the recent spate of memoirs by musicians akin to the rise of, say, Aqua in the late '90s? By our current count, there are six such autobiographies either recently released or on the way. Here's what we know. Who? Cyndi Lauper, the girl who just wanted to have fun. What? Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir (out now) Why? Says the Washington Post: "[She had] a creepy stepdad whom she fled when she was 17. She bounced from job to job and lover to lover like a ricocheting bullet... Record executives said they were going to make her into the next Streisand and have her sing ballads, but Lauper told them that she was a rocker. Actually, what she remembers saying was, 'I can’t take enough medication to stand still that long, okay?'" The press pitched her against Madonna.

  • Chris Lighty and 50 Cent in 2009 / Photo by Getty Images

    50 Cent Expresses Doubt Over Chris Lighty's Suicide

    In a recent interview with Hot 97 (MTV), 50 Cent has echoed the sentiments of many artists and executives who knew beloved hip-hop manager Chris Lighty and expressed doubt over the nature of his death and rumored money problems. Lighty was Fiddy's close friend and manager "since the actual mixtape run," (so, before 2003's Get Rich Or Die Tryin') and up until his alleged suicide last month. Lighty was discovered at his Bronx home with a gunshot wound to the head and a black 9 mm handgun next to his body. New York City medical examiners officially ruled his death a suicide. But Fiddy isn't sure the official story adds up. "I actually can't wrap the idea around my head of him shooting himself," he told host Angie Martinez. "I don't have all of the information, so I don't want to point or say anything other than what's being said publicly, but I don't believe that.

  • Wu / Photo by Getty Images

    Wu-Tang Clan Hit With Lawsuit Over 'New Wu' Sample

    "E'ything proper still, right?" Raekwon asks at the beginning of his 2009 single "New Wu." It seemed like a rhetorical boast at the time, but perhaps it was a question to producer RZA regarding the crunchy soul groove that he, Ghostface Killah, and Method Man are about to rap over. Because according to a lawsuit filed by Bridgeport Music and Westbound Records, the song illegally jacks four measures of 1971's "I've Changed" by an obscure Detroit group called the Magictones. Wu-ps! AllHipHop scooped the news and included a copy of the actual lawsuit.

  • PSY / Photo by Getty Images

    PSY's Seacrest Interview: 10 Things You Didn't Know About K-Pop's New Sensation

    PSY's "Gangnam Style" is up to nearly 170 million YouTube views and until recently, the South Korean musician who made the thing has only existed on screen to most of those viewers. But after signing with Team Bieber earlier this month, PSY's been hanging out here in the States, doing a victory lap that mostly consists of doing his silly dance at the behest of famous Americans. But one brave fella has made a point to get to know the man behind the meme and that intrepid soul is ... Ryan Seacrest?! Yep. PSY stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest and the host posted the two-part video interview this week.

  • Karmin / Photo via NBC

    'SNL' Asks for Help Picking Musical Guests

    Ever watch Saturday Night Live — say, that time Karmin was on — and think, "I could come up with a list of, literally, a thousand better bands in, like, five minutes"? Well, now's your chance! SNL is crowd-sourcing for hosts and musical guests. According to a post on the show's Backstage Blog, staffers will devote one day out of every month to sift through fan suggestions that come through social media. "Once a month we'll chose a day and open the floor to your suggestions on Facebook and Twitter," the post details, minting a couple of fresh hashtags — #SNLHost or #SNLMusic — in the process. "Please, stick to the designated days. It will make your suggestions so much easier to track and keep our feeds open on 'non-suggestion' days to other interactions with all you wonderful people. Thanks!" We wish them luck with that last part.

  • Christina Aguilera / Photo by Getty Images

    Listen to Christina Aguilera's Hypersexual 'Your Body'

    With her brand new single, "Your Body," Christina Aguilera becomes the next major artist to appropriate the downcast depravity of Drake's R&B vision. It's mostly in the sound — a mellow thrust that hits muted transcendence for the chorus before dipping back down into that bummer bump — but her delivery of the hypersexual lyrics suggests a certain desperation. When she says, "Hey boy! / So don’t even tell me your name / All I need to know is whose place / And let’s get walking," we know what she really means is: "The economy is in the tank, congress can't agree on anything, war and natural disasters consume us ... so, what else can we do but make love?" The song hails from Aguilera's November 13 Lotus album and was produced and written by Swedish hit-makers Max Martin and Shellback.

  • Gaslamp Killer

    Hear Gaslamp Killer's Turkish Tribute 'Nissim'

    Outside of his home base of Los Angeles, the Gaslamp Killer has a rep for bringing brutal bass and heavy samples to whatever dingy dance hall or sweaty fest tent he visits. But the locals know him as a man of exquisite taste, with a record collection that follows the contrails of psychedelia through eras and across continents with uncommon ease.Though he's dropped a handful of EPs and singles along the way, the aptly titled Breakthrough is Gaslamp's debut long-player, and it comes courtesy of Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label. New single "Nissim" is about as far away from the club as you can get: a richly arranged Turkish soul groove with a break-beat bounce to it and a special catch: every instrument on it was played live.Here's Gaslamp with a few words: "I was listening to this old Turkish song over and over, and I said to myself, 'Lord, this is too good.

  • Girl Talk's Cat Sings Collective Soul's 'Shine'

    Girl Talk's Cat Sings Collective Soul's 'Shine'

    Like a lot of us, Girl Talk's cat misses the '90s. Via Twitter, Gregg Gillis shared this clip of his furry friend filling in for Collective Soul singer Ed Roland on his band's alt-iconic 1994 single "Shine." Except instead of the familiar "yeah," we get a totes adorbs set of perfectly times mews followed by a very sincere, very meaningful stare. This cat gets it. Thanks to the A.V. Club for the tip.

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